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Chapter 21

What the hell? Why the hell did Neji invite me to some random party…

Maybe he found out I found out he might propose to me…it's not a big deal! I would have said yes!

But, instead, first I have to find out he was going to propose by my girlfriends.

No way am I forgiving him for that just for inviting me to a stupid party…no matter how many important people are going to be there…

And, damn that guy for telling me to wear my only dress…in white too…what the hell is Neji thinking?!

Plus, I have to go to work first, so he told me to wear my normal clothes first and bring my white dress in a plastic bag to change in…idiot…baka…teme…

Okay, okay! Stop bitching about your boyfriend and just get ready to go to work.

I walk out of my room, holding my plastic clad dress as far away from my body as physically possible.

Ino and Sakura grin as they see me. Hinata smiles hugely too.

Wait a second…they're in on this.

Act smart. Act quiet…be a spy!

"You're going to the party too huh?" I say to them, raising an eyebrow.

"Of course. What do ya think? My boyfriend has a company too!" Sakura sticks her tongue out at me.

"Hello? Famous fashion designer here." Ino waves at me like a diva. Sigh…

Hinata just keeps on smiling.

"So…" I say thinking, tapping m foot. " Do you know why Neji suddenly sprung this party up at me?"

"Uh." Sakura glances at Ino, when Ino glances at Hinata.

Hinata speaks. " It's just some formal business party you know…I'm catering." She fiddles her fingers like she always does when she lies.

"Fine." I say stubbornly. " If you don't want to tell me, then don't."

I open the door with my left hand and slam it hard. Slam it hard on my dress.

Shit. My dress! I wench the door back open and hear Ino and Sakura laughing.

"Hmpf." I stick my head up and waltz back out the door.

Damn them. Damn Neji. Damn the stupid party…

" Neji fuck off!" I say for the twentieth time that day. No. That hour.

Neji's been pestering me since I got to the office! I wasn't able to do any work!!

He's been asking me the most ridiculous questions like: 'What is your ideal table cloth cover?' I said white.

Then he asked me 'What colour curtains to you like?' I said to him pale pink.

NOW, he's annoying me with gold.

"Tenten, just tell me what you like. White gold or pink gold?" Neji looks at me, pleading me with his eyes.

Crap. I can't say no to those eyes.

" I like both." I tell him firmly, pushing him away so I can walk to the mini fridge without feeling guilt.

Neji sighs behind me and, in the window, I see him whipping out a notebook and writing something on it.

"How about your favourite tissue colour? You know, confetti?" Neji presses on.

"NEJI!" I say, waving my hands up, getting even more pissed off. " Why do you want to know!"

"Personal references." Neji tells me, a smirk in his voice.

"Personal references." I echo, disbelief in my voice. Is today 'Everyone-lie-to-Tenten-day'?!

"Yes." Neji says curtly.

"Fine then!" I shriek at Neji. " Pink, yellow, orange! Whatever! Any of those! Or all!"

Neji bends his head down and scribbles in his notebook again. He recorded all my answers in that stupid notebook!!

"Red roses? Yellow roses?" Neji goes on with his rampage of questions.

"RED." I shout at him furiously, going back out to my desk with a coke.

"Tie or bowtie?"

"BOWTIE." I shout again, slamming the coke down hard on my desk.

Jeez! He looks so happy…it's almost like he's enjoying this…

No wait. There's a twitch at his mouth. He is enjoying this.

Well, fuck him.

I sit down at my desk and open my laptop, feeling irritated.

Neji suddenly comes out of nowhere and perches elegantly on my desk.

"Get. Off. My. Desk." I hiss at him, as menacingly as I can muster.

"Tenten." Neji frowns at me. " Don't be like that. Now, dog or cat?"

"Dog. Toy poodle." I tell him. Then, without hesitating, I shove him off my desk so he lands on the floor. On his butt.

"Ow." He says, sounding very un-Nejiish.

"Good." I mutter under my breath.

Neji gets up, then brushes himself. I bet that's his favourite Versace suit.

"Don't worry Neji." I smirk. " I wouldn't dare get dust on your Versace."

Neji grimaces. " I didn't want it to be like this…" Then, he strides into his office, closing the door quietly.


"I didn't want it to be like this…"

His words echoed in my mind. Want what to be like this?!

Suddenly, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I take it out, feeling confused.

It's a text from Neji.

"What suit colour do you like better? White or black?" I read, my voice getting higher and higher.

DAMN HIM. He never gives up does he?!

I reply quickly and furiously. "Black. White makes you look like some sort of gondola driver from Venice. It's tacky too." I smile sweetly and hit the send button.

After a few seconds, my phone vibrates again. "Fine. Get changed soon. We're leaving in 10 minutes."

Great. Now he tells me…some kind of caring boyfriend.

Rushing, I stick my phone back in my purse and shut down my laptop.

Running for the door, I grab my white dress that's just hanging off the bookcase.

Once I'm outside in the corridor, I look for the closest toilets, and when I eventually see a sign, I dash inside.

Hmmm…I don't look that bad actually. The white dress reaches just below my knees and, being the prepared person I am, I brought white shoes.

The dress in completely white, and sort of old fashioned…it has white lace around the neckline and the sleeves come up to my wrists, curving nicely around them. I let my hair down experimentally, and I'm surprised with how I suddenly look.

Okay, fine. I look like someone from Anne of Green Gables, but I don't care. I look elegant for once.

Plus, the dress hugs snugly around my waist showing off how skinny I am!

…ahem ahem. Shit. What time is it?!

CRAP. 1 minute left!

I jog back to the office. I could have been faster, but me in a dress and everything…with high-heeled shoes…

I didn't have to run the whole way anyways. Neji was waiting for me by the lift. He was wearing an expensive-looking black suit.

Neji raises one of his perfect eyebrows when he sees me.

"You look very pretty." He says to me, smiling his genuine 'Neji' smile.

"Thanks." I reply, grinning. "You don't look too shabby yourself either."

He doesn't. Anyways, how could Hyuuga Neji ever look shabby…

"Oh, part of the party is going to be outside by the way. I don't want you to get sun burnt." Neji says to me casually.

"Here." He hands me a white hat. One of those old fashioned ones you see in 'My Fair Lady'. It even has a white veil at the front.

But, the weird thing is: I love it.

"Thanks Neji!" I say to him, kissing him once of the cheek.

"No problem." Neji says to me. " I'm glad your back to your usual lovable self."

I raise an eyebrow. " My usual lovable self? Be careful with your words Hyuuga."

Neji laughs openly, but stops abruptly when the lift doors open. He ushers me inside like a good little gentleman.

As I expected, there was a sleek black limo waiting for us downstairs.

The driver was already ready, holding the door open. " Good morning." He says to me politely as I step in.

"Good morning!" I reply back. It's almost 12, but whatever. He said good morning first.

As Neji steps inside the limo, I hear the guy saying, "Good morning Hyuuga sama."


"So." Neji says, turning to me, smiling a dazzling smile. " How do you feel?"

"Oh me?" I say, looking at him. " I feel confused."

Neji's brow furrowed. " Confused? Why?"

"Cause," I say, stretching my hands out for a dramatic effect. " There's something you're not telling me."

Neji's smile faltered for about a fraction for a second, but then regained it's usual dazzling-ness.

"You'll find out soon enough." He says slyly.

"Find out what Neji?!" I say, sighing. I know it's no use asking him. When Neji makes up his mind, there's no changing it.

Suddenly, the limo stops. The little window at the front opened.

"We're here Hyuuga sama, Tenten sama."

Oooooh. Tenten sama huh?

"Good." Neji says, then he opens the door, dragging me out with him.

Lights erupt from everywhere.

WOW! I'm gonna be in the tabloids! I'm gonna be famous!

Neji whispers to me as we walk down a red carpet. " Just smile and keep your head up."

"Okay!" I whisper back. I could do this forever!

Too soon, the photo session has to end because we're inside the building.

With a sudden start, I realize the pure grace my surroundings.

"Wow Neji…" I say, taking a deep breathe. " Where is this place?"

" I don't know." Neji says off handedly.

I sigh. Having such a high class profile boyfriend could be so cool at times and sometimes sad. It sometimes makes me feel I'm not good enough for him.

The light eruption starts again. I wonder who it is? Someone I know?

Holding Neji's hand, I take a peek out to the red carpet. 6 very familiar people were walking up it.

"Hyuuga." Sasuke greeted Neji.

"Uchiha." Neji said back, nodding.

As Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke and Neji talk, I realize what Hinata, Ino and Sakura are wearing. I'm a bit slow today aren't I…

"Why are you guys all pink?" I ask them.

Okay. Their dresses are practically all the same. The only difference is that Ino's is a few inches above her knees, Sakura's is at the knees and Hinata's is at the ankles.

But, when I take a closer look, I realize that Ino's dress is a slighter darker pink than either Sakura's or Hinata's.

Hinata's was the lightest. They're all strapless too. The dresses seemed like a whole pot of glitter was thrown over them. There was also a gold butterfly resting on each of their shoulders. Probably stuck on with Ino's fashion glue…

"Like them?" Ino says, twirling. " I designed all of them."

Sighs...typical. But I have to admit, they are good.

But, seriously,the first word that popped into my head when I saw them was 'bridesmaids'...

Hinata looks up timidly. " Here. I bought this for you." She gives me a box.

I open it, feeling touched. " It's my own butterfly." I say, feeling even more touched.

The gold butterfly is hanging off a delicate white gold chain. It makes a very nice contrast. There are also some sort of pink stones embedded in the wings of the butterfly.

"Pink sapphire." Hinata tells me, seeing me admiring it. " I didn't know whether you would accept pink diamonds."

I whack her on the head (not very hard, don't worry). " Don't spend that much money on me!" I say to Hinata sternly. Then I turn to Sakura.

"Here Sakura." I shove my necklace at her. " Clasp it on for me will you?"

"Sure." Sakura replies, smiling.

As Sakura clasps my necklace on, Ino giggles. "Have you guys even noticed how crowded the room is getting?"

"Done." Sakura says.

I look to see what Ino was talking about.

"Holy crap." I say. Somehow, just in the few mere minutes that I complimented their Ino-designed dresses and Sakura helped me with putting my necklace on, a few hundred people seemed to have milled inside the room.

Ino smirked. " Time to meet Gucci." She waltzed to the right.

Sakura sighed. " I better follow her. See what she's doing."

Hinata gasped. " I have to get back to the food!" Hinata darted in a remarkable speed across the room.

I was alone. Alone and suspicious.

I had seen the guest list for this party since Neji was hosting it.

Loads of famous clothes brands were coming, Versace, Armani, Louis Vuitton…but, I know I didn't see Gucci. I remember asking Neji about it.

For some strange reason, my friends were lying to me.

Hinata had a million of waiters and waitresses. Why did she have to go? She's the boss after all.

Arms suddenly wrap around me. "You're looking very serious. What's wrong?" Neji's voice rings in my ears, calming me.

" Hinata, Sakura and Ino are acting weird…" I murmur.

"Strange?" There was an emotion I couldn't identify in Neji's voice.

" Yeah." I bury my head into his shoulder. " Strange."

"It's okay." Neji pats my head. He's about to kiss me, but suddenly a big, loud voice echoes in the room.

" Can all people go out to the lawn please? Horse races are staring soon. Bet your money in room 8 or 5." The voice switches off.

"Want to bet?" Neji asks me gently. I shake my head, not saying anything.

"Here's your hat." Neji places the hat on my head, angling it correctly so the veil is hiding my face. "You look beautiful." He tells me.

"Thanks." I laugh weakly, still thinking about Sakura, Ino and Hinata.

They were in on it! In on whatever Neji's gonna do…

All those questions…they weren't for nothing.

But what were they for?

My answer came almost immediately. When the huge hall was emptied, and when we were walking out, I accidentally tripped Neji and when he fell, something fell out of his pocket.

Something small, box-like and velvet. I gasped.

Neji's eyes widened. But he quickly regained his composure and got up.

But that really had no point, cause all he did when he got up was to crouch back down again to receive the box and kneel.

I gasped again. I think I'm mute…

Fuck. Seriously. Is that box what I think it is?

Neji looks up at me, his eyes could melt honey.

I stared back into them.

" Tenten…" He says to me, opening the box and revealing a ring. A very, very beautiful and expensive looking ring. Big diamond in the middle, pink diamonds and blue diamonds studded next to it. Probably up to 10 carat altogether! On just one ring!

Neji carries on, ignoring my shocked face. "I promise to love you and cherish you forever."

I gaped. This was really it.

Neji opened the box, smiling at me. "Will you marry me?"

Okay Tenten. Now is the moment. The special moment you're supposed to have once in your entire life time. Do not faint.

Right now I really want to say some things. A lot of things. Some very nice and too smimpery sweet, and some not nice at all...some swear words included.

But instead, I didn't say anything mean, or overly cheesy. I just nodded and whispered. "Yes."

Cheering interrupted our romantic moment when we were about to kiss.

I turn, furious, to glare at all my friends. Including Neji's friends.

But Neji doesn't seem disturbed. " Hi guys." he waved. " Is the limo ready?"

Huh? What limo? What about the horse racing?

"Yup." Naruto gives us the thumbs up.

"We'll be following behind you in a Mercedes." Sasuke said to Neji, patting him on the shoulder as he and everyone else went through the door.

'What?! What!?" I say, freaking out. How come everybody knows something I don't!

Stupid fucktards. they should tell me everything!

Neji tugs at my arm, a perfect smile of his too-perfect face.

"Come on Tenten. We have to get going."

"Get going? Get going to where exactly?" I ask, my eyes narrowing at the sound of his voice.

"Our wedding of course."

I'm poker-faced in the limo, not wanting to say anything to Neji.


There were signs everywhere!

Why Neji made me wear a white dress with the matching hat and veil, all of those trivial questions in the morning, and Sakura, Ino and Hinata!

I knew they were bridesmaids!! Damnit! I hate myself.

I hate my life.

"Tenten?" Neji nudges me softly. " Are you that mad at me?"

"No." I mumble. Then, suddenly, a thought occurred to me. " Hey Neji." I say, looking at him. " How did you know I would say yes?"

Neji's eyes were laughing, jumping in the bright sunlight shining through the car's windows. " Fate."

"Sorry Tenten. You know we would have told you, but if we did, it would have ruined the romance." Sakura gushed out as she arranged a train on my white dress.

Ino looks at me from an angle. " This is better than I expected. I thought you would die without a wedding dress...Neji plans things quite well."

"I know." I said, annoyed.

The first I realized when I walked in the chapel was all the red roses lying all around, rose petals were scattered on the aisle. Then, outisde the chapel, were it was grassy and beautiful, tables stood, with dove white cloth covers.

And, Neji even remembered the freakin curtains! They're pale pink! I have no idea how Neji did this in such a short amount of time...

And how did he know I didn't want to invite anyone except for my closest friends? Sheesh. That guy is almost too perfect...which is good I suppose...

Grumble grumble...

"Tenten smile!" Hinata says to me, already smiling her own sparkling smile. " You don't want ugly wedding photos do you?"

I stick my tongue out at her and giggle. " I guess not."

Ino stuck a rose in my hair, and Sakura was already brushing it like mad while Hinata did the blow drying.

I sigh, I feel like a Barbie doll...

Normal POV


"...who invited Lee?" Neji asked sweetly to everyone. (ahem ahem. sweet is danger)

"Guilty." Naruto said, waving his hand unwillingly. He looked scared. Very scared.

"Naruto..." Neji's voice had a dangerous hint in it.

Naruto was expecting an outburst, something like what Neji did to Shikamaru when he found out he told Ino about the proposal, then Ino told Tenten. But, surprisingly, Neji smiled.

"That's okay I guess. You guys are all best men and your girlfriends are bridesmaids. We need at least one person to see the ceremony."


"Sit down." Neji said dryly, adjusting his bowtie.

"OF COURSE!" Lee ran to the pews immediately and sat down.

"Woof woof!" A soft pitter patter of feet came.

"AWWWW! Akamaru!" Naruto patted the huge dog.

"Woof woof!" Akamaru licked Naruto's hand.

Neji's patience was wearing thin. " Hello Kiba." He said through gritted teeth. " Did you, by chance, invite anyone else?"

"Uh..." Kiba wavered. " Yeah. Shino."

Shino walked in. "Hello." was all he said before he sat down next to Lee in the pews.

Shikamaru was shifting from foot to foot, looking slightly anxious.

Neji groaned. "Not you too Nara."

"Sorry. I had to invite Chouji."

"But that's it right?" Neji frowned. Tenten was going to be very mad. Very mad indeed.

Tenten POV

"Wow cool!" Ino said suddenly, peeking out the door. " Chouji, Shino, Kiba, Akamaru and Lee are here!"


Okay...calm down..yoga...

I breathe in deeply. "That's okay."

"Really?" Sakura looks surprised. I feel insulted. Of course it's okay! They're my friends...until after the wedding when I kill them in various ways at last...

Hinata suddenly announces something. " It's time. We have to go."

Sakura, Ino and Hinata go out to meet their 'partners' to walk down the aisle.

Okay Tenten. This is it. DO NOT FAINT ON THE AISLE.

"Dum Dum Dum Dum..." I can hear the wedding music starting. That means I have to go.

Taking one last deep breath, I step out the door.

Half an hour later...

YAY! I am now officially Hyuuga Tenten.

Has a nice ring to it huh?

Oh yeah, and I have my official wedding ring on! It's white gold.

Neji never misses a single detail does he...when I had to give my ring to Neji, I almost had a panic attack until Hinata nudged me and stuck something in my hand.

It was a rose pink gold ring. Neji's the sweetest boyfriend, no wait, husband ever.

I'm walking around the lawn now. The end of the wedding, there's food served outside.

Again, anomymouse arms wrap themselves around my waist.

"Neji." I say, giggling.

"Hi Mrs. Hyuuga." Neji says to me, kissing my neck.

I laugh. " I'm a Hyuuga now...it's so cool..." I tell Neji, my eyes shining.

"We jumped over the first obstacle together." Neji murmured on my skin. I shivered.

"What are the other obstacles?" I ask him in a squeaky voice.

Neji suddenly turns me so I'm facing him.

"Kids." With a last kiss, Neji waltzes off to talk to Sasuke and Naruto who are drinking wed wine.

Ah well...WAIT A SECOND.


The End

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