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Chapter One

At school today I was kind of sick to my stomach but didn't really think anything about it till the last bell rang and it was time to go home and then I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet and I thought I heard the person in the next stall getting sick too, but not wanting to be nosy I flushed the toilet and walked out to the sink and rinsed my mouth out and as I looked into the mirror I say Yugi coming out of the stall and he looked about as green as I did.

"Hey Yug, what's the matter?" I asked him.

Yugi looked at me and then he said "must have been something that I ate at lunch didn't set very well and I got sick."

I told him "I guess I must have eaten the same thing because I got sick too." We shrugged our shoulders and went to find Ryou and Malik and we'd walk home together but we found out that they had gotten sick too and then I said "Something isn't right here. For all four of us to get sick at the same time doesn't that seem weird to any of you?"

Malik then said "Maybe we should have Ishizu take a look at us, with her being a doctor and all maybe she can figure out what's wrong."

So we all walked to the Malik's home and he went to talk to his sister about what happened today after school and she took our temperatures and for some strange reason she asked us to urinate into a jar but didn't tell us why then she gave us some kind of cracker like thing and told us that we should feel better soon. Then Yugi and I walked home because Bakura was going to pick up Ryou at the Ishtar's when they came back from where they had gone.

Yugi told Grandpa what happened and what Ishizu had us do and Grandpa looked kind of shocked but told us "After all she is a doctor and knows what she's doing so don't give it another thought." I stayed there till Seto got back from the business trip he had to take and he would come and get me.

What we didn't know was that Seto didn't go on any business trip, he had gone with Yami, Bakura and Marik on some wild goose chase to find some kind of treasure that Marik had over heard Ishizu and Shadi talk about the other day and as they entered the cave they had tools to do some digging but Seto still couldn't believe that he was there in the first place but Yami had asked him to come to help keep the idiots from killing each other.

They had a map that Marik had stolen from Shadi's room and according to the map this is the spot where they had to dig and as Bakura and Marik took turns digging, Yami and Seto talked about how stupid this idea was and they were about to leave when Bakura shouted "Hey, I think I found something!"

Marik jumped into the hole with him and together they found some kind of box but it was buried deep within the ground and they couldn't get it out. Bakura shouted "How about you two giving us a hand here?"

Seto and Yami got inside the rather large hole and the four of them tugged and pulled and then all of a sudden the box came out of the ground and they were nearly all thrown out of the hole. They finally got it up onto the ground and it was a very old looking box with Egyptian writing on it and Yami was the only one who could read it being that he had gone with Solomon on several of his digs, so Yami started reading what it said "Beware of what is inside. The one who opens this box will be given one wish and if the wish isn't what the bearer of the scroll wants they have one hour to change their wish or it is permanent and can never be changed."

Bakura looked at Yami and said "What the hell does that mean?"

Marik chuckled and told Bakura "Hell even I can understand that, but what can you expect from the idiot of the century to understand."

Seto grabbed Bakura while Yami had Marik and Seto yelled "If you both don't stop and stop now, Yami and I will leave and you'll never know what's inside the box, so what'll it be?"

Both Bakura and Marik stopped their arguing and then Yami read on, "Place your hands on the four corners of the lid and repeat these words, Open now for us to see what's inside this box."

Seto thought it was stupid but if it would stop those two from fighting hell he'd do it, so they all recited the words and the lid came open and inside was a weird looking scroll and it too had Egyptian writing on it and as Yami read it he said "Make a wish and make it good, for you will only have one wish and if it's the one you really want then so be, but if you wish to change it you must do so before the setting of the sun."

So Bakura looked at Marik who looked at Yami who looked as Seto who shrugged his shoulders and said "Hell there's nothing that I really want unless" he stopped and Bakura wanted to jump up and down and he shouted "What were you going to say?"

Seto the chuckled and said "Wouldn't it be funny if your hikari's and Joey should become pregnant?"

Yami growled at him and then he too liked the idea as did Bakura and Marik so then Yami said "We all have to say what we want together and if any of you change your minds say so before the sun sets or it will be done."

So all four of them said together "Let Yugi, Ryou, Malik and Joey become with child, our child." There was a bright light and then they all flew to different corners of the cave and when the light disappeared they got up and ran to find the scroll, but it had disappeared and Seto then said "I don't like this one little bit, I thought that it was some joke, but now I'm not so certain. What the hell did we just do?"

Marik then whispered "I don't want to be around when Ishizu finds out what we did, she'll kill all of us the most horrible way she can find."

Yami the said "We have to get back and find out if anything has happened to our hikari's and Joey."

So they closed the box and took it with them hoping that maybe Shadi or Ishizu could find a way to change what they just did.

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