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Chapter Seventeen

When they got home with their newest little ones, the staff was there to meet and greet them. As Seto stood there looking at everyone who worked for him smiling at the little ones tears came to his eyes and he said "Thank you all for being part of this huge family."

What none of them knew was while they were gone, the entire staff with Roland's blessings went to the store room and got all the cribs and other things that they would be needing or the new little ones and they sanitized everything and in each room they sat up the cribs, changing tables and with the money that Roland gave to Theresa she had some of the ladies go with her and she picked out clothes and things for both a boy and girl and they were all there for the parents to see.

When Joey noticed this he started to cry and as he turned to Theresa he said "Who did all of this?"

Theresa then told them "We did, the staff and I and we were so glad to help with the little ones, we even did something for the young ones and she pointed to a table and there were gifts for each of the young ones and when they opened them they squealed with delight.

Inside they all found tablets, crayons, color pencils, stencils and other things to draw and color on. They all went to Theresa and gave her a big hug and then they ran downstairs and thanked everyone for being so great.

The little ones were getting tired and so Seto and the other fathers took the young ones downstairs to draw and color and Joey and the other lights got the little ones down for their naps. As they each stood in their rooms looking down on their newest little ones tears came to their eyes as they said prayers of thanks for letting them love these special little angels.

While they were upstairs with the little ones, the young ones were showing their daddy's their masterpieces as they each drew or colored pictures for each of them. As Seto and the other fathers sat there they each realized how lucky they all were to have children to love and teach and watch grow. It was like a dream come true and they wouldn't have changed any of it for the world.

Solomon, Ishizu, Shadi and Odeon came over to see the newest ones in the family and as they watched the older ones with their siblings they all noticed how loving they were with their brother or sisters and it made Solomon's heart grow till he thought it would burst with pride knowing that if those four hadn't messed with that box none of this wouldn't of happened and he wouldn't be sitting here watching his grandson with his children and what loving parents they each were.

Solomon said a prayer to God up above for allowing him to live to see this day and he asked him to bless each and everyone of them for loving these children and then he prayed that all the children in the Orphanage would have loving homes and parents like the ones in this very room.

Seto and Joey went on to adopt two more children they were a girl and a boy, Yami and Yugi adopted two more little boys, Bakura and Ryou adopted a girl and a boy and Marik and Malik well they adopted triplets and today they are living with Ishizu and Shadi and that house is full of love and laughter just like the Manor.


A/N: Pegasus and Croquet are now living at the Orphanage and ever child there is given lots of love and they will never know hunger or loneliness because of their new parents who are more like kids then parents.

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