Author: Lily Kalanoa

Story: Hints of Deception

Genre: Naruto – Action/Drama

Rating: M / R

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my laptop, which put me into significant debt. All characters and series belong to their respective creators, I just like to torture them, heh heh.

Warnings: Yaoi, some explicit – reference to NCS but none in this fic (not really anyway) Also rather bloody at points.

Pairings: Kakashi/Iruka

Spoilers: There will be some towards the end for the Sound Five story arc. Several for the rest of the 'Reputation Arc'

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Iruka was moving before he was actually awake. After a few moments, the world around him set in and he focused on his alarm. The machine had barely gotten off two beeps and was now silent, impaled and pinned to the nightstand with a kunai. That was actually rather impressive, the teacher mused. Iruka didn't keep weapons under his pillow like some shinobi, his nearest were in his pouch, beyond the alarm and behind the lamp. With a groan, Iruka pushed himself up, releasing the weapon. That made five alarms he'd destroyed in just the past half year.

He remembered the last few days in bits and snatches and he groaned again. He'd remember it all later, when he wasn't still so tired; for now he was happy with just a few of the details. Like why his shirt was sticky. The teacher smiled and stripped out of the dirtied clothes. Yes, he was more than happy remembering those details. "Ka-kun?" he asked quietly, looking at his lover.

The tousle haired man said nothing, still asleep, and Iruka's grin spread wider. They were in fine shape. Orochimaru himself could waltz into their apartment and surrender and the two of them together probably couldn't bring him down right now. With a blind throw, he tossed his clothing towards the hamper and climbed back into bed. Kakashi shifted a little and yawned as Iruka wormed his way under one of the man's arms. He didn't have class . . . Iruka hesitated, fighting off the urge to just fall asleep again, but after another moment he nodded and closed his eyes. No, he didn't have class, he could succumb to the urge to snuggle, completely guilt free, and that's just what he did.

Iruka was happy to sleep for another two hours before nature's call forced him to get up again. Kakashi was gone and the teacher blinked, rolling over and burying his face in the man's pillow before getting up and stumbling to the bathroom. He remembered the training more clearly now and took the time to think through it as he stepped into the warm stream of the shower. For a few minutes he let the water just wash over him, erasing blood and dirt that weren't actually there but just in his imagination. He didn't hurt anymore, all of that had left when the illusion was dispelled, but the memory of it was still so fresh. The teacher closed his eyes as his thoughts turned to only slightly less disturbing memories of the greeting he'd given his boyfriend. He'd almost lost it, but Kakashi had pulled him back.

The door opened, a brush of cool air interrupting Iruka's thoughts, but the teacher didn't turn at the soft footfalls. He could feel Kakashi, even before the man slipped into the shower behind him. "How are you doing? I saw the alarm clock."

Iruka turned, offering the other a smile and a kiss. Kakashi returned it, but when he pulled away after a moment, the pale man didn't move. He brought his arms up, boxing the teacher into a corner and Iruka's gaze twitched side to side uncertainly. Kakashi was watching him closely, face serious. "I need you to think about it carefully. I need to know if anything is going to trigger with you."

Being closed in was making him a little nervous, but Iruka firmly shook his head. "I think I'm all right."

Kakashi frowned a little. "Think carefully. Hot things, cold things, loud noises. Being confined, not being able to breathe." A pause, and Kakashi leaned a little closer. "Mizuki."

Iruka instantly scowled, his retort loud and angry. "I won't let that bastard destroy my life anymore! Ibiki can't hurt me with that!"

Kakashi was smiling again, wrapping long arms around Iruka's shoulders. "Thank the gods. You really are okay."

Iruka chuckled a little, thoughts of his past slowly evaporating. "You were really worried about me, weren't you?"

Kakashi's hands slipped down slowly, following the path of the shower water. "Yeah, I was. I was worried when I was caught, I was worried when I knew it wasn't me by your side, I was worried knowing what Ibiki can actually do. But I never doubted you could figure things out and show that bastard you're stronger than him."

Iruka moaned as fingers drifted over sensitive areas on his back. "None of that matters anymore. Not when you're finally back." Iruka's hands were wandering, too, tracing taut muscles and fine scars. After a minute one hand reached for the faucet, turning it more towards hot as the water gradually cooled.

Kakashi leaned forward then, kissing him again and pressing the teacher back against smooth tile. Too long, and too much stress. He wanted this more than anything else in the world, though that was often true even without life threatening missions. Kakashi shifted, nipping at the man's collar before kneeling slowly, returning the favor he'd received several hours before. The first touch of lips to sensitive skin made Iruka gasp, fingers finding purchase in Kakashi's hair, but the man made absolutely no protest.

Rather than finish the job, Kakashi stood again after only a minute, adoring the whine of protest and the look in Iruka's eyes as he did. "Ka-kun-" The man ignored him, turning Iruka around in his arms so the teacher faced the shower's spray. With a bit of careful maneuvering, he made sure the heaviest part of the stream hit just above the man's groin, and slowly began running his hands over the other's chest.

Iruka groaned at the sensations, twisting a little to try and relieve some of it or get more, Kakashi couldn't actually tell. He also didn't care as the move ground the teacher's behind into Kakashi's own groin and quickly swelling erection. Kakashi pressed forward, keeping Iruka where he was and leaning into him to reach the soap and washcloth. He kept his movements light, gently washing the teacher, taking great care with certain areas. First the chest, making sure to swirl several times around the man's nipples, then down his stomach. Kakashi deliberately stopped at the other's belly button, but took a step back so the water hit lower and Iruka groaned, arcing into it.

One of Iruka's hands was braced on the shower wall while the other twisted back, stroking along Kakashi's thigh and valiantly trying to reach other, more sensitive regions, but Kakashi kept just out of reach. This was playtime, he couldn't let Iruka force him to go faster than he wanted to and the way he was moving was already almost enough to do just that. Carefully Kakashi shifted again, capturing the wayward hand and washing that arm. Iruka groaned again, pulling his other hand from the wall to replace the captured one. "You're a dirty tease," he whispered huskily, reaching further back this time to play along Kakashi's ass.

Kakashi sucked in a quick breath; that was nearly as bad as letting the teacher reach his cock, and significantly harder to avoid. "I haven't gotten to do this in a month," he muttered into the man's neck and let one hand slip between the man's legs. Iruka's knees trembled and his now freed and clean hand quickly braced on the wall again to keep from falling. Kakashi chuckled and leaned forward, licking one of his ears and then whispering into it. "You know I missed you, but I've really missed your body." He abruptly released the man's shaft and captured his other arm, cleaning that thoroughly as well.

Iruka gasped slightly, leaning his head away from the tickle of the other's breath, and answered somewhat strangled, "It's missed you, too, but you're still a tease." Slowly Kakashi turned, keeping Iruka close to his chest, but putting the spray of the shower to his back. He positioned so the water traveled between them, streaming down Iruka's back and washing away the suds as he cleaned, again taking ample time with sensitive areas. Iruka cried out in surprise when Kakashi suddenly slapped his ass, and turned his head to mock glare at the man.

With precise timing, Kakashi pulled them both back so Iruka got a face full of water and had to quickly turn around again, spluttering. This put the spray on the teacher's hair and Kakashi quickly shampooed it twice with one hand. His other hand slipped around the teacher's waist again, massaging his erection without giving nearly enough for release. As the last of the suds rinsed away, Kakashi leaned forward, biting the teacher's neck lightly and bending him forward slightly. Iruka groaned again and braced both hands against the wall, anticipating what was coming next.

What he hadn't expected was Kakashi to take a large step forward, forcing the teacher's whole body against the cool shower tile, which were absolutely frigid against the heat of his erection and the fire dancing over his skin. Iruka gasped, pushing away on instinct, but Kakashi was pressed against him, preventing the escape and nibbling eagerly on one exposed ear. With a little chuckle he muttered "Don't worry, love, I know I can warm you up."

Kakashi's hand was still slick with soap as he coaxed it into Iruka's entrance and the teacher moaned loudly, pushing into the sensation. The shock of the cold made every touch even more vibrant across his skin. Just as the tile was starting to warm from his body heat, Kakashi pulled the teacher's hips away from the wall, hand encircling his erection again as he pushed just his tip inside. Iruka moaned again in bliss, fingers now clinging at the smooth tile to help keep himself upright. He was certain his legs had turned to water, but that couldn't be true since he could feel the shower spray hitting the backs of his knees. Gods, even that felt amazing, stealing his breath away. He wanted to say something, tell Kakashi how good it all felt and to fucking hurry up, but he couldn't pull in enough air to speak.

The silver haired man didn't move for a long minute. One hand continued to toy with Iruka's cock, but too gently to be anything more than more arousing and after a moment, the other hand slid between the teacher and the wall to get at peaked nipples. He gave Iruka enough time to adjust and then without warning thrust all the way into him. The brunette cried out, arching back into Kakashi and for the briefest moment he wasn't sure if he'd hurt him. But the scream faded into a moan and Kakashi was happy to give the man more until they were both near the end.

Kakashi pulled away for the briefest second, quickly turning Iruka around to face him. He caught up one leg and used the leverage to position the teacher again. His other arm went around the man's waist, pulling them together, Iruka's erection pressed tightly between their stomachs as Kakashi started to move again. From this position he could work his hand down, giving just a bit more stimulation to the teacher's balls.

Iruka came hard, screaming another cry into the steam filling the bathroom. Kakashi was close, just another moment and – Iruka put his hands on the copy nin's shoulders and was suddenly free of his hold, slipping away from his need seamlessly. Kakashi's arms were still around him, but the move had been so sudden and unexpected that he didn't have a chance to counter it and Iruka had him backed into the opposite wall almost before he knew what was happening. The teacher had a wicked grin that Kakashi knew a little too well and the copy nin felt his eyes widen.

Iruka slipped down, level with the other's groin, but made no move to offer relief to the straining organ. Instead he quickly stuck two fingers into his own mouth, sucking for a moment before moving his hand between Kakashi's thighs. The silver haired man buried his hands in the teacher's hair, but he didn't move his head, stubbornly refusing to touch the throbbing need.

Kakashi gasped and moaned as the fingers slipped inside of him. It felt amazing, but wasn't enough to send him over. "Fuck, Iruka please. I'm too-Ah!" The teacher curled his fingers, cutting off the other's protest as he brushed against his prostate. Iruka's grin widened and he began moving his fingers in and out, pressing that spot hard. Kakashi lasted only a few moments before he threw his head back with a scream of his own. Kakashi was only vaguely aware of his knees giving out as he slid down to sit under the water's spray.

Kakashi blinked dumbly as he came down. Iruka was curled against his chest, grinning contentedly. He'd stopped the drain with a washcloth and was gently ladling lukewarm water over them both, cleaning away the mess they'd made. Kakashi smiled and tilted the teacher's head up for a long kiss. "That was amazing," he whispered with a sly grin as they pulled apart.

Iruka just smiled, slowly climbing to his feet. "A welcome home present. I wasn't sure I could do it, but the look on your face was worth it." He offered a hand to help his lover up as well. "Ne, Ka-kun. It is still Friday, isn't it?"

Kakashi pulled Iruka close to his side and wrapped a towel around them both. "Yes," he muttered, knowing perfectly well why he was asking. "No class, you can do whatever you want." The teacher nodded and moved toward the bed, Kakashi following since he didn't release his hold. He laughed a little. "Another round sounds good to me."

Iruka smacked the man's chest, but he was smiling, too. "Maybe after a nap." He nestled into the blankets, snuggling more firmly into Kakashi's arms as the man climbed into bed with him. "I'm okay," he whispered after a moment. "And I'm certain it's because I have you back."

Kakashi said nothing, brushing his fingers through Iruka's wet hair. It would tangle if they just went to sleep like this, but that meant Kakashi would have a chance to brush it out later. Yes, he decided, feeling Iruka drop into sleep, missions and training and Ibiki aside, life was pretty good.


Iruka squirmed a little, burying his face into his pillow in open rebellion of the real world trying to wake him up. Then again, that real world smelled a lot like Kakashi, sounded like him, too. The teacher fluttered open his eyes to stare up at the pale man, a distinctly puppyish look on his face. Seeing the look made Kakashi chuckle and he bent to place a masked kiss on the man's head. "Come on, love, you need to get up."

Iruka made a face and pulled the blanket over his head. "Don't wanna," he whined. He was awake now, though, he really ought to get out of bed, and surely Kakashi would reward such good behavior . . . although knowing Kakashi, he was more likely to reward the laziness of staying asleep. Iruka did his best to ignore that second thought and used the first as motivation to poke his head back out. "What time is it?" he asked when his eyes landed on the destroyed alarm.

"A little after two, still plenty of day to go out and do something."

Iruka thought about that and debated pulling the blanket back up over his head. 'Something' involved going out into the world and the world was bright and loud and cold. Here was at least warm and Kakashi-filled.

With a sigh, the copy ninja bent, taking hold of the blankets with both hands and pulled them back suddenly. "Time to get up, Sensei. I have somewhere I want to take you."

With a sigh of his own, Iruka consented. "Do I have to get dressed?" he asked as he moved to the dresser.

"Well, you have to put on something, but you can be in civvies if you want." Another look at Kakashi showed that he was wearing his uniform pants, but a loose green button up shirt – unbuttoned to what would be indecent levels were he female – and a thick black scarf over the mask and hanging down his chest. With a grin, Iruka leaned forward and slipped a hand inside that open shirt, a little disappointed to find the man's chest was actually covered with a form fitting black tank top. Oh well, it was still a nice feeling. After a moment of this, Kakashi caught the teacher's hand and kissed his cheek again. "Get dressed, we have to go."

The teacher nodded, slipping into a pair of faded jeans and a dark blue sweater. He barely had time to pull his hair back before Kakashi was pushing him towards the door. "You're certainly feeling better. What's the rush?"

The silver haired man laughed a little, not slowing their pace. "It's amazing how good you feel when you actually have chakra in your system. And we have to hurry while everyone is still there."

Iruka blinked rapidly, confused. "Everyone? While everyone's where?" Kakashi didn't answer, instead just dragging Iruka towards the academy. Once there, Iruka was finally released outside his classroom door. He looked at the closed door and then back at Kakashi. "What is going on?"

The taller man gave a sigh, obviously pretending to be frustrated, and opened the door, pushing his boyfriend inside. Iruka froze again at what he saw, his eyes widening. The entire room was covered in decorations; small painted pumpkins and colorful leaves, dried stalks of grain and woven baskets full of plastic foods were placed everywhere. Tied in clumps from the ceiling and walls were bundles of herbs, the ones Iruka was going to buy two days before, and they were placed in the appropriate places. The children had decorated for All Hallow's Eve and they'd done a fantastic job.

Filling one entire corner at the front of the room was an elaborate shrine set with candles and fruits and flowers, an elegant statue of Buddha sitting in the center. This was something new, something that had never been a part of Iruka's decorations before. Covering the walls behind it were pictures, some photographs, some hand drawn, and even more were piled in front of it. Slowly, Iruka took a few steps towards the small temple, fascinated, and picked up one of the pictures.

Like a tidal wave, the children rushed to their teacher's side, each clamoring for attention. "Do you like it?" "Look at mine!" "We looked up all the herbs just like last year." Iruka looked around at them, overwhelmed. There were more students than had shown up to help a few days earlier, nearly his entire class was circling around his legs, even the children who normally paid no interest to Halloween.

Kakashi was skillfully avoiding the clamoring of small children, hovering back further among the desks. "You should tell him about the pictures," he called and immediately the children began explaining all at once. Iruka could see Kakashi rub his head slightly and the masked man spoke up again. "Hanabi! You tell him about them."

Slowly the children quieted and Hanabi moved closer to Iruka's side. One hand tugged at the teacher's sleeve while she pointed up at the wall. "All the pictures are of our special people. The people we've lost."

Midori started bouncing, latching onto Iruka's other arm. "If we put their pictures up there, then they'll be protected in the next life!" At this, the rest of the students began speaking and pointing again, each boasting about their own pictures and trying to tell Iruka about who they wanted protection for. There was a pair of pictures pinned slightly higher than the others. One was a photo of the fourth hokage with a suspicious tuft of silver hair in one corner. The owner of the hair was covered by another picture, this one carefully painted of a boy with black hair and bright orange goggles and a pretty brunette girl.

After another moment of this, Konohamaru's voice rose above the rest. "Wait, wait! We haven't told him the other part!" The boy forced his way closer to Iruka's side, grabbing the hand that was holding the picture. "These pictures are different! The ones we put in front are the people we want to protect. That way the people up higher can watch out for the people down here!" Iruka focused again on the paper in his hand – a crayon drawn picture of himself.

Iruka looked up sharply, startled by a sudden flash. Kakashi had an instant camera held to his face, a picture whirring out of the slot in front. He took the photo in one hand and stalked towards the knot of kids. "So what do I have to do to have this picture protected, hmm?"

Iruka could barely move, a shocked smile taking up his whole face. One of the children produced a marker for Kakashi. "You have to put your name on it and put it on the shrine and say a prayer."

Kakashi did as he was told, signing the picture quickly and forcing his way to the little alter. He clapped his hands together and closed his eye, but said clearly, "Don't even think about it."

Iruka, who had waded through the tide of kids to where Kakashi had left the camera, ignored his boyfriend, capturing a picture of the man mid-prayer. He made sure to get as many kids in the picture as possible and vowed to force them into a class photo later. As the photo developed, he took it in one hand, pulling a pen from his desk and signed it quickly. By the time Iruka had finished with his own prayer, the children were clamoring for his attention again, telling about how they'd put all the decorations together. Each child wanted to show the pumpkin they'd helped paint and the leaves they'd collected. After a few minutes of pulling Iruka every way, there was a sudden and loud suggestion to give the teacher a group hug.

Trapped in the middle of nearly thirty kids, Iruka looked around for his boyfriend. When his gaze landed on him, the happiness was clear in his eyes. "You helped with this, didn't you?"

"Only this morning. They did most of it themselves, just for you." The man reached up, slowly pulling down his mask in full view of the entire class (though most of the class was focused on their teacher). "Now aren't you glad I woke you up?"

Iruka didn't answer, locking his lover into a deep kiss. It was quickly ended as the children anxiously pulled their sensei through the room, eager to show him what they had done. Iruka smiled brightly as he was dragged off. "Thank you," he managed to get out before he was pulled to the next group of decorations. The teacher's smile widened and he passed his hands through the sea of students, ruffling every bit of hair he managed to touch. "Thank you all."