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Summery: Harry and Draco find themselves transported back to the time of the marauders after yet another fight. Now they have to blend in while trying to find a way back to their own time.

Pairings: Harry/Remus (main), Lily/James (minor).

Spoilers: Probably to each book save "Deathly Hallows", because I haven't finished reading that one yet. Completely ignoring the fact that Harry was dating Ginny in book six because, I mean, come on…

Author's note: I always liked the Harry and Remus ship so that's my contribution to this pairing.

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Chapter One: Let me guess, they're fighting again…

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Harry flexed his fingers tiredly; it was yet another detention with Snape, another evening of scrubbing dirty cauldrons sans magic. It was nearly curfew and all he wanted to do was get back to his dorm room and have the longest hottest shower he could stand to rid himself of the stench of the dungeons and then fall asleep preferably for days, he just hoped that Hermione wouldn't catch him on the way there and forces him to seat down and finish any assignment.

"Well, well, well, you know Potter, it never ceases to amaze me just how many detentions you manage to land yourself in." Harry groaned inwardly at the drawl coming from behind him, just what I need right now, he thought before turning slowly and fixing his nemesis with a scorching stare,

"I don't see why, Malfoy, considering half of the detentions I get are your fault!" He snarled at the blond boy, who looked far too pleased with himself at hearing the accusation. Harry decided he didn't have the time or the will to indulge Malfoy in his little taunts. It's time the boy grew up or at least found another play-thing to fulfil his need to fight (Merlin knows why he actually needed to fulfil a need to fight… But Harry wasn't going to dwell on it right now!). Instead of rising to Malfoy's bait he turned and continued his way. Harry didn't even take three steps when a hand grabbed his upper arm tight,

"Don't you dare walk away from me, you filthy little half-breed! I'm talking to you!" Malfoy snarled as he turned Harry to face him again, pitching his face close, Harry rolled his eyes and tried to shrug his arm free,

"You call that talking? Let me go Malfoy, I'm not in the mood for your childish attempt to get my attention! Just grow up, you little shitty bastard!" Harry snarled right back, while shoving hard on Malfoy's chest to get him to release his arm. Malfoy refused to relinquish his hold on the Gryffindor but was still caught unprepared for the shove which resulted in both of them losing balance and tumbling towards the wall. Only it wasn't really a wall but a little alcove- one like those which you could find all over the old castle and normally avoided since they were so dark you could never perceive how deep they actually were. Both boys tried to stop the inevitable fall but failed, fumbling and holding each other for support they ended up in a messy heap on the floor.

"Get off me, Scarhead!" Malfoy yelled and shoved Harry hard. Harry, whose fall was mostly blocked by Malfoy's body still managed to bang his left elbow hard on the stone floor, and cringed in pain when he felt Malfoy shoving him.

"Bugger off, ferret-face!" He snarled and stood up dusting himself, "I'm going back to my dorms, and if you try to stop me again, so help me Merlin I'll hex you till you won't know your own name anymore!" He said in a level voice, wand in hand and using the fact that Malfoy still hadn't picked himself up from the floor to carry his threat. Malfoy sneered at him, and pushed himself up, obviously in pain and dusted himself clean, all fighting spirit gone as each part of his body screamed in agony at the undignified fall and the weight of Harry on top of it.

Harry backed out of the alcove, wand still in hand and felt someone collide with him, he turned around startled, his vision full of red hair and green eyes, before the wrist of his wand hand was caught and a angry voice was heard,

"Bloody hell James, would you look where you're pointing this thing! You could really hurt someone!" Harry gulped in shock at the pretty girl standing in front of him, Head Girl badge shining and fierce eyes boring into his. His mind seemed to be working all wonky because for a second he could have sworn the girl called him… James. He blinked twice trying to piece things together before giving up on the task as none of the conclusions he reached seemed in the least bit likely.

"Ah, Miss Evens. Doing rounds I see, so dedicated." All three teens in the corridor turned to look at the beaming face of Dumbledore. Harry squinted a little, there was something off in the way Dumbledore looked but he couldn't really place it so he stayed quiet. Before anyone could say a word Dumbledore muttered a couple of spells under his breath and Harry looked in horror as the girl's green eyes that admittedly looked so similar to his own went blank for a second and then she shook her head as if to rid it of cobwebs and Harry recognised a memory spell. When the girl looked up again her gaze was fixed on Dumbledore, completely ignoring both Harry and Malfoy, even though they stood mere feet from her.

"Headmaster, good evening. I was just doing my rounds." She said with a bright smile. Dumbledore nodded, his eyes twinkling,

"Good evening to you too, Miss Evens. Please, don't let me keep you from your duties any further." With a slight bow of her head the girl turned and walked down the corridor, Harry gaping after her in complete shock. His brain was processing the information fast, but every fibber in his being screamed that it cannot be. He was torn back from his frantic thoughts by Dumbledore's voice, "If you will follow me, please." Head still turning to the corner the girl disappeared behind Harry followed Malfoy and Dumbledore, trying to reassure himself that everything was fine and that Dumbledore was taking them to the infirmary to have his head checked. Although Harry couldn't remember actually hitting his head on the floor he deduced that he must have had. It was the only reasonable explanation.

When they reached the solemn gargoyle Harry was about to protest but changed his mind when Dumbledore gave him a piercing gaze that said he'd explain everything later. Harry followed meekly trying to put a stop to the swirling vortex of thoughts before he'd lose his mind altogether.

Once the two boys were seated in front of him, Albus Dumbledore dropped the little concealment charm he had put on them and looked at them carefully. The blond boy had an air about him that simply screamed pureblood aristocracy. His sharp, pointed features reminded him too much of one Lucius Malfoy to be a coincidence. The dark haired one was even easier to place- hell; even his own mother had been fooled. The old headmaster leaned back on his chair,

"Can I offer you tea, lemon sherbet?" He asked kindly but both boys shook their heads, and Dumbledore mentally sighed, out of excuses to stall he had to get to the point, before the two teens burst in flames of curiosity and uncertainty. "Before we begin I would like to ask you for your names." He said with a soft smile. The two looked mightily confused and shared a quick glance before averting their heads in disgust,

"My name is Draco Malfoy. What the hell is going on here?" The blond boy said, affirming Dumbledore's private suspicions. He looked like he was about to add something sharp and scathing but held his tongue back, his nostrils flaring with the effort not to speak.

"I'm Harry Potter." Offered the other one, his tone confused and slightly scared. Dumbledore nodded and stapled his fingertips together,

"I see. As for your question, Mr. Malfoy, I could ask you the same thing. You are obviously not one of my students."

"Of course I bloody am!" Malfoy was practically swollen with rage, "I'm a seventh year and a prefect!" Dumbledore didn't seemed in the least bit affected by the rudeness of the young man and smiled benignly at him, knowing full well that in Malfoy's enraged state this sort of thing would only vex him further.

"I'm glad to see that the young generation is so full of spirit but let me ask you this- what date is today?" Both boys gaped at him for a second before Harry tentatively answered,

"The Twelve of May, 1998." Dumbledore smiled again and without a word pointed at his desk, where a magical calendar sat. The little marker sat on the Fourth of October, 1977. Two jaws hit the floor and two pairs of eyes bulged and stared at the little calendar, willing it to change back to the date they knew.

"Fuck." The blond muttered under his breath, and Harry nodded in ascendance to his word.

"Fuck, indeed." Dumbledore chuckled softly under his breath and then sobered up,

"Well, as you now understand, we have a little predicament on our hands."

"But… How is it possible, sir?" Harry asked in a desperate voice, his eyes still glued to the calendar,

"It appears that you two stepped into one of the tempus alcoves of this castle. There are only a few of them and they tend to appear and disappear on their own accord. What you've experienced is a fairly simple temporal shift. The problem is- how to reverse it."

"What do you mean the problem?" Malfoy straightened up in his chair and looked wide eyed at the headmaster, "You have to send us back, right now!" He pressed with all the arrogance of someone who's far too used to have things done his own way.

"I'm afraid, Mr. Malfoy that I cannot do that, we'll just have to wait until the right tempus alcove returns."

"And how long will that take, sir?" Harry tried to sound cool and compose, if only to appear more civil than Malfoy.

"The last time one appeared here was nearly seven years ago." The headmaster replied cheerfully and the boys gasped in horror,

"You mean we're going to be stuck here for seven effing years?" Malfoy all but yelled, eyes bulging and face flushed with rage he jumped to his feet and started to pace the room, muttering obscenities under his breath and pulling at his hair in frustration. Harry found that every muscle in his body went rigid with cold fear, his hands clasped together in his lap, knuckles white with the force.

"I'm going to do all that in my power to make sure this problem will be solved as soon as possible. Trust me, you being here is as much a problem to me as it is to you." Harry gave Dumbledore a pained look, pleading for reassurance from the man that he trusted above all else. Even if this Dumbledore was 20 years younger than the one he knew they were still the same person, not even much changed, in fact.

"You'll send us back?" He asked hopefully, but Dumbledore gave him a sad smile,

"I will, but not right away."

"What the hell are we supposed to do until you decide you feel like sending us back, huh?" Malfoy leaned on the headmaster's desk and fixed Dumbledore with a steel gaze, Dumbledore resisted the urge to slap the hysterical teenager and instead leaned back in his chair,

"Please sit down Mr. Malfoy." A short battle of wills followed his request until, defeated, Malfoy slumped back in the chair, still fuming. "As for your question, the two of you will do what you did before you ended up here. You will study. As you are already sorted and in fact clad in school uniforms I shall send each to his respective house and you will do your best to blend in while we search for a solution." He said calmly, and watched as Malfoy opened his mouth to object and silenced him with a glare. Harry simply looked like he was about to cry. "Of course, that would require several changes since I'm sure both of you know the risks of time meddling. And if your little encounter with the Head Girl has taught us anything, it is that a little glamour is in order."

The headmaster flicked his wand over the teens muttering a series of spells. Harry felt a tingling sensation all over him, running from his head to his toes and tried to shake it off. After a while the sensation stopped and he opened his eyes to look around, wondering what happened. When his eyes landed on Malfoy he gasped in shock. The Slytherin ice-prince was no longer blond and prim, instead his hair was light brown and once free of the evil clutches of magical gel, it fell freely framing his face. His eyes were now a darker shade of blue-grey and his features less pointy. All in all, Harry decided that he liked this look better on Malfoy. But from the former blond's gasp he could deduce that he too, was under glamour.

Reaching for their wands at the same time both boys conjured a mirror and gazed at their new selves. Harry blinked in astonishment at his face looking back at him from the mirror, his hair was a couple of shades darker and had an almost blue tinge to it, it was so black and neat, his hair actually behaved! His eyes were no longer bright emerald green but a mix with blue to give them a dark aquamarine hue, and his face seemed a little more angular but most importantly, there was no scar. Harry rubbed his forehead in confusion, his entire life he wanted to be rid of that dreadful scar but now that it was gone he felt a little pang of lost. When it came down to it, his scar was something that defined him just like his unruly hair and his glasses, and now he was missing it. He moved his hand along his features, feeling them. He could see himself in the mirror, the old Harry but he knew that anyone who hasn't seen him before couldn't.

"I've placed a special version of the confudus charm on you that would not able you to speak of your own time to anyone. If anyone asks, you are both transfer students from Durmstrang School. I must stress again, how important it is that none here would learn that you have come from the future. Time is a very volatile thing and must not be tempered with." The headmaster explained sternly and both boys nodded, "And now you only need to pick out new names, as there are too many people here that would recognize your family names." Dumbledore swept his gaze from one boy to the other, waiting for their answers. He decided to give them the option to choose their own name, if not their looks.

"Hmm, how about… Jaime Harrison." Harry mumbled, his eyes cast down and a delicate blush spreading over his cheeks. Jaime Harrison was the alias he used last summer when he went to have his piercing, and he liked this assumed identity.

"Very well, Mr. Malfoy?" Draco looked up startled and frowned a bit,

"Alex Draconis." He claimed after a little while. To answer Harry's questioning gaze he shrugged and said flippantly, "What? You're not the only one allowed to use middle names and turn first names to last!"

"Your middle name is Alex?" Harry asked in mild amusement. He didn't know why it surprised him, maybe because he was certain that Draco's middle name would be Lucius. He had to admit that Alex was infinity better.

"Good, good. In that case, Mr. Harrison and Mr. Draconis, I shall bid you goodnight. You just head to your common room and settle in. Beds and any other items you shall need such as clothes and school books will be provided in the trunk at the foot of your bed. I shall see you both tomorrow at the Great Hall for breakfast. Sleep well and good luck."

The way back to the Gryffindor tower passed in a daze. Harry tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he no longer was in his own time, a feat made ten times harder when everything around him looked exactly the same as it did back in 1998. Harry figured the big boom would land when he woke up tomorrow morning and meet his new roommates. He didn't even want to think about it, because he knew full well who his new roommates are going to be and the fact that in 1998 one of them was his father, one his godfather and both were dead. Not to mention the little snivelling rat that ruin their lives and he, Harry could do nothing about it. He almost turned on his tracks to ask Dumbledore to re-sort him, anything would be better, even Malfoy and Slytherin!

When he reached the Fat Lady's portrait he realized that Dumbledore had forgotten to give him the current password. Harry swore under his breath and rubbed his face tiredly. This has been a terrible day and after the detention with Snape and the shock of the temporal shift the last thing he needed was to be locked out of his own common room all night. But when the Lady saw him she gave him a bright smile,

"You must be the new student, Mr. Harrison, are you not?" Harry looked up and nodded mutely, and the Fat Lady beamed at him, like he was the best thing that ever happened to her, "Well, the headmaster asked me to give you the password. It's 'Wingardium Laviosa', but please try and remember not to use your wand while you say it. One Longbottom is enough for me…" Harry frowned at her last comment while she swung open muttering on the recklessness of Dumbledore, choosing a levitation spell as a password.

Harry climbed the portrait hole and into the common room, being so late at night the place was deserted and empty. He glanced around him and noticed the place looked pretty much the same as he remembered but decided not to dwell on it right now, instead he trudged his way up to the seventh year boys' dormitory. Harry pushed the door open slowly, tiptoeing into the room- the room looked exactly the same, down to the bed arranging which made Harry's heart give a painful lurch. He automatically moved to his bed and carefully checked to see if he's been correct. The bed was empty and he sighed in relief- at least he won't have trouble finding his way about in case he wanted a drink of water in the middle of the night. After fishing for his toothbrush in his new trunk he quickly made ready for bed, stripping down to his undershirt and his boxers he slipped under the covers and closed his eyes.

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