Innocent Erotic

Edward was irresistible. I couldn't take my eyes off him. It was devastating knowing that as of today I wouldn't see him until Sunday night. He would be going "camping" with the rest of his family. Aside from this sad information, I was finding it increasingly difficult to pay attention in class. The lecture being given was nothing to me, I was focused on a God. Adonis, but better.

He was wearing a body-hugging white sweater, accentuating his sinewy muscles, followed by THE perfect pair of jeans. Loose, then tight in all the right places. Edwards hair was messy, with clinging water droplets from the transition of classes. His eyes were a very dark brown, almost black. Fierce and dangerous, they had no affect of fear on me. I found them to be strangely sexy.

I caught myself biting down on my lip, AH! I was so sexually frustrated. With Edwards strict boundaries it left me with raging hormones. He wouldn't even allow deep kissing! What was a girl to do. I knew that he wouldn't hurt me, but I also knew that Edward and I wouldn't be having any intimate contact whatsoever.

"Bella?" I felt my face flush. He had caught me staring at him. I had no excuse.

"Edward?" I smiled innocently, he returned the gesture with my favorite crooked smile sending tingles down my spine.

"Your staring at me!"

"Sorry" I said sheepishly. He was so serious. I felt guilty.

Edward and I communicated very little through the rest of biology, although we completed our lab far before the bell rang. Gym was next and as usual I was in no mood, my lack of athletic ability was truly pathetic. Edward gave me a quick peck on the lips and promised that he'd be waiting for me. I reluctantly said goodbye and entered through the two large double doors.

"Hey Bella!" Ugh! Mike. Always so overly eager.

"Hi mike" I faked a pretty good chipperness. I stalked passed him into the girls locker room, taking my time changing. I had a white tank and a pair of red shorts, I used them in Phoenix for Physical Education as well. I left my clothes in my bag and walked out to find that Mike was waiting for me right at the door.

"God, Bella has great legs" Mikes eyes were down cast as if he were staring at the newly waxed gym floor. He walked shoulder to shoulder with me to the center of the room. His proximity was disturbingly uncomfortable. We were playing tennis today. I was none to excited about having to play another childish game where balls fly dangerously close to my face. I lacked all ability to stop them.

Of course my over eager stalker jumped at the chance to be my partner and I didn't deny him. He managed to win most of the games for us. Then forced an unwelcome victory hug upon me. I smiled in protest.

I hurried in the changing, because after all the faster I dressed the quicker I would get to see Edward. The thought broadened my smile.

I rushed out the double doors and pulled an inevitable Bella Swan. I tripped over my untied shoe lace, should have thought that one through a bit more.

I put both my hands out to catch myself, but was stopped by two cold stone like arms. Ah, saved again.

"Bella, what am I going to do with you?" He flashed me another one of his famous smiles. After standing me upright he bent down on his knees and placed my right foot on his thigh, properly tying my sneaker. He then kissed my knee and ran his hands down the length of my leg. It was a completely innocent and sweet gesture. But for me it was absolute torture.

Standing up he grabbed my hand and began leading me to the silver Volvo I had so grown to love. As we made it to the car Mike walked passed.

"Bye Bella, I'll see you on Monday!" Edward snarled under his breath.

"What was that about" Whatever it was seemed to really upset him.

"Nothing. Just get in" Climbing to the passenger seat I threw my bag in the back and buckled my seat belt around me. It made me feel more secure with Edwards break neck driving.

"I'll miss you this weekend"

"I'll miss you too, Bella. But I'll be back before you know it" I hoped that the weekend would go by quickly. We pulled into Charlie's driveway, he wasn't home and wouldn't be for at least another three hours. I tuned to Edward to invite him in but it was clear that he would be doing no such thing as the engine still purred and the keys dangled from the ignition.

"Your not coming in are you?" I knew I sounded depressed, but I couldn't help it. I hadn't spent much time with him lately, It must be because he could see how I'm lusting. He's putting space between us to cool me down. I could understand the logic.

"No. We are heading out as soon as I get back to the house, Jasper and I both are far passed due , hence the early leave." I knew that it was easier for Edward to be around me after he's full, I just hated being apart.

"Silly Bella. We'll be together again soon." He leaned in and pecked me on my freshly glossed lips. I dared not lose control. I grabbed my beg from the back and opened my door, turning around to say good bye before shutting it lightly.

Dragging my feet I headed to the door and pulled my keys out, it was an old lock. It took a bit of finesse to get open. I entered the house and turned to watch Edward drive away. I closed the green door behind me and made my way up to my room. Tripping most of the way up of course. I dropped my backpack next to my desk, and booted up my dinosaur of a computer, I longed for a new one! I wished Renee had specified more on her stipulation with Charlie and me coming here. But it works nonetheless.

After a few hours of fussing with a thesis paper and a few other assignments it was time to make dinner. Taking my time going down the stairs so that I didn't end up with a face fool of carpet I took stair by stair slowly. Making it to the kitchen alive I plundered through the refrigerator and cabinets, finally deciding on spaghetti. Throwing the water onto boil I sat down and read Romeo and Juliet. One of my favorites. I was at one of Mercutio's soliloquies when Charlie pulled up in the cruiser. The lovable Chief Swan was home.

Charlie was a creature of habit, he does the same thing every day just about. He hung up his gun belt and jacket before walking into the kitchen.

"Hey there Bells" Charlie had called me Bells since before I could remember.

"Hey dad. Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes." Charlie tilted up his nose and took in the scents that flowed from the sauce that I had just started making.

"Sounds good. Gives me enough time to check out what time the games coming on" Charlie left the room leaving me to my own devices. I set the table and heaped Charlie's plate to brim. He gave it just enough time to cool off before he re-entered and began stuffing his face. I wasn't really in the mood to eat. I was too busy pining away for Edward.

I cleaned the kitchen quickly and left Charlie to watch the game. I crashed on my bed deciding to relax and listen to music. It was the Cd that Phil had bought for me, that I had yet to thank him for. I drifted of to a dreamless slumber.

A loud know woke me up, a few hour later, 3 hours to be exact. Charlie poked his head in to check on me,

"Sorry Bells, I didn't mean to wake you up. Its midnight just doing my rounds" he goofed. he smiled brightly. "I'm hitting the hay here myself. Sleep sweet Bella"

"Goodnight Dad." I groggily got up from my cozy bed and snatched up my toiletries. I cranked on the shower the hottest it would go. Stripping down my head filled with thoughts of Edward. I stepped lightly into the hot stream, grabbing my favorite shampoo. I lathered my tresses, dreaming about what it would feel like for Edwards tongue to dance with mine. I could only fantasize that the cold of his and warmth of mine swirling around would feel incredible. It didn't take long for my mind to drift elsewhere. All though I felt guilty, it was the only way.

I felt my inner thighs tighten and tingle, a sort of ticklish sensation was spreading through my lower abdomen. It was an altogether different feeling. I finished my shower as soon as the cold water started to wash over me. I grabbed my fluffy pink towel, not putting too much effort into drying off I headed back to my room, with the thoughts still lingering in my mind.

Heading for my dresser I picked out a night set that Alice had bought for me. I never could wear it with Edward around so tonight was the first time. It was a pink satin flyaway baby doll. With a matching pair of panties. I had to admit that I did love it. It was sexier than anything I was used to but I couldn't always be innocent Bella. And with Edward gone I could be a little naughty.

Oh steamy! And its about to get hotter! This is my first attempt at less innocent Bella. Can you blame her! Let know what you think please :O) ! YoricksSkull