Lost and found

We don't belong here..

It was a very nice and hot day in the beautiful desert, hot enough for Dinosaurs. In the desert was a place name Dinosaur Museum; the owner was Porcupine McVells, an old age human, a Paleontologist and owner of a private Dinosaur Museum. Being very used to oddities, he has no objection to allowing the ravenous Extreme Dinosaurs to stay in his establishment for as long as they choose. Pork loves making dinosaur statues, and his friends are Dinosaurs. In particular, muscular-evolved dinosaurs that could speak and walk on two legs almost like humans can. While most of them were asleep in beds, one of them was awake watching a movie, it made a lot of noise for the others to prevent them from sleeping in their beds peacefully.

A few minutes later the rest got up. It was to early to get up, of course it was morning, and to tired to be hyper.

"Oh uh. Birdman could you atleast turn the volume down, some triceratops needs to get some beauty sleep here." Said a blue triceratops with three horns, one horn was haft broken, rubbing his sleepy eyes. His name is Spike.

A martial arts expert, Spike is armed with a hard head that can bust through, apparently, anything. He's smitten with ally Chedra and, despite his overeagerness to fight, betrays his overt masculinity by caring for a garden of his own volition. He is a muscular triceratops wearing some kind of brown shorts with some strings around it, and a weapon in his right hand. He likes to fight a lot and wrestle, he's cool, sometimes rushes into battles without thinking. And has quite a temper.

"Yeah, I can still hear the bikers and cars crash into each other. Oh my head is killing me." Complained a yellow T-Rex massaging his aching head with two fingers on his forehead. His name is T-bone.

He as well a very buff Tyrannosaurs-Rex wearing shoulder pads with white thorns and green torn pants right on his knees, a big sized solider boots which can fit a dinosaur's foot with one toe nail coming out on the end of his toes in the shoe. He is the team leader. He is easily the most serious of the group, although he does have a more casual side. Whereas the others often become distracted by their own interests, T-Bone is always focused, he sometimes gets aggressive, but most of the time calm. He cares for others than himself. His signature move, that he can perform alone or with any in the group, is the "Saurian Stomp" which shakes the area around him.

"Extremely annoying." Agreed with the others the green brown spotted and spiky stegosaurus. His name is Stegz.

Stegz is the team's technological specialist. He can curl his body and spin himself into a destructive saw blade using the plates on his back. Wearing purple shorts with black boots. He is the brains of the team. Very clever and good with electronics, and very shy, and has a short temper, he worries about others.

"Can't we all sleep together for one peaceful night, Bullzeye." Said calmly the ankylosourus rubbing his side. His name is Hardrock.

He Joined the team partway through the series. Hardrock is from another dimension and is far-too-friendly by nature, but he's still capable of fighting effectively. Of the group, he is the pacifist and most understanding. Wearing red pants and gray boots. He is a peaceful and kind dinosaur.

"If I hear another sound of that T.V when I'm asleep. I swear I'll throw it out the window or break it to two pieces so that we'll not see anything on T.V. GOT IT!!" shouted a furious Dilophosaurus.

He was bit taller then the rest wearing a leather jacket and a brown pants. like Spike hothead and aggressive, he also likes thrashing and fighting but a loner.

"Okay, OK! I won't put it so loud jeez! No reason to bite my head off." Said a red Pteranodon grumpily, His name is Bullzeye.

Bullzeye is a wise-cracking youngster, his shriek creates ear-splitting sonic waves. Bullzeye has a bad habit of making purchases off the shopping network channels and being an all-round couch potato. Almost the shortest one out the group, wearing a yellow shorts and some weaponry-claw on his right hand. He is always cheerful and positive thinking and hyper and he is the only flyer in the team.

As for The Dilophosaurus name Ridge came to earth through the portal of his home planet, his home didn't need him anymore that he rather learn this world and save it with the rest of Extreme Dinosaurs. He loved staying with them. He is best friends with T-bone the most, then the rest of the team, sometimes he hangs out with Hardrock and Bullzeye but little time with Spike and Stegz. Spike and Ridge have a lot of common but don't get along with each other much because of their attitude, sometimes they do get along.

"Are you really going to do what you just said?" Spike whispered to Ridge with a frown.
"No. Well pulling out the power supplies from the T.V or muting it and hide the remote." Ridge whispered back with a slight smirk.

"Bullzeye for once try to sleep without watching the television for a whole night." Said a female human like, but her skin color is blue instead of the normal human color, wearing a brown sleeveless jacket and beige T-shirt with brown pants. Her hair style is very short and blue. Her name is Chedra.

a female law officer who has been stranded on Earth. Companion of the Extreme Dinosaurs. Chedra is obsessed with law and always carries a Codebook wherein the many rules of her race are inscribed. Although her book is (as T-Bone observes) sixty-five million years out of date, Chedra persists in quoting from it and in scolding her friends when they violate its edicts.

"Yeah, that's one heck of a noisy wacky T.V set you've got there." Said the owner, pork. McVells, the only human in the group..
"You all know me to well guys; I can't go to sleep before watching a movie on T.V." Bullzeye said with a grin as he surfed channels.
Just then Stegz's computer sounded a "Raptor" alert, the screen flashing red.

"Raptor alert, their near a science laboratory in a city name New Jersey. Let's go guys." Said Stegz while typing on his PC.
"Let's carnivate 'em Extreme Dinosaurs. And after that we'll have some burritos with hot chilly sauce." T-bone said before getting out of the house and rides on his vehicle, flying off followed by the others.

After Sunset:

They've arrived back home after another victory with the raptors.

"We'd fossilized them for sure. cretaceous!" Exclaimed Spike getting off his vehicle and stalked back into the house with the others.
They all gave each other high fives and slapped tails together, except for Bullzeye as he didn't have one.

"Hey Spike, wanna watch the movie we were waiting for?" Bullzeye said to Spike, nodding his head. "Hardrock, Ridge, Stegz, T-bone. Join us? We've got burritos with hot chilly sauce and popcorn to eat!" he asked the rest of them.

Both Hardrock and Ridge nodded and joined them to watch the movie and eat.

"No thank you. I'll be talking with my internet buddies for any information for any living dinosaurs or something important." Stegz said sitting on a chair right where was his PC is and typing away on the net.

"Suit yourself Stegzmister. What about you Teebster?" shrugged Spike as he started getting popcorn, soda and chips from the kitchen to eat, while Hardrock and Ridge now sat on the couch to watch the movie.

"No thanks. today is enough for me, but could you turn down the volume. Cause I'll call it a night and hit the hay." T-bone said yawning and stretching his sour muscles before going to bed.

A few hours later, late in the night:

They've finish watching the movie and gone to bed asleep. Each of them snoring loudly all night. One of them was having a rough night in his sleep, having a strange nightmare.
It was T-bone, he was tossing and turning side by side, sweating and breathing heavily.
In his dream, he could see himself less muscular, a bit hyper and tall maybe, having strange powers and wearing some kinda new clothes. On them was a symbol, but he could not make out what it was. He asked himself, "What was it?", he looked alot different than now, not just his usually self he had some extra weapons. this image was cut off by a flash of vision that he's been taking away from some female human wearing a white robe look like a scientist, another flash with a brown raptor crying and hugging him and saying "We don't belong here bro, No one will ever accept us, they use us because of this curse we have, we cannot control it at times.", he could see himself bracing the little raptor with compassion, love, care and stained tears on the corner of his other version's face and looking out on the beautiful sky and say "I know little brother."

we don't belong here... he could hear his own voice repeating those words rapidly, over and over.

The present day, he was woken with a shock eyes wide open, breathing heavily. Heart thumping fast, Looking around the room, remembering where he was and found the rest dinosaurs were asleep next to him in they're beds snoring loudly in they're peaceful dream and with a sigh relived that the nightmare or whatever that was, was over.

He walked over to the kitchen and get's a drink from the tap water. Now breathing normally and pulse back to its usual self, whipping some sweat on his forehead.
"What a terrible dream. I think I slept enough." He said softly to himself.

walking towards the couch and watch some T.V to find Bullzeye sleeping on the sofa with the T.V on.
T-bone shook his head with a smile planted on his face, taking the remote away from Bullzeye's hand and taking him to his bed.
He walked back and sat on the couch, munching on some food as he was starving, flipping channels and landing on a shopping channel. That channel was showing water slides that could be put in the house for 100,000 dollars, along with it were wind surf boards, bikes and roller skates. And if its sold it'll come with free computer sets, LCD T.V set with a heavy weighted for lifting up and a mat for someone to meditate on.

He should buy some things for his buds. After all there was celebration for the days they've evolve together and the same day that met up with Hardrock after 64 GS billion years and that same day met up with Ridge in his world.

Continuing in finishing his food, changed it to a movie and put the volume down to not wake the others. After sometime he looked at the time to find it 8:30 in the morning. He must have gotten up very early.

"Jeez, since when I got up?" he said softly to himself and stretched a bit while yawning and rubbed his eyes feeling tired. He dozed off for a few hours it felt like a little while. Then a voice startled him, It made his heart skip a beat.

"Good morning sunshine!" the voice said it belongs to Bullzeye. Catching him off guard With that T-bone fall backwards with the couch, it flipped right on its back with an "Oof." He exclaimed.

"Ouch! Sorry T-bone did I frighten ya a little. hehe." Bullzeye snickered, with a nervous grin. T-bone was too exhausted to fix the sofa back where it was, he sighed softly.
"Um what happened over here, birdman?" Spike asked opening a can and sipped, and pointed at the flipped couch, all he could see were a pair of legs dangled upwards.

"Would someone help me up?" T-bone begged, legs twitching and tail swinging around.
"Coming right up. T-bone." Ridge said was crossing by, grasping T-bone's right hand/claw and lift him up. Spike gripped at the edge of the sofa with Stegz on the other end and put the couch back at its usual place.

"Uh. Thanks guys." T-bone grunted and thanked them, rubbing his forehead from the blood rush.
"No problem Teeb." Spike said walked past and patted the meat eater's back.
"Umm Teebster is there something wrong?" asked Hardrock with one eye ridge and a little worried. T-bone went and sat on the Kitchen's chair.

"Oh. I was to tired and couldn't move my sour muscle, I've hit the hay early that made me get up pretty early. So anyone want's to have breakfast, I'm starving." Explained T-bone changing the subject with eyes downwards at the table.

"Yeah, me too." Agreed Spike.
"Let's have some burritos with hot chilly sauce. Yum, yum. and some desert." Said Bullzeye.
"I want some of that." Said Ridge. The rest sat down at the table and they had started to munch after they've brought for themselves food.
Hardrock and Stegz gave each other a concern glance. And both glance back at T-bone spaced out but still looking downwards and drinking a soda, picking some burritos and snacked on.

"Uh guys, umm I'm gonna need some fresh air, OK. If I take long don't wait up, after all we're having weekends from the raptors. Chow." He said quickly with a grin and waved his hand/claw, getting off the seat, walking past and out of the house.

"T-bone, is it OK if we could you know cruise around while your out?" Bullzeye asked before T-bone could get on his vehicle, playing with his fingers.
"Have fun birdman and please don't order things that ain't useful this time." T-bone replied getting on his vehicle.
"Oh Triassic, it'll be so much fun.." Bullzeye yapped on and returned to the house back into where the others were, Stegz and Hardrock were giving each other a strange glance, and shrugged it off, and continued eating their breakfast.

Stegz was busy spacing out, what was wrong with T-bone? "Oh well maybe I'm overreacting? he might be hiding something? Nah.", he thought with his thumb and finger under his chin. He shook his head and shrugged it off.
I need to get into the net before the sit down starts, I'll meet my internet buddies and get some information. thought Stegz as he stalked off towards his computer.

"Let's play some board games, guys." Suggested Bullzeye taking one out to play with."Fine by me." Said Ridge while shrugging.
"I'll carnivate ya, Bullzeye!" Spike challenged Bullzeye with a smirk.

"Not in this life time! Spikemister." Bullzeye challenged back with a smug planted on his face, face to face with Spike.
"Can't we settle this peacefully?" sighed Hardrock shaking his head, Ridge agreed with him, as both the red bird-like dinosaur and the blue Triceratops both behaved like children sometimes.

"No one will win when I'm around." Challenged a voice that belongs to Chedra while holding her sides with a smile.
"Way to go Chedra!!" the three encouraged her, which are Hardrock, Ridge and Stegz from where he was sitting at the computer, Leaving Spike and Bullzeye blinking surprised a bit stunned.

To be continued...