Lost and found


T-bone took Haxx to shelter where he can eat and rest. He gave the raptor some money so he can get himself food so he wouldn't steel food from a town.

"Umm… wait T-bone." Haxx said hesitating a bit.

"Yeah?" responded T-bone on the bike ready to take off, head turned to Haxx.

"This is a nice place to put me in, thanks for taking me here and stuff. I had fun today… can we do it again." Haxx thanked him; having trouble finding words to describe what had they done today, while scratching his head uncomfortably.

T-bone replied by a warm smile, took out his fist and said. "You're okay Haxx, we'll have fun together again… don't worry about It." he Started his vehicle with his other hand/claw.

Haxx took out his fist hit his with T-bone's, he was about to say something that T-bone interrupted him by saying. "I won't tell anyone, I promise." Then he waved at Haxx and flew off. Haxx waved back and walked into the place T-bone brought him to.

T-bone landed his modern flying vehicle near his home and found out his dinosaur friends are asleep. He smiled and clasps his hand together, and rubbed them excitedly. He would hide the presents and got ready everything for the party.

He wasn't good on decoration so he only could do some decorating. He would also make mega chilly salsa (this time it won't blow up), nachos, chips and other kind of food they eat. Finding out that Bullzeye got the movies before him, he shrugged putting the rest right above them.

Bullzeye wouldn't stop watching movies at night; it would take him weeks to recover his sleep from exhaustion and the sound was so loud that he couldn't continue sleeping. It would also cause him to lose his temper and the result wasn't good for the TV or Bullzeye who was trying to sleep. The others rarely see him that way… other than getting pissed at the raptors.

Tiptoeing by, noticing that Bullzeye once again is sound asleep on the couch with TV on, the bright light of the TV stinging his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He passed by his snoring friend to switch it off.

Rubbing the back of his head and cracking his neck a little, looking around to make sure he got everything, T-bone stopped between the sleeping rooms and living room.

Is there supposed to be a tree to bring down here and decorate it too? He thought confused.
I don't get the humans, all kind of celebration, ain't they strange species? He shook his head.

Before going to bed, he grabbed a soda from the kitchen and drank the whole thing up with one gulp, smashing it on top of his fore head, a recent habit of his that he got used to from watching it on the tube with the blue triceratops and the red Pteranodon. He blinked and smiled a little from the corner of his mouth.

I think I've been influenced by Spike and Bullzeye watching too many of those gangsters doing that… whatever that is… He thought with a smile.

After swallowing the whole thing, he let out a loud belch, as usual but not that loud for others to wake up. Entering into the room to where his bed was, before tucking himself in, he got comfortable under the sheets, removing his shoulder pads, including the lights which's attach to the pads.

Stretching his sore arms folding them over to his head, legs stretch out, one leg/knee bind upwards and the other leg was laying out of the cover rocking it for a bit, you could see it swinging around.

He thought of today, how was it? It was quite fun with the little humans and Haxx… it took a few minutes of relaxing and staring off slowly dozing, that finally he let sleep take over him.

A few hours earlier…

"Oww, it is gonna be greeeaat…!" Bullzeye said excitedly.

"Very cretaceous… I'll get a bunch of things to cook with, heh…" Spike said anxiously as well.

Stegz, Hardrock and Ridge stared at each other, Stegz sighed slowly, closed his eyes followed after Bullzeye, and gave the others a look to get whatever they wanted.

A little feathered figure friend sprinted after the stegosaurus, squeaking at him. After living with the Ostrich for years now, making him understand the bird more as a father, Stegz stopped his tracks and picked up Ditto (that's what he called the bird) into his arms and continued after Bullzeye.

Of course they were in a market full of people shopping; obviously the Dinosaurs are wearing disguises so that they won't get suspicious or ask any questions. The whole gang went to their separate ways to find a gift or things to each other at the party.

Stegz with Bullzeye in electronic and gadget section, as both of them sight seeing.

"Hey Stegz, check this guy out, he's got cool things!" Bullzeye said out loud cheerfully, almost making everyone stare at them.

The worker was advertising the machine to costumers, among them was Bullzeye and Stegz, the Pteranodon was watching it quite gleefully.

After the guy explained how it works and pointed to where they'll find more of it, some rushed towards the direction. Dashing into crowd was Bullzeye as well Stegz, being dragged anyway. On top of his shoulder was Ditto, every once in awhile Stegz slips in between people the bird keeps flapping his wings for balance.

"Bullzeye, do we really need that unnecessary thing?" Stegz asked loudly over the crowd so that Bullzeye could hear him. Ditto chirped a way of agreeing, none of them liked being in this kind of crowded setting.

The Ostrich, having lived his whole life with the Extreme dinosaurs, understood them well, and they understood his chirps equally well.

"Oh heck, I havta get it Stegzmister, It is useful…" Bullzeye voice came, as if like he was far away from them, that Stegz stopped in his place and let the mammals run pass by, obvious to the green spotted Stegosaurus. Bullzeye was not paying much attention to his friend, all was in the birdman's mind was to get that machine no matter what, before the humans took them all.

It was like an angry mob attacking the place. Along with them was the red Pteranodon fighting for the machine with a man.

Stegz made a face with a little smile at the corner of his mouth, while looking at Bullzeye. Something caught his attention and starts to walk towards it.

Ditto glided off of Stegz's shoulder and stalked side by side his father, hearing some birds chirping and other animal's barks, meows and quacked. It was coming from a different area and slowly walking to it, finding out it was a pet store.

The ostrich started to chirp to the animals in their cages, happy to make new friends, with that entire racket, Stegz stopped what he was doing and came over to where Ditto is.

"Ditto, don't go wondering around alone, it could be dangerous… an-" Stegz didn't finish his speech he was met by the sight of animals in an awed way. He saw a whole kind of animals, entering the shop looking around found one big size reptile lizard, almost like him.

"Amazing…" Stegz gawked, continuing towards the counter to find no one at the desk, Hearing voices from behind a door which is near the counter's desk. He went closer to hear more clearly as to what their saying. Stegz carried the bird in one arm and the other placed onto the door to get a better position.

"For the last time, these animals are not for experiments! They are for taking care and for responsible chi…-" an old man for this shop said angrily. The other guy looked like a henchmen of some kind of company or some sort. Ignoring the old man, rolling his eyes behind the sunglasses and shoved money onto pet shop keeper to just shut him up, which startled the old guy.

"Listen, I'm just following orders from my boss Richard Max-point… do you know him?" the henchmen said casually a bit irritated from the sound of his voice.

"Well yeah… he's the most cra…-" the old man couldn't finish his sentence, cut off again by the henchmen.

"Great, you are not dumb after all." He said with a smirk.

He passes by and shoved Stegz aside roughly, exiting the pet store. Following after was others like him, rolling away animals in their cages.

"But… but…-" pet keeper sighed while his head is bind down.

"Excuse me sir, is there something wrong?" Stegz asked with concern eyes for this old age mammal.

"Oh thank you kind sir, there's nothing wrong… it's just these henchmen keep coming and buy more animals to experimenting on… for some Richard guy… he has no heart." He said patting one cat next to him; it looked like it knew that their keeper is upset so it came to him for comfort, the feline making a loud purring noise.

Ditto was shaking with fear after hearing the guy saying those words; a warm hand patted the bird's head with comfort, allowing him to feel safe around the green stegosaurus, and not only him as well his friends.

Who was that anyway? Why do I have this feeling that we'll meet this Richard guy one day? Stegz thought. Shaking off the feeling and spacing out for awhile, then coming back to reality from the pet keeper's soft hands.

"Sir Can I do something for you?" He asked lightly with a smile.

"No thanks, err they might be something if you up to it?" Stegz said with a warm smile, the old man gave him a card on it the telephone number, location and delivery. He was obviously too old to notice his appearance was strange even with glasses on.

Stegz exited out of the pet shop, moving Ditto from his hand to shoulder going back to where he once was before he went after Ditto, he quaked one last time a way to say goodbye to his animal friends.

Looking at the direction as to where he left off Bullzeye, who finally stopped fighting with humans, but got interested on something else or bought it and went to find a different one.

Stegz rolled his eyes and stare back at what he got his attention on. Without those gadgets of his we might not make it out of Roswell place or get through pass the security cameras. He thought with a grin.

From where he stood he could hear Bullzeye talk with himself about what he was looking at.

With Spike…

He found himself in a section where there was eating contest and best cooks competition. He saw where people were cooking a whole bunch of food, using their own ingredients.

Spike felt a slight burn on his shoulder; rubbing at that part, ignoring the pain.

Maybe while fighting with those sleaze balls, that dofusaurus Haxx had cut my shoulder. He shrugged, scratching it and tried to ignore it, not even noticing that it was bite marks and they were purple spots; from scratching a lot it looked fresher than before.

Spike joined in the competition, a bit awkward because he was big in size from the other competitors, and to top it all he was wearing a baggy long jacket to cover up his appearance. To the hosts and costumers observed his actions, he was just a normal over-sized man cooking to win a trophy.

The triceratops suddenly felt a little drossy, once again shaking it off, wondering what the cause of this was. He could be exhausted, forgetting about it for awhile, now putting in his in ingredients.

Hours later…

Finally completing cooking just in time before time runs out, the other competitors finish with him. Now it's time for the judges to taste their food, arriving over to where Spike made his specialty. Tasting it with the spoon, Spike noticed on their faces they'd enjoyed the chilly soap, writing it down on their check book and moving on to the next entry.

After the judges left, this time it was the competitors to taste each others food.

"I will surely win the prize; you losers won't get a chance of my noodles…" A man chuckled proud of Himself. Everyone looked at one another and gave a vicious look towards the guy.

Spike frowned at him, which coincidentally was when he was taking a sip of his soup with a spoon. After tasting it, he made a face and spit it back into the bowl of noodles that caused everyone's stare to turn towards him.

"Each, I'll say. It taste like sweat socks with rotten cow meat in this." Spike wrinkled his nose from the awful taste, and push bowl far away from him. The other competitors started to laugh at what he said, some giggled and snickered.

The man was furious; you could see his face turn red from rage.

"Hey, watch it pal! Who do you think you are?!" He spat out, almost sprayed spit on the ones were near him.

"Well, I think we should do our best and wish each other good luck, rather than be a guy who loves himself more than others." Spike smirked, from the looks of the guy was giving him. When stood up it looked like he was afraid of him, noticing his size and muscles.

As if the guy shrunk down after seeing how the triceratopses look, (well, without seeing under the hood anyways), it scared his ass off and he almost pissing his pants.

The whole competitors kept on stifling their laughter from the sight, cheering Spike on and giving woohoos and whistles.

Finally the judges had completed on voting, it turns out that it wasn't Spike got the trophy but someone else, Spike just shrugged and congratulated him. They shook hands; the winner looked like an old man with his wife and kids, so it was worth it. His age was about the same as Pork's.

They deserve it, not some lousy selfish idiot. Spike thought and smile warmly at the kids, waving at one of them, who in response waved back happily.

With a slight cough, he walked off and got an idea for the party. Walking by near that area they were those henchmen again from over the pet store but this time taking off with doctor's equipment, some standing around and guarding to find anything suspicious.

One guard caught a sight of Spike's tail under his long baggy jacket. "Hey, did you see that?" Henchmen 1 said pointing at Spike's direction, startled at the sight. His other friend next to him glanced at what he was pointing at to find nothing unusual.

Lifting an eye towards his friend and staring at him, the other one still kept still twitching, but found out that it disappeared, glanced at his friend with a nervous grin. The friend shook his head in response.

"Ahh, you're seeing things…" Henchmen 2 said gruffly following after his crew, the other one kept on pointing and blinked. He could've sworn he saw it, looking to his side to find he's being left him behind. He dashed towards them in panic.

To be continued...