"Ebby, are you ready to go?" Lucie asked, peeking her head into the bathroom. I detangled my hands from my hair and looked over.

"Just about, Luc."

She smiled kindly. "Alright. Well, I'll just go check on Loni and Allie then." I nodded surely to myself. My hands glided over the smooth marble counter top, the cool feeling a refreshing treat to my feverishly warm hands. I'd always had good circulation in my body, making it near impossible for my body to get chilly naturally. My hands had stopped once coming into contact with the frame of my glasses. I picked them up, examining the way the metallic paint went from a light purple to a light indigo color in the light before slipping them on my face.

"I have the worst hair ever! It's so ugly!" Laloni griped, shoving me out of the way to get a full view of herself. Her hands flew franticly, yet in expert timing, to yank to large pink curlers from her hair. "I hate this. My hair is so FUCKING difficult to curl." She continued whining, rolling and unrolling luscious locks around the rollers.

I sucked on my lower lip, nodding in fake sympathy. "Shitty." I pitied her. My great grandmother, my grandmother, my dad, and Lucie had pin straight, flat hair. Worst luck ever. I, myself, was lucky enough to inherit my mother's hair. Thick and full of volume, falling past my shoulder blades with loose natural curls.

"Loni, you look fine with straight hair." I complimented, pulling her fussy hands away from her hair. Loni pouted, quite pathetically. "It's cause you're doing it dry." I said, taking the brush from her hands.

"When did you become an expert on all this stuff? You don't have to try to do it, you're hair just goes." She sniped enviously, glaring at my reflection in the mirror. "I only wish my hair would do that."

I shrugged, letting her hair fall from my grasp. "I don't know. I've just always been good with this stuff. Could you hand me that volumizing spray?" I pause, holding my hand out. Loni placed the aluminum can in my hand, "Dru always used to make me do her hair whenever we were going out to a party."

"Ebby! Loni! Mom said to hurry or else I get to drive!" The thought of Alana behind the wheel was a disaster in itself, so I quickly sprayed Loni's hair with the spray, letting it fall from the rollers. I took a comb and teased the crown of her hair lightly. Loni shook her hair out and examined the new do. Curls identical to mine now spilled to the small of her back, her foggy brown eyes lit up with excitement.

".AMAZING! Thanks, Ebony." She grinned, flouncing past me.

"Yup," I picked up the orange aluminum can and sprayed my own hair and shook it up with my fingers. I turned around into the hall way, went right across to my room and pulled on a pair of tight black slacks, a pin stripped tube top and a dark purple zip up hoodie, ideal for the harsh summer in California. Then I ran down stairs to meet up with my cousins and aunt.

"Who knew you were such a great driver, Allie?" My aunt laughed, clutching many a shopping bag in freshly manicured nails. "I can't wait until you can take drivers ed. You'll knock the socks off everyone!"

Allie beamed, soaking up the attention from Lucie like UV rays from a tanning bed. "I told you I was a good driver! I toooldddd youuuuu." She taunted, sticking her tongue out at the lot of us. Lucie and Allie had stopped, waiting for me and Loni to pick up the pace. It was only every so often my oldest cousin and I got along. Laloni was a jealous person by nature, so I think she let that come in the way of our family bonding.

"So you hooked up with Nathan?" She asked intensely. The last time she had come down, though Nathan was only thirteen, she had been determined to make Nathan hers. Long distance was never Nathan's thing though. A crushing blow to my cousin, after the month she'd spent with my parents and I, with Nathan macking on her. "He is so fine."

"Yeah," I answered nonchalantly, "Like, once though. We were just bored one day." I can't believe she was jealous of that. "I need a smoke break, man. You got any?"

Loni nodded, "Yeah, in the car." 'Sweet.' I thought, putting my hands in my pockets.

"Tell Lucie I'll be right back, ya?" Lucie knew I smoked, she didn't care. 'As long as you don't do it around me.' She would always nag. Did I think that made her a bad aunt? Hell, no. Lucie wasn't a hypocrite. She smoked when she was my age, but stopped once she got pregnant with my cousins.

I huffed on the cigarette until the tip was a glowing red. My lips pursed into a small 'o' shape as I let the smoke escape, dropping my hand to flick the ash of the cigarette. I should really try to stop. But not in this lifetime. I'd been smoking since I was twelve. Quitting would be near next to impossible.

I looked up at the sky, leaning against the side of my aunts car, raising the cigarette to my lips once again.

"Hey, smoking's bad for you." A voice had said, catching my attention. I'd expected someone. . .odd looking. A little older, with plausible morals.

I chuckled, taking a long drag of my cigarette. "Talking to strangers is bad for you to but yet here you are, talking to a stranger." The butt of the cigarette slipped through my delicate ring covered fingers.

The shadow had shrugged, "I'm still breathing, ain't I?" What a smart ass, I thought. During this whole conversation, I hadn't once thought about making direct eye contact with this person. I was too intent on finishing my cigarette.

Again I had expected this person to be little out of the ordinary, with wild gray hair and not the most attractive person on this side of town. When I had decided to look up, man, I wished I would have looked up sooner.

This boy looked about my age. Tanned skin, ocean washed sandy blonde hair. His build was. . .decent. Washboard abs (he had no shirt to speak of). Thin, yet muscular. And his eyes. Oh his eyes. They were a beautiful hazel shade. He was a California boy if I ever saw one.

He didn't hesitate on making a move. He hopped on the hood of my aunt's car, putting the charm on heavy. "You must be new in town. I'm pretty tight with all the hotties in Dogtown."

I looked him up and down questionably. He thinks he has moves? Ebony Nikole Harmons has moves, too. I throw a smirk his way, "You don't waste any time do you?" I extend my hand to the tanned hunk, "And, funny thing. I'm pretty tight with all the hotties back in Hawaii. Ebony Harmons."

"Shit, man. You're quicker than any girl in this damn town. I like you already. Jay Adams," he introduced, forgoing my hand shake. "My friends having a party tonight. You'd better be there."

I nodded, "I think I can fit that in to my schedule."

Jay, thinking on his feet, whipped out a red ball point pen and pulled on my arm to write down the address.

Hot guys, parties. I think I'm gonna like it here.

7 o' clock hit fast in Venice. In Hawaii, time seemed to pass by in ages. The music blarring from the deteriorating white house could be heard for miles, hardly doing justice to the wild party raging inside. Loud music, an amazing mix of pop-y, rock-y, dance-y tunes, coursed through my veins, and seemingly moved my very soul. Merely watching the liquid in my cup move to the rhythm of the music projecting from huge sound systems was enough to make me feel alive again. This is the rush I've been missing.

Honestly, I had no idea what I was drinking. A fruit juice of some sort. No matter what concoction lied in my cup, I drank the whole thing down. God, it felt wonderful. I tossed the cup with a giggle, before tugging my denim mini skirt down. I hardly ever wore skirts. I should start though, for this skirt feels mildly comfortable. I felt, well, sexy. Especially with Dru's knee high, so called "stripper" boots.

Now where was Jay? I straightened up my posture to peer over the other party goers. No such luck looking from afar. So I began to push my way through the crowd of thrashers, too far gone in their own amusement too see who, or what they were bumping into.

This is ridiculous, I thought, shoving the next drunken dumb ass who pumped into me with my all my force. "Jesus! Stop drinking long enough to fucking see who's in front of you!" The one and only thing I hate about parties. Other than that, parties were perfect.

"I thought you weren't gonna show!" Jay's drunken voice sounded behind me. I whirled around on my heels to face him, taking whatever drink he had in his grasp into my own possession. I downed that as quickly as the first.

"I've been trying to find you!" I yelled, putting my face near his ear so he could hear me a wee bit better. He wasn't completely drunk. Sad. I like to have a little fun. The drunker the better, in my case and the boys. He smirked, pulling me into his grasp forcefully by my waist.

"You don't have to look anymore," he said, suavely, pushing me back into the nearest empty room.

His lips, hungry with desire, collided with mine. I could get use to this. To be honest, this was my first hook up in a while. I might be a little rusty but with Jay in his current state, he had everything in his grasp.

He trailed kisses down my neck, almost to distract me from his hand fumbling for my jacket zipper. He pulled my jacket off, and roamed my body. From my back, to my hips, to my stomach, and finally my face.

"I don't think you're ready for this,"

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