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Everything felt like a haze at the moment for the boy lying on the hospital bed. There was no way of knowing what was real and what wasn't real anymore. The only things he really heard or understood were something of a combination of either his own thoughts or whatever people on the outside of his consciousness were saying to him.

'Do you want to become one with me?'

'Is he going to be alright?'

'I wish they would all just die…'

'I couldn't tell you, it's almost as if he has no idea whether he wants to live or to die.'

'Come on Shinji, wake up.'

There was a person observing the boy on the bed while he slept there, and she was concerned about his well being. Misato Katsuragi sat on a chair, silently hoping that the boy on the bed, named Shinji Ikari would fully awaken and that everything would be fine, knowing the hectic events that occurred no more than a week ago. While she waited for him to wake, she thought about the events that had occurred seven days ago.

It all seemed like it had gone into slow motion. She had given Shinji a final kiss and sent him into the elevator with the hopes of getting into his EVA as a result of the attack on NERV. And then there was the resulting explosion that by all means should have killed her. But to her own misfortune, she was only critically wounded and as a result was in immense pain, until everything blacked out and woke up to be in some hazy like world that seemed to be perfect. But even she knew something was fishy when everything seemed to be perfectly fine unlike reality which was on the other hand… more real. The next thing she knew, she was swimming in what looked like a gigantic lake of LCL. And then she eventually stumbled upon a makeshift refugee camp that was assisting people displaced by the results of that day.

Getting much needed medical attention (due to another gift, or rather another scar where she was shot) and shelter in the camp, she was able to center herself and get a grasp on the situation. Some incident had occurred which had caused likely the entire population to become encapsulated into LCL and placed in some dream like world. And eventually people were emerging from this world and trying to get a grasp back on reality. Looking around, Tokyo-3 was likely all but decimated by the N2 mine dropped by the Japanese forces. In the camp, she had looked around in hopes of finding her other colleagues. She had luck in finding Lieutenant Maya Ibuki, and for the moment, they were sticking together as it was a rather large camp that was taking in more refugees everyday. Add on that there was assistance from other countries around the world, and the Japanese army (the irony), and the camp was thriving for the time being.

To Misato's joy, the boy on the bed began to stir, and slowly he opened his brown eyes and quickly fixated them with Misato's. "Misato…" there seemed to be a small sense of relief that she was okay, but Misato could still see glimmers of uncertainty

Misato gave him a smile. "Glad to see you finally decided to come back Shinji, I was worried that you'd never regain consciousness."

"How long… has it been?" he asked her. He probably meant since he had either been found in the camp unconsciousness.

"Ah, it's been about a week since you and Asuka were found unconscious on the border of this camp," Misato answered. "The way we found you two, it was as if you tried to carry her here and collapsed from exhaustion."

"Asuka…" Shinji muttered, trying to structure a sentence. "She alright?"

Misato assured him, "Don't worry, she's going to be fine. She's been pretty much like you, drifting in and out of consciousness. Maya's watching over her right now. As for her injuries, she looks like she got into a fight and barely walked away from it, but she'll be alright."

Shinji smiled, "Good… I didn't let her down…"

"Oh it's good, you saved her life Shinji. She needed a blood transfusion to survive, and we got that blood from you believe it or not." Misato noticed Shinji starting to fall back asleep, "Don't you go falling asleep on me just yet there."


"Don't be." She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. "I'm just glad you're okay."


Outer Space

A dark, quite, and immensely lonely place the cosmos could be. There was pretty much no life out here, with the stars, meteors, comets, and perhaps planets being simply objects that moved about in an orderly fashion simply because that was the only things they could do.

However, something stood out that shouldn't have been there. Floating out in the direction towards exiting the solar system was a large humanoid shaped device. Turns out this device was actually Evangelion Unit 01 floating on a destined course, its purpose simply being utmost proof that humankind once existed at one time or another. But on another hand, the object standing before the floating Unit 01 felt there was another purpose for it.

The object took the form of a boy, no more than fifteen years old with silver hair and red eyes wearing plain clothing. Most notably about the boy was that he had a glowing golden halo hovering a few inches above his head.

"I understand this is your ultimate purpose that you have desired," the boy spoke to the floating EVA. He rose out one hand which stopped it dead in its tracks. "But unfortunately there is another task that requires your assistance. A task that no one, not even Gendo Ikari or Lorenz Keel could predict." He paused for a moment before continuing to speak to the silent machine. "Yes, there are two sides to every coin. And your son must soon be ready to face the other side of the coin." Another short pause went on before the boy spoke one more time. "Do not worry. I can have you returned to where you came from in no time." With his extended hand, Unit 01 was consumed in a bright flash of light. Once the light subsided, Unit 01 had disappeared and likely sent wherever the boy had desired for it to go.

"You'll make me proud again, Shinji Ikari."


Terminal Dogma – Note the large pool of orange juice… or rather LCL

"This was DEFINITELY not a part of the scenario," one of two people in the room sighed aloud. The voice belonged to a middle aged man named Gendo Ikari, who was hobbling along while carrying the second person on his back out of the chamber. A lot was now on his mind. In the world where all of mankind was merged together, it was still not the world Gendo was hoping for: one where he could be united with his family and all would be happy forever and ever. As perfect as it had all seemed, Gendo couldn't get around the fact that it still did not seem entirely real. To make things worse Yui ended up completely and utterly chewing him out on how he was a good for nothing manipulating philandering piece of shit for a father. To finish off, Yui told him the only way she would forgive him would be to return to Earth and make things right.

And now, with Ritsuko Akagi on his back currently unconscious, whom he had shot and supposedly killed sometime ago was also apparently still alive. Feeling a small bit of regret, he reluctantly decided to carry her out of the chamber and back to Central Dogma.

Once in the elevator, it began its long trek back towards the upper levels. He wondered to himself the state of NERV HQ since the attack. He presumed it was for the most part intact, and that a lot of the chambers were filled with Bakelite in an attempt to fend off the invading soldiers. And it was fairly obvious that SEELE had more of a role to play in this attack rather than the Japanese government itself. It was almost sickening to know what kind of grasp twelve old men could have on the affairs of the world.

But if one thing was for sure in Gendo's mind, was that they were not going to get away with this. It would be likely that they would return from being merged as one entity once they figured out it was breaking down. And then they would be vulnerable, and Gendo Ikari would have his revenge on them. He allowed himself a smile at the very thought of getting some much needed retribution. A pinging sound reminded him that he had arrived at his destination. Once the door opened, Gendo saw someone on the other side that he quickly identified as his former mentor Kozo Fuyutski. At the sound of the elevator opening, the two men acknowledged each other.

"So you have returned from the very thing you envisioned," Fuyutski said first.

"It wasn't all that exciting," Gendo sheepishly replied as the two walked along down a chamber. "So what do we know right now?"

"Not much, other than that there is an international outpour of aid coming in to assist those caught up in the aftermath of what happened," Fuyutski answered, "I have no idea what has happened to most of the NERV personnel though, although I have heard reports that Major Katsuragi and Lieutenant Ibuki have been seen in the medical camp that has been set up after what happened. That and I have heard that the Second and Third Children have also been seen there."

"I see. And the MAGI?"

"Still intact."

"The Evangelions?"

"Unit 02 has been critically damaged as a result of its battle with the EVA Series, which was also destroyed in the abortion of 3rd Impact, and I have no idea where Unit 01 is."

"Good," Gendo said with a smile. Finally, the two had arrived at Central Dogma. Gendo set down the unconscious Ritsuko into a chair and pulled himself up to a computer and began typing into the keyboard.

"Might I ask what you are doing?"

"I am simply informing the Japanese government along with the United Nations that SEELE's influence resulted in an unwarranted attack on this facility, which resulted in a large loss of life. That and the bombing of the city probably killed more numerous people. I will ask that they be prosecuted for war crimes."

"One would simply argue that they were acting on our intent to initiate our own version of 3rd Impact. That and we had Adam in our grasp to set the events in motion," Fuyutski argued.

Gendo removed the glove on his right hand, to reveal that Adam was no longer there. "Adam is no more, been consumed by Rei of all people during the events of 3rd Impact. No Adam, no proof. More or less, it was SEELE's version that took place and not our own. Counter arguing would be pointless as it all now points to them." He placed his glove back on and resumed typing. "How SEELE will respond to this, I do not know. But what I do know is that we need to pull everything and everyone back together just in case something else happens."

"That will take some time indeed. Two pilots likely out of action, no Evangelions ready to go."

"Indeed," Gendo went on. "I have contacts in a few places around the world, who are ready to commence their own Evangelion projects once I give the word. The funds have already been allocated, and are just awaiting my signal."

"I guess going by the way of the bringing in new pilots could be our only choice."

"With the displacement of Tokyo-3's inhabitants, it will be too difficult to select candidates from our own circle." Gendo then finished typing the letter and sent it off. "Now let's see how Keel likes having the tables turned on him. I can bet that he will not find it pleasant in the least bit," he finished with a smile.


Medical Camp

Asuka simply looked up at the ceiling of the large tent set up to admit anyone who was injured in the events of 3rd Impact. To be honest, she was not too sure what to think since waking up from a hazy state a few hours ago. Maya Ibuki who was watching her by the bedside offered a few words regarding what happened, but Asuka couldn't understand much of it.

She still had a patch on over her left eye, but it didn't stop her from looking over at her left arm to see an IV sticking into her arm slowly injecting blood into it. To her, it made her feel like a failure once more. It slowly came back to her. In her Unit 02, all alone and running out of time against the EVA Series. Just when it seemed like she was on the verge of wrapping up the gauntlet match, she got struck by a lance that for some reason she couldn't defend against.

And just as she was about to be finished off by those vultures, something occurred inside the plug completely shutting off her EVA, sparing her life but leaving her trapped within. She wasn't sure what had caused it, but in the end, she lost again, the wounds of battle around her arm and eye from her synchronization proof of that.

'So now what?' the redhead asked herself. 'I've lost my real purpose in life. My Unit 02 is likely toast, and now I'm stuck in this hospital bed. What do I do now?'

As if an answer to her question had arrived, her guardian Misato had walked into her room to presumably see how she's doing. "How's she doing Maya?" Misato asked.

"Not talking much," Maya responded with a frown. "I bet she's really deep in thought right now. I don't blame her. Poor girl went through hell and back."

"Yeah, I'll bet." Misato then turned her attention to Asuka, who was fully conscious, just not answering to anyone. "Hey, can I talk for a moment?"

Asuka just lay there, not even turning to acknowledge Misato or nothing. Misato gently nudged her, trying to get her attention. "Hey I know you've got a lot on your mind, but can I have your attention for just a few minutes? Just a few minutes then I'll leave you alone."

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, Asuka rolled her head over to face Misato, the two locking eyes. A few words escaped the girl's mouth. "What's the point?"

"Asuka, I'm not saying this because it's narrow minded, but I want you to know there's a little more to life than just EVA," Misato began. "There is obviously more to life than just combating Angels. Eventually they were all going to be defeated or we'd all die trying. But obviously as we now know, they are all dead." Giving Asuka a smile, she continued, "What I want to say is, I think it's time you set yourself some new goals for your future and strive to achieve those goals."

To Misato's disappointment, Asuka rolled back over and turned away from her, not interested in where this was going. Misato knew that more or less Asuka felt like a failure for all those times she was defeated in battle. The battles she had spent her entire life training for. Misato hoped she could get a few more words of encouragement into Asuka. "Hey, I know you're disappointed with your track record out on the battlefield. But you want to know something, between yourself, Shinji, and Rei, you were the one who by far put out the most effort and was always ready to put your life on the line. It was because of you that we defeated the 6th, 7th, the 8th, the 9th, the 10th Angels thanks to your contributions. Failure on any of those Angels would have wiped out mankind. But thanks to you, mankind was given another chance each time. And the other Angels you fought against, you gave it your very all and nothing less."

"I failed when it counted the most," Asuka muttered.

"You may have been beaten in battle Asuka," Misato pressed on, "but it was never in vain. When we were attacked, you ALONE held your ground against almost impossible odds. It was because of something no one expected that you lost the last time. By all means, I'm impressed and even Commander Ikari would have been impressed."

"Don't flatter me dammit."

"Well I don't know what else to say really," Misato sighed. "You can either wallow in the fact that you lost and possibly were humiliated. Or you can ultimately decide that the Great Asuka Langley Sohryu has more to life than simply EVA and will rise once more from the darkness of her own mind."

Suddenly, Shinji who was out of bed and about poked his head in, presumably looking for Misato. He found her alright, conversing with a conscious Asuka. Misato had spoken to him earlier about being able to find temporary residence in Tokyo-2 until Tokyo-3 could be suitable again for inhabitance. Shinji after much thought agreed to go along with it, as anything seemed better than staring up at a hospital's ceiling. Perhaps he could pick up his life again, as he felt like he had a clean slate now that EVA was pretty much gone and his father nowhere to be seen. But he could not forget that there were still some underlying issues involving Misato and Asuka. Hopefully they could work themselves out though.

But back to the issue at hand, "Am I interrupting something?" he asked.

"More or less," Misato sighed. "Asuka here isn't that all enthusiastic about getting up." An idea hit her. "Hey maybe you can say something that show her the way."

"What can I really say?" Shinji wondered. "I'm not really good at this sort of thing."

"Stop kicking yourself," Misato fired at him. "Damn, both of you seem to enjoy wallowing in what you can't do. You won't know until you try."


"No buts Shinji," Misato cut him off. "As your guardian, AND superior officer, I order you to come and say a few words."

Shinji reluctantly went over to Asuka's bedside to stand on the side Asuka chose to face. Judging by her face, she appeared to be staring over into space. Shinji on the other hand, had no clue what to say to her. What could he say to her, other than sorry for not being there to assist her on the battlefield?


Calling her name obviously didn't get her attention. She either just didn't give a damn about anything anymore or she just wasn't paying any sort of attention to what anyone else was saying. Obviously having no trump cards to play, he went with the only option that usually garnered a reaction from her, albeit a negative reaction.

"I'm sorry."

This caught her attention. The all famous quote 'Sorry' worked. Shinji the spineless coward who would usually fluster Asuka with his constant apologies for just about anything had gotten her attention. Sometimes when he wasn't even in the wrong at all, much like this time had just apologized again. "For what?" she quietly asked.

"I don't know why. But I feel I'm just… sorry."

"I hope you're sorry for leaving me out there to die with those EVA vultures, and then nearly throttling me afterwards after I chose to come back and deal with you," Asuka muttered.

"I guess so," Shinji sighed. "Misato said she could get us temporary residence in Tokyo-2 since there isn't much left of this city. We could get our lives back together, and you can take out all your anger on me once you get better… you have every right to…"

"This is why I can't stand you," Asuka quietly replied. "You have no balls, you choose not to stand up for yourself, and you think it's bloody fucking okay to get pussywhipped by anyone and everyone. That pisses me off."

Misato, seeing a chance interjected. "She's right Shinji. Here's your chance to make a new beginning for yourself. And it's right in front of you." She quickly shot Shinji a look that said 'You're doing great, keep it up.'

Luckily, Shinji saw that window of opportunity too. "I guess you're both right. If you come with us Asuka, maybe you can help me become a better man and hopefully I'll be able to stand up for myself one day."

"He's right too Asuka," Misato jumped in again, "who else can keep Shinji in line and help him find his balls better than the great Asuka Langley Sohryu?" Maya had to cover her mouth from that response, and Shinji was equally shocked.

Shinji regained his composure and extended a hand to Asuka, "So will you show me the way?" he pleaded, hoping she would take his hand.

"What's the point?" Asuka continued to mutter. "What point is there now that there's no more EVA?"

"I don't know either," Shinji sighed. "I guess we just got to learn to cope without it. I don't think I'll ever know if this was the right decision." He left his hand out there, hoping Asuka would take it, and so he wouldn't feel like he failed her again.

After what felt like an eternity of Shinji just holding out his hand, he was ready to retract it in disappointment when suddenly a bandaged right arm caught his hand. Realizing that hand belonged to Asuka, he looked at her face to find a small glimmer of hope in her eyes.

"You had better be ready to wait on me hand and foot, and not make a fuss about it or apologize, because that's what men do for a lady."


Sea of LCL

As more people would eventually return, the sea of LCL that once was slowly had began to shrink in size. With time, that would eventually become nothing more than an oil spill, and ultimately disappear.

However, the state of what looked liked a gigantic humanoid floating on the surface intrigued a few locals who had probably never seen the Angels before. And as a result, a few of them were out on the LCL Sea in a boat to take a look at whatever it was. Little did they know that it was the remnants of the 2nd Angel Lilith.

"Do you suppose this is one of them Angels?" one of the three men in the boat asked. "Damn this thing must've been huge."

"I don't know," replied the second man who was rowing the boat. "I always got into the shelters before those Angels would attack. I never saw any of the battles, but you could always see the damage afterwards. Just by the size of this alone, you could tell this thing could easily do some damage."

"That face on this thing is kinda creepy though," the third one said as he was also rowing the boat. "How close do ya want to get to that thing?"

"I figure we could go right up to it," The first man replied. "I doubt it's gonna do anything to us, because it's probably dead."

And so our three curious adventurers brought their boat up to the remnants of Lilith, but now they were faced with another question: What to do now?

"Just fabulous," the second man grumbled. "What to do now? Can we climb on it?"

"I dunno," the third man replied. He prodded it with one of the oars and was quite surprised with what happened. "Damn, this thing's decomposing fast, the oar went right in."

"Well so much for getting on this thing. Fuck we'd sink right into it," the first one said. "All right, let's go back to shore before they start giving out the meals." He looked at the third guy whose oar was still stuck in the side of the Angel. "Hey come on, get the oar out and let's get moving."

"I can't," the third man groaned trying to pull his oar out. "Shit this thing's got my oar!" He pulled with one final yank, and nobody could believe what happened next.

When the man pulled the oar out of Lilith, it ended up ripping the whole side of the dead Angel wide open. Like a tide coming in, the three men were doused in LCL, drenching them all and nearly filling up the boat.

"Jesus Christ!" one of the men cried out, trying to get the bloodlike fluid off of him. "Fuck! This shit's all over me! Way to go douche bag!" He looked at the second man to see a freaked out look on his face. "What got into you?"

The second man pointed downwards which showed the others something they did not expect. At their feet lay what appeared to be a naked teenage girl with pale skin and azure hair, unconscious but breathing. Apparently she must've come from inside the Angel, lying dormant the entire time.

The men didn't say anything until one of them finally spoke.

"I think I'm gonna skip lunch."

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