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A/N: Forgive the odd title. This will be a collection of one-shots about things that never happened in VP:Silmeria and the effects of the changes.

Fate 1. Defeat

"Don't touch her!" Lezard shouted, realizing Alicia's target. With a wave of his hand, he caused a flurry of flame to rise underneath Alicia's feet, knocking her into the air. The princess of Dipan landed like a heap of laundry, disarmed, her weapon inches away, but still clutching the crystals carrying Hrist's and Silmeria's souls to her chest. Rufus rushed to her side while Brahms and Arngrim charged after the magician, revenge fueling their ferocity.

Rage fell under an incantation. The two warriors joined Alicia on the floor, struggling to move, but any weight on their limbs sent them howling. They could only watch Lezard, cursing him under their breath and swearing that if they could move, if they could only move...

Lezard descended. The muffled tap of his leather boots alerted Rufus, who whirled around, bow and arrow haphazardly brought out to the read.

"It would be easier if you did not resist. Don't you see? I am creator... you could rule Midgard under me."

"...Never." Alicia slowly stood up, bow-legged and shaking. Her arm swayed as she held her sword. Her skin was a raw red color, blisters already forming where Lezard's attack had struck hardest.

"I'll offer you my mercy one last--"

Alicia raised her sword and threw it like a javelin, interrupting Lezard's proposition. His eyes widened in fear, then relaxed as he caught the weapon before it pierced Lenneth's prison. Instead it cut through his glove, drawing a small ribbon of blood to trail down his forearm. Despite this he smiled smugly and cast the sword aside.

Alicia's body swayed as she stared at him with shock, open-mouthed and crying. She had tried so hard and now everything she worked for was for naught. These thoughts were fragmented as she was beginning to blink in and out of consciousness, still struggling to stand, to live. Before Lezard raised his hand to end her suffering, she collapsed. As Alicia took her last breath, so did the two Valkyries, their spirits completely faded.

Rufus still resisted but like his comrades, his efforts were wasted.


Lenneth sometimes wondered if it was always this way. Was she always a Goddess, watching over the humans alongside her consort, Lezard? He acted like it was like this from the very beginning, but Lenneth noticed the uneasiness the other Gods had when faced with Lezard's commanding leer. There were times when she would stop what she was doing and stare into space, feeling as though this eternal life she was living was unreal.

Her dreams felt more real than reality itself. She dreamed about a blonde man in a field of flowers, waiting somberly. For her? She always wondered, approaching him slowly, with wonder. It always taunted her that when she was about to speak to this man her dream shifted to a different scene.

This part of her dreams was the most vivid. A lab, the books and materials all in order, the room dark save for the rows of luminous vessels holding hollow bodies. Upon closer inspection one saw these empty forms were her exact likeness. It perturbed her to think of their purpose. Opposite of her stood a man, his large leather boots visible beneath the shadows, his spectacles glinting from the light of his contraptions. When he stepped into the light and finally spoke she felt her heart race, the truth finally surfacing. When she awoke, breathing hard and wide-eyed, the final piece slipped from her mind, leaving her more confused and uneasy than she was before.

"What's wrong, my beloved?" Lezard asked groggily, shifting under the covers and digging his face further in her bosom.

"I wish I knew," she whispered.