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All the Right Mistakes

Chapter 1

"All I said was that he irritates me!" Yelled Harry.

"You're being a jealous bastard Harry Potter and you know it! He's just a friend for Merlins sake!" Ginny screamed back at him. Lately it seemed like these fights were getting more and more common.

"I'm not jealous…all I'm saying is that you two have a history together! That and he keeps leering at you Gin." Harry pleaded with her but to his dismay she didn't listen. Instead she decided to hurl a small china figurine from the glass table beside her. Luckily for him she was a better seeker than a chaser.

It was another one of those nights. Harry had arrived home to the flat in Covent Garden exhausted from Auror training as usual. He was looking for some comfort and soothing in the form of his girlfriend but like so many other nights she was on her way out the door. Yet again she had arranged to meet Dean Thomas her team mate on the Worthington Wasps Quidditch team to discuss strategy. When Harry put up the tiniest of protestation she had, as usual, blown up and called him her latest catchphrase – 'a jealous bastard'.

"That 'history' as you called it was years ago! We were still in school, I can't believe you're acting like this." She said furiously. "And Dean does not leer!"

"All I'm saying is that in the last month he's seen more of you than I have!" Harry yelled.

"Well that's not my problem Harry. You're the one who works twelve hour shifts!" she said childishly picking up her emerald green hand bag that matched her tight fitting dress.

"I can't help the hours that I'm training Gin but you can. You can talk strategy any time! Why does it have to be tonight? Why does it have to be three times a week? Why do you have to get so dressed up?" He questioned her. He was so irritated now. She was never around when he got home and she barely seemed interested in him anymore now that the 'chosen one' glimmer had started to fade. As for their sex life? Well at the moment it was null in void. He had spent so many nights sleeping on the couch it was unreal. Wasn't this supposed to be a happy time? He would often think. The war was over; they were young and just starting out and supposed to be in love. Made for each other people would often say. Weren't they supposed to go out together, drink, have fun with friends and of course go at it like jack rabbits?

Everything else seemed to be going great. Auror training was hard work but he was loving it. He only had about a year left and he would qualify. Ron, Hermione and him had never been better. Ron and Hermione had finally started dating and it looked as if they were going to tie the knot any sometime soon - although they still hadn't moved in together. It seemed they were all so much closer together and he still had other friends from work and of course Neville and Luna were never far away. The only thing that seemed off was him and Ginny.

"It has to be tonight Harry because it has to be tonight! We don't get time to talk during training and as for getting dressed up, we always go for drinks to talk strategy! Do you want me to walk into some fancy bar looking like a tramp? What would people say!?" Ginny told him heading for the door. Harry sighed and looked miserably away.

"Now I'm going, don't wait up." She said finally slamming the door.

Harry flopped down onto the new cream couch and turned the T.V. on. The first few months they had moved in together they hadn't really used it but now Harry was spending more and more time alone and he had become used to the routine of flicking it on. He jumped through the channels until he settled on one with some show about divorced couples. Needless to say it didn't quell his fears. They were nowhere near marriage of course but still the idea of them breaking up made Harry feel slightly queasy – well more than slightly. Not so long ago everything had been so right but now….well he just didn't know. The spacious flat over that had once seemed so inviting now seemed cold and empty. Feeling suddenly drained Harry closed his eyes and drifted off into an uneasy sleep – he didn't bother moving since he knew he'd spend the night there anyway.

"Oh god Hermione!" Ron cried as he climaxed inside of her. As soon as he was done he rolled off of her and lay back onto the bed and closed his eyes. He was vaguely aware of her muttering the contraceptive spell next to him but was still consumed in the bliss of his orgasm.

Hermione on the other hand had that feeling in the pit of her stomach again. And it wasn't the nice one like Ron's. It was that sinking fear that she felt everyday – the fear that she wasn't in love with Ronald Weasley. Sure she loved him. Of course she did but sometimes she wondered if she was 'in love' with him. He was her best friend and she could tell him almost anything but their relationship wasn't exactly perfect. They fought just like they always had about everything and in bed Hermione couldn't help but feel they just didn't gel. Like that night for instance. She had come over to Ron's to talk about Ginny and Harry's anniversary gift that they were going to buy and perhaps drop some hints that maybe they should move in together but to no avail. They had danced around both subjects for hours and were still no closer to getting the couple a present or joining keys. She was so frustrated that she was quite happy that he began to kiss her in that particular way. She hoped that the frustration might help in the bedroom. Needless to say it didn't. Hermione felt that when she and Ron made love it was just going through the motions. It wasn't supposed to be like that was it? Not that she had anyone else to compare it too, since he had been her first and to date her only but it didn't seem like it should be ordinary and boring and the same every single time. More than often she thought if she was doing it right. And that night had been no different. They kissed, they took their clothes off, got into bed, he was on top of her, he was done and that was it. Sighing a sigh of contempt and frustration –which Ron took as satisfaction of course – she sat up and began to put her underwear on.

"I'd better go." She said quietly.

"So soon?" Ron said with puppy dog eyes, internally groaning with annoyance she noticed he was aroused again.

"Well…" she said desperately trying to think of an excuse. "I've got an early meeting tomorrow."

She knew it was crap and an even worse excuse but she really didn't feel like staying any longer. Ron looked despondent.

"I'm sorry…" she began and leant in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Somehow however he managed to move his face and get her on the lips. He kissed her hard and pulled her towards him. She sighed internally. He once again removed her bra she had just managed to clasp and flipped her underneath him. She didn't object but merely thought -

"Here we go again…"

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