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Harry nuzzled the Hermione's cheek as she slept and breathed in her delicious scent. She wished she were awake so he could nuzzle other parts of her but he'd let her sleep for now. She needed all the rest she could get. It would seem however Hermione didn't know that.

"You're doing it again." She said not opening her eyes.

"So I like to watch you sleep. Is that a crime?" Harry answered playfully, slipping a hand over her stomach and drawing little circles over her skin with his finger.

"No it's just weird." She said with a smirk and he clutched his heart in mock hurt. "Oh come here!" she said with a laugh and kissed him lightly but Harry wasn't going to let her get away that easily. With one swift movement he was on top of her giving her an almost Slytherin smirk. Hermione grinned back as he began to kiss his way down her neck and shoulders, stopping to nibble on what he knew were her more sensitive spots. Supporting himself with one arm he began to gently knead one of her breasts with the other, while she pulled him for another long kiss.

"I knew those Quidditch muscles would come in handy for something." She said finally breaking the kiss.

"Liar." He said playfully, kissing her again and settling himself between her legs. The kiss deepened as he found her already ready for him and thrust into her making her gasp – even now after so many times he loved he could still do that. She bit his bottom lip gently in appreciation. They began to move into the swift, pleasurable rhythm they had mastered and groaned in unison through the thrusts and pulses. Hermione threw her arms back and ground her hips against him in ecstasy as Harry took one of her ample breasts in his mouth. Hermione cried out as she felt the swirling and coiling of his tongue and his hot breath on her skin. Harry panted and his breathing became more rapid as did his thrusts. Over and over they moved together, skin glistening with sweat both groaning in pleasure. Harry wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out until finally he felt Hermione tighten around him and he could release himself within her calling her name in pure rapture. He stayed where he was until he was completely spent and looked into those chocolate pools staring back at him. They had all the ferocity and love as they did the first time he had saw them underneath him. In fact the first time he had ever saw her on the train she looked at him the way she was looking at him now. She saw him for who he really was. Harry, just Harry, her Harry. She gave him another one of her radiant smiles before he rolled off of her and she placed her head on his bare broad chest. She closed her eyes as he played with her hair and put his arm around her. All was peaceful and silent all was well.

Harry and Hermione jumped as from the monitor beside them the faint cry of a baby came filtering through. Hermione groaned and sat up rubbing her eyes. Harry sat up too and slipped on his boxers as Hermione put on a fluffy housecoat.

"You stay in bed. I'll get the baby." She said but he shook his head.

"I'm up anyway."

Together they moved from their bedroom through the second floor of their cottage and into the gold and red nursery. Harry and Hermione approached the crib where they're lamenting child lay. Gently Hermione picked her up and cradled her in her arms.

"Shhh Lily its alright." She said softly and the baby quietened a little.

"Wonder what woke her up?" Harry murmured.

"Probably just being temperamental." Hermione said still rocking the two-month-old baby.

"Just like mummy then?" Harry said and Hermione rolled her eyes. "Come on Lily, you have to go back to sleep now." He continued "We have to go visit granny and grandpa Weasley tomorrow."

Harry noticed the frown appear on Hermione's face. She didn't like going back to the Burrow but Harry had been like a son Molly and Arthur for so long that it felt wrong to sever all ties with them. It had taken a few months for everything to die down with Ginny and Ron but Molly and Arthur couldn't stay mad at them and since Harry didn't have parents they became Lily's other set of grandparents by forfeit. As for Ron and Ginny things were still volatile. Ron as predicted was completely stubborn and refused to talk to either of them, when the baby was born he had hastily signed his name to the bottom of Molly and Arthur's congratulations card and a week later had accepted a temporary transfer to Manchester. Ginny was still around but it would seem she was well and truly over Harry. Since then she had went on a string of very public dates with various semi-celebrities but Harry couldn't care less. It had stung to know that her affairs had been going on for so long and he hadn't quite forgiven her yet but they were being civil when they were in each other's company, which thankfully wasn't very often. But Harry wasn't complaining he had Hermione.

The press however had a field day when Harry and Hermione made their relationship public, the prophet as expected blew everything way out of proportion and said that their 'elicit affair' had been going for years but that was no surprise. The Quibbler said it was destiny as the two shared the same lunar wavelength and Teenwitches Weekly said how romantic it was that after so long being friends that the two finally got together and had rated them 1st in their hottest couples of the year. Over all they were happy and they and had each other. Harry was now a fully-fledged auror and Hermione was still on maternity leave and they were starting to find a balance in their life. It wasn't the perfect fairytale ending but it was close enough.

"Look how beautiful our daughter is." Harry said proudly as Hermione lay her back in her crib. Hermione murmured in agreement and rested her head on Harry's shoulder. They stood like this for a few minutes, the perfect family picture until Harry leaned low and put his arms around her.

"Fancy trying for another?" he said picking Hermione up in his arms and carrying her to bedroom with her giggling all the way.


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