I've been wanting to write a romance story for a long time, and I finally found the perfect idea! I hope you all enjoy it! Caution: lots of DannyxSam fluff in later chapters!

"Is the day over yet?" Tucker moaned.

"We've got-" Danny looked at his watch. "-five hours and fifty six minutes to go."

Tucker let out an obnoxious sigh.

The two boys were washing dishes. Why; they didn't know, but this Bermuda Island Resort job wasn't what they had hoped for.

"Great Pay!" The brochure had said. In reality, they were barely scraping by on minimum wage.

"Fun Jobs!" It had promised. Actually, they were spending their precious summer days washing dishes and cleaning guests' rooms.

"Free Housing!" Yes, if you forget that they were paying rent on their decaying apartment by deductions from their salaries. They were so cleverly called "Employee Taxes and Expenses."

"Great for College Students!" This was the worst blow of all. This part was true: no girls around to distract the college boys. All they got to focus on was work, work, and more work.

Tucker had failed to notice that this was primarily a resort for retired seniors; living out their retirement in luxury.

Danny scrubbed the glass cup angrily. This was the worst summer ever! Why did Tucker have to convince him that this was a good idea?

He looked out the window. In the distance, a quiet beach beckoned him. Only five hours and fifty four minutes to go, Danny thought after looking at his watch for the twentieth time that day.

Just as he began to observe the beach again, a giant and colorful bird landed on the windowsill and squawked at him.

Danny leaped backwards- slipping on spilled water in the process- and launched the glass cup into the air. With a loud ping! the glass shattered into pieces.

"FENTON!" A voice roared from the main kitchen.

Three…two…one… Danny counted silently in his head. As soon as he reached one, the booming footsteps had made their way to the dishwashers and yanked Danny up by his shirt.

The brute strength of his supervisor alone was terrifying.

"Fenton!" She shouted while saliva flew into Danny's face. He grimaced. Whenever she got really mad, saliva flew like a rainstorm. "Do you have any idea what you just did?!"

Danny smiled slyly. "I dropped a cup that was worth more money than I'll make this entire summer?" He asked innocently.

The supervisor's eyes narrowed and her expression was murderous. "Fenton! This is not something to joke about! You are now excused from dish duty!"

Danny's face lit up. "Really? Then I'm glad you are finally seeing things my way. If you could please excuse me, I'll be at the bea-"

"-throwing out trash." She finished for him.


She smiled evilly, as though she thought she was winning this argument. "You heard me, Fenton. Trash duty."

She motioned to a pile in the corner of the room. Three loads of putrid trash bags met Danny's eyes. She smiled happily and began marching away.

"But it was the damn bird's fault!" Danny yelled, pointing to the windowsill. The bird was gone. Not that it mattered, since the supervisor didn't even glance back.

"No excuses Fenton! You could learn a thing or two from Foley, there! He knows what he's doing!"

Danny snickered as she left. "You know what you're doing?"

Tucker looked up from playing with the spoons and the forks. "Not a clue. You see, there's you and me," he said, motioning to the forks. "And those," he said, motioning to the spoons, "Are all the old folks here…the problem is…we're missing knives!"

Danny didn't get it. "Knives?"

"Girls! Girls, Danny! We're missing girls! Forks need knives!"

Danny rolled his eyes. "I think all this dishwashing is going to your head."

With that, Danny picked up two bags of trash and struggled out the door.

The sun beat down on him; he wasn't used to being outside very much this summer.

Just then, Danny heard giggling. Not old people giggling- girls. College girls.

He looked towards the pool, which was several yards away. Lo and behold, a group of girls- who looked to be his age- were swimming in the crystal blue waters. College girls in bikinis.

Danny pinched himself to make sure he wasn't dreaming. Sure enough, he was awake.

Dropping the bags, he darted into a palm tree grove to get a better view. It had been at least seven weeks since he'd seen girls under the age of forty.

Most of the girls were hovering around a dark-haired girl. She wore a pink and orange bikini and she had flawless skin…

"Oh Paulina! Are you sure Dash said that?"

The Latina nodded. "Yeah, he was going crazy until I told him!"

All the girls screamed in delight.

Danny rolled his eyes. Gossip. Woo-hoo, this sure is fun to listen to.

The girls kept on talking until the girl named Paulina held up her hand and turned around.

"Why aren't you swimming Sam? Afraid that you'll melt? I know witches don't like water," the girl taunted her.

That's when Danny noticed her. A lonely girl, dressed in awfully gloomy colors, was sitting cross-legged by the pool, reading a book. Her hair was pure black; most was hidden under a black veil.

The girl named Sam looked up and glared at Paulina. Danny's heart froze as he saw her eyes. Beautiful amethyst eyes…her angry expression made her look even more attractive.

"For your information, Paulina, I can swim fine. Though I suppose only shallow girls like shallow water?" She asked, motioning to Paulina.

Paulina glared right back, but she had a slight air of uneasiness, as though Sam had hit her weak spot. Glancing nervously to her group of friends around her, she shot back, "I can so swim!"

Sam grinned evilly. "Oh really?"

Paulina took the cue and began swimming to the deep side of the pool. Danny noticed that she was a pretty awful swimmer…


Danny jumped.

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