Drabble series. As Long As You're Mine from WICKED. Woo! Something weird happened when I tried editing it, which is why it had a chapter from one of my other stories posted instead of this. . .

She was out of stilettos to thrust and down to the last of her defenses. She couldn't let the prince win- she wouldn't let the prince win. Using the brief moment she had as she sat on the ground panicking, Mai desperately thought of something to do as Zuko edged closer towards her.

Getting up, Mai moved closer to him, causing the prince to become slightly confused. Before he could get his initial thought across his mind about what she was doing, Mai crashed her lips into his sending both of them to the ground- nearly missing the stilettos that littered the floor.

Kiss me too fiercely

Hold me too tight

She expected it to end quickly- the kiss that is- but Zuko responded with the same force that had crashed into him.

I'll make every last moment last

Mai was taken aback by his actions, and immediately pulled away. She regretted afterwards, but was pleased at the sight if the highly befuddled prince.

"Wha-?" Zuko panted, getting up and then helping Mai. Her face was straight, yet a deep shade of puce.

"I ran out of stilettos," She said calmly.

"And so you decided to kiss me?" He questioned skeptically.

"It's not like you didn't enjoy it." Mai responded matter-of-factly, picking up a single stiletto and leaving the room.