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Story: In My Heart

Author: ReadingRed

Chapter Five: Daddy's Back

Parker had turned around and saw his daddy.

"Daddy!" Parker exclaimed before turning back to his mom "Mama, Daddy is here! Hey you knew didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?" Parker questioned his mother.

"Your daddy and I wanted to surprise you and besides we knew you wouldn't concentrate on school if you knew daddy was getting back today." She said tickling him in the stomach when she said the last part. "Now aren't you gonna give your daddy a hug? He missed you." Parker nodded and now just a little bit shy he dropped down from his mama's arms and gave his dad a hug. Just as his arm wrapped around his father's waist tears began to form in both their eyes. All the emotions Parker had been feeling over the past twelve months came rushing back and he squeezed his daddy even tighter. Booth reached down and lifted his boy into his arms.

"Hey Bub. I missed you." Booth whispered into his boys' ear. Booth kissed Parkers head then his face. They all just stood in silence for what seemed to be hours, all of them content to be in each other's arms. Booth pulled Bones into a hug with one arm keeping Parker at his side with another. "I missed my family so much." He set Parker down and then knelt in front of the boy. Putting his hands on the boys' shoulders he said "Let me look at you. Parker you've gotten so big. Look at you, lost a couple teeth haven't you? I'm so sorry I missed it. And looks like you've gotten into a new school huh? I'm so proud of you. Your mom said you took care of her just like I asked. You're a great little man."

"Daddy, you're my hero, and I'm really really proud of what you did but I'm extra glad you're back with me n' mama. I didn't like it when you were never here. Remember when you would put me on your shoulders? I wish you would just hold us forever." Parker said through his tears, he stepped forward into his father's embrace, borrowing his face into his dads chest.

How you are my hero
How you're never here though
Remember times when you put me on your shoulders
How I wish it was forever you would hold us
Right now I'm too young to know
How in the future it will affect me when you go
You could have had it all
You, me, and mum y'know
Anything was possible

Booth was finally home with his family. He had his wife and his son, life was perfect. He thought about his buddies, the ones he lost in the war and the ones who made it out but had no family to welcome them home. I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad at fifty remembering what I had. I still have it, and I'm never giving it up. Booth thought to himself as he held his young son. He stood up placing one hand on his boys shoulder and the other around his wife's waist. "Let's get out of here. How about Wong Foo's or the Diner?" Seeing the grins on his family's faces Booth smiled himself and led the out of Parkers new school and out to the car.

I won't be the lonely one
Sitting on my own and sad
A fifty year old
Reminiscing what I had

"Know what Mama?" Parker asked his mother. They decided to go to Wong Foo's and they were now sitting at their regular table. Sid had just left after greeting Booth; the old friends hadn't seen each other in a year and they were both happy to see each other. Parker was still waiting for Bones to respond before he went on with his train of thought.

"What Parker?"

"Now I won't be the lonely one sitting on my own and sad. You know what Tommy Bercklett used to tell me? He used to say 'forget your dad, he's gone' I never did though I remembered him all the time." Parker said with a grin not realizing the weight his words had on his parents.

"Parker, Tommy Bercklett is the boy you hit last month isn't he? Is that why you hit him?" Bones asked her son. When Parker got into the fight she was puzzled because he wasn't a violent boy and he wouldn't explain to her why he did it, but now it was all making sense.

"Yeah, that's why I hit him, I jus' didn't wanna tell you because I knew it would make you sad, but now it's ok to tell because Daddy's back and he can make you happy."

I won't be the lonely one
Sitting on my own and sad
Forget your dad, he's gone

"So Parks what do you want to do now?" Booth asked his son. He had been back for a week, Parker was out on break from school and Bones took leave from work so they could have family time. After a year of it just being Bones and Parker they all needed the time to learn to be a family again. Parker still asked Bones for most things like to tuck him in at night and make his lunch. Booth understood what it was like for Parker but it still hurt a little, that's why he was taking time out every day to do something with just Parker and him.

"How 'bout we go to the park? And we can race home when it's almost dark so mama doesn't get worried. I'm just glad you're back. I didn't like it when we could only see you on the webcam on Saturdays. Mama didn't either, it made her sad, and one time I heard her and Auntie Angela talking. Auntie said 'what way is that to live your life?' and mama just said it's better than not seeing him at all. I'm glad for it too, I was always happy to see you but I'm glad I can see you every day now. Just us three forever right dad?

"Right Parks."

All I wanted was a kick-a-bout in the park
For you to race me home when it was nearly getting dark
How I could've been yours, and you be mine
It could've been me and you until the end of time
Do what you want, when you want
Be as insincere as you can
What kind of way is that to treat your wife
To see your son on Saturdays
What way is that to live your life?

Bones would never tell Booth but the months without him had nearly broken her. Now that he was back though, it was as if he had never left. The loneliness that had been in her heart was filled. Parker had held her together and she had done the same for him, and now that Booth was back and life was returning to normal they were all in a much better place. Before Bones had met Booth and Parker her life had been empty, the only thing to occupy her time was her work, she thought she would never marry or have children and now she had done both. Parker wasn't hers biologically but he was her son in her heart. Bones knew now that she wouldn't be one of those lonely old ladies who spent their days reminiscing on what they had. She would never let this family fall apart again.

I won't be the lonely one
Sitting on my own and sad
A fifty year old
Reminiscing what I had