Sub-Title: Thundercracker's Descent

Author: The Moof

Feedback: Yes

Main Character: Thundercracker

Prompt: Unholy

Word Count: 119

Notes: I'm working on some Transformer drabbles to get into the Halloween spirit and to get a true feel for an emotional horror story to write about. This is as dark as I can get at the moment, but I want something with a very darker emotional feel. And trust me; I'll get the right feel I'm looking for soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own Thundercracker, the Decepticons, the Autobots or Transformers. They are all owned by Hasbro.

All doubts I had about myself have now left me. I have a focus now. A purpose and everyone will die in my wake if they try to stop me. I will leave the Decepticons a corpse of their former glory and the Autobots will be nothing but a long forgotten myth. After I am done, nothing will be left but memories and scrap. My desires and the hunger from those desires are now unleashed an unquenchable; and I truly relish every dark moment of it. The cosmos is doomed and I am its destroyer. The dark demon whose heart is as dark as pitch and as powerful as a gamma ray burst.

I am Thundercracker and I am an unholy god!