You're What?

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WARNING: WILL CONTAIN SLASH (male on male)!! Ye be warned

Author's Note: just a little plot that caught my fancy. I hope you like reading 'cause I enjoyed writing…thanks!


"James we need to talk."

James Potter, seventeen, looked up at his best mate, a smile widening on his lips. "Sure thing."

Sirius Black bit his lip, something he refrained from doing, as he always wanted his lips to look ultra-kissable and soft. He even went so far as to apply lip chap before bed. "I…I'm gay."

James giggled. Sirius, always coming up with the most ridiculous things to say… Always good for a laugh. "Y'know what Padfoot? I am too. Lily didn't scream at me when I asked her out, she only glared! I think she's starting to soften up a bit, don't you? Yup, I'm gay as gay can be."

Sirius looked a little appalled. "Uhm…I don't mean that kind of gay…"

James looked blank. "What kind of gay do you mean then?"

"I mean, man-loving, liking-it-up-the-bum, wanting-to-snog-blokes gay," said Sirius, annoyed his best mate was taking this so lightly.

James burst into laughter, tears trickling down his cheeks with his mirth, and his hand clutching his sides. "Ahh…Pads, that's rich. You can't be gay…you're the biggest womanizer at Hogwarts!"

Sirius wasn't laughing, and slowly, the smiled began to fade from James' handsome features. "Exactly" said the long-haired boy before him. "Ever wonder why that was?"

James' face took on a most horrified look and he sat down in his bed slowly, staring at his friend as if he had just seen him come back from the dead. "You're what?"


"And you…"

"Like boys. Yes."

James shook his head as another boy entered the dormitory. "Mooney!" he called, and Remus Lupin looked up. His gaze flicked to Sirius momentarily. "Did you know about this?"

"You told him then?" said Remus, ignoring James and addressing Sirius. Sirius nodded solemnly and Remus sighed. "Yes. I've known for awhile."

James gaped. "You what!?"

Remus smirked. "Who do you think seduced him out of the closet?" Sirius giggled.

James fell to the floor in an ungraceful, crumpled heap. Sirius looked at his boyfriend with a newfound respect. "Mooney, I never knew you could go there."

The lycanthrope grinned back, moving forward. "Oh, but there's so much about me you don't know."

Sirius grinned stupidly as Remus moved closer.

And then he showed him.


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