A/N: Here I am again, and though I feel it should be with an update to an in progress story, rather than a totally new one, this is just a wee drabble I wrote in one of my free periods today. Honestly, I swear I have more frees than I do lessons!


For every battle of dominance, they shared an equally intense battle of submission. For every cold sigh alone, there was shared heated breathing. For every soft cheek kiss they shared in public, there was an equally passionate, heated open-mouthed kiss in the bedroom. For every constricting item of clothing separating them during the day, there was nothing but hot, sweaty skin pressed against each other at night. For every tracing finger, there was an equally experimental wandering tongue. For every time they sat together with their friends, fingers laced, sharing warmth, there were moments when they were so engaged in each other, legs laced and hearts racing, that they couldn't distinguish anything except eachother. For every tanned hand that roamed innocently through violet hair, there was a pale hand clenched needily in deep mahogany. For every lick, there was a bite. For every gasp, there was a moan. For every excitement, there was release.

Their relationship was so wonderfully balanced, Ken realised as he lay in the aftermath of their lust. In fact, he decided, it was the thing he cherished most. Except, maybe, the beautiful mahogany haired boy that lay next to him, nuzzling his nose into Ken's cheek.

"Love you," The boy muttered happily.

"Love you too Daisuke," Ken whispered through a hazy smile.

For all the lust, there was love.

You know what's coming now, right?

Please reviiieeewww ::makes puppy-dog eyes::

-- Even Gods Dream, 12th October 2007.