A/N: This is the prologue of a story I'm working on.. I know I said I'd get it up when I was done Break Away. But I've got like 7 chapters written of this one and I'm tired of having it on my computer lol. Besides, I'm almost done Break Away. Anyway, this story takes place seventh year. I started writing it before DH came out.. and I have a good idea of where I'm taking it. It may be my best story yet. So ignore the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. This will be an eventual Dramione.

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All's Fair in Love and War


"Do you think you're capable of doing it?" the older man asked looking at the dark haired boy who nodded.

"Yes sir, it won't be easy but I'm sure I can manage it," he replied. The older man nodded thoughtfully and looked at the boy's companion.

"And you're ready to help as much as possible? It'll be easier for you than for him but still quite hard," he asked the younger girl.

"Yes sir, I can help him. But I have a few questions first," she said. "Why do we have to do this? I still don't understand,"

The older gentleman's eyes sparkled. "You will see when the time comes," he replied mischievously.

She held back a sigh. "How long do we have to complete the task?" she asked.

"All year; or at least until the war begins," he said, stroking his beard.

She nodded and bit her lip nervously. "Can I tell anyone?" she asked hesitantly. He shook his head firmly.

"I'm afraid not, dear. This is between you and your assistant in the task. No one must know," he replied. She nodded in understanding.

"Right, so it's settled? Are we excused now?" the dark haired boy asked flippantly.

The old man nodded and the two teenagers left to begin their task. "This will be quite the year," he murmured to himself.