Title: Little Lie

Disclaimer: Supernatural does not belong to me.

Warning: Spoilers for 3.02 The Kids are Alright

Rating: K

Author's Note: Just a one-shot. I think I'm going to expand the idea into a three-parter, but for now, I just had to get this out.

Lisa Braeden had never had a type. She had dated freely, yes, but slept with a multitude of men, no. And bad boys? Her father would have flayed her alive if he knew she had even come in contact with a man like Dean Winchester. She had been twenty, her dad had just passed away, and he had been gorgeous. It had been the best weekend of her life, and she would never regret it, especially since it had given her Ben.

The lie had been building since she opened the door to see him standing on her doorstep. That first day had just been about denial. A quick 'no' and he wasn't going to push it. But since she had become a mother she had learned to prepare, and so she had built the lie up. Another guy, another weekend, a paternity test…something solid that he couldn't question.

When Ben had been born she hadn't even considered telling Dean. He was a two-night stand, never going to be seen again, and honestly not what she thought of as father-material. She raised her son alone and reveled in it. Everyday with him was a miracle. He was so beautiful and smart and charming and simply everything she had ever wanted him to be.

She didn't want Dean's help, had never needed it, and would never ask for it. But there he was and watching him, so beautiful and smart and charming, she felt scared. Ben was so obviously his son it was unreal and she couldn't believe that she hadn't let herself notice all these years.

Seeing them together, bonding, felt threatening. As if Dean might take him away from her. He wasn't supposed to be the kind of guy that would be father-material. He was supposed to be the kind of guy who ran at the thought of responsibility. But there he was again, sharing a smirk with her son, putting a soft hand on his head when Ben hugged him…

Dean being around Ben was dangerous.

And then Ben wasn't Ben and Dean was there yet again, strong and certain and his life was so out there and then he asked again and the lie just slipped out. And Dean was disappointed. God, she could see it in his eyes when he looked at Ben, but she couldn't take it back.

This wasn't his life, even if she offered it to him. It wasn't for him, and taking it back, giving him everything he wanted in their son when he couldn't keep it, was cruel. So she told one little lie and regretted, for an instant, that night with Dean Winchester.