Note: Okay, so this is my last chapter. Hope you guys like it.

"I'm okay, man." Sam said, exasperated. He had woken up for the second time several days ago to find a very different Dean waiting for him. He kept asking Sam if he was okay, hovering constantly. Even though Sam appreciated the fact that Dean was worried about him, he worried about where it was coming from.

Sam knew that Dean was feeling guilty, but he wouldn't talk about it. Sam was still a little afraid that Dean would leave as soon as he was sure that Sam was going to be fine.

Sam was unbelievably frustrated with the fact that Dean just dodged him every time Sam tried to bring it up. He was reaching the end of his patience. He decided to just go for the direct approach. Sam sat up a little, propping himself up on pillows and looked over at Dean, who was sitting in the chair beside his bed.

"You know this wasn't your fault, right?" Dean looked up at him, startled.


"This. It wasn't your fault. It was my decision. I made the choice. And I'm glad I did. You would be dead now if I didn't." Dean frowned.

"How do you know that?" Sam slammed his head back on the pillows and sighed. "Dean, I'm pretty sure that that thing meant to kill you." He said. He definitely wasn't ready to tell Dean about his dreams. Besides, he had more important matters to worry about at the moment. Mainly his stubborn older brother.

"You really think I could just let it kill you?" Dean rubbed his temple and sighed.

"Look, Sam. Bobby already gave me this lecture"

"Did you listen?" Dean chewed his lip for a moment.

"Did you really tell John to leave"

"Yes." Sam said, frowning.

"I thought you wanted this demon." Sam's frown disappeared as he realized what Dean was getting at, and why he had left.

"I guess I just realized there are more important things than revenge." Dean nodded. He was quiet for a few moments.

"You still want it, right?" He asked finally.


"Revenge? You still want to find this demon, right?"

"Yes." Sam said apprehensively.

"That's good, Sammy. Because, the normal life? not really for me." Sam's eyes widened for a moment.

"Your not going to leave?"

"Naw. Who else is going to keep you out of the hospital next time." Sam scowled a little at him.

"Well, could you go find out when I'm getting out of here, then?"

"Sure thing, Sammy." Dean got up and walked to the door.

"It's Sam." He called to Dean's retreating back.

Dean found Bobby out in the hall.

"Hey, Dean. Where are you going?"

"Sam wanted me to find his doctor." Dean fidgeted a little nervously. "Look, Bobby. Thanks. For Everything. I'm going to head out with Sam once he's discharged."

"Your okay?" Dean shrugged.

"Maybe not now, but I think I will be." He said honestly.