AN: well this is my first foray into the potterverse, so it will mostly likely have some bugs as I write it that I would greatly appreciate if they were pointed out Politely! (Hear that flamers! Politely!!!) That being said, this is going to be highly AU starting after OotP and using quite a few elements of the Warcraft universe, so most of my real mistakes would be timeline wise. I think that's long enough so, without further words, I give you my first HP fic: Harry Potter and the Rise of the Forsaken!





Chapter One: A conversation with an ally

In the town of Little Whinging, in Surrey, there was a neighborhood called Privet Drive, where everything was normal. The houses all looked the same, the gardens all had the same plants, and the inhabitants all lived the same normal, mundane lives. That is, every inhabitant save one.

This inhabitant, a reluctant resident of Number Four, was anything but what you'd call normal, unless what you'd call normal included regularly participating in life or death struggles with a crazed lunatic bent on ending your life and world domination (but then, what crazed madman doesn't dream of world domination?) He attended a school called Hogwarts, having just finished his fifth year a week ago, and played seeker in a sport played on flying broomsticks called quidditch. Of course all of this was quite normal to him. You see, his name was Harry Potter and he was a wizard.

He was fifteen years old, had messy black hair that never changed, emerald green eyes that shined despite being behind a pair of glasses, and a pale countenance. He was short for his age, though he had recently become slightly more muscled. He was currently sitting on a hard, uncomfortable bed in a small room, twirling a wand between his fingers thoughtlessly as he thought back to the end of his last term.

'Its all my fault' He thought to himself dejectedly, staring at the floor. 'If I hadn't fallen for Voldemort's fake vision then Sirius wouldn't be dead, Hermione, Ron, Luna, Neville, and Ginny wouldn't have been hurt, none of this shit would have happened!'

'But its not all your fault.' His mind seemed to answer him. 'If Dumbledore had been open with you about the prophecy and why Voldemort wanted it then you wouldn't have been drawn in, and then there's Snape, who decided to mind-rape you instead of teaching you occlumency which would have kept the visions away. And lets not forget Bellatrix and Voldemort, after all she threw the curse and he gave the orders.'

'But I still fell into his trap' Harry raged back to himself. 'I walked into a dangerous situation totally unprepared, led my friends in behind me, and nearly got them and me killed!'

'And why aren't you prepared?' His mind answered him. 'Dumbledore knew of the prophecy, shouldn't he have trained your at least somewhat? Shouldn't he have tried to make sure you could hold your own to at least some extent? And his excuse about a normal childhood is bullshit. He should know very well that a nice childhood went out the window the day he left you at the Dursley's and that your time at Hogwarts has been nothing but one life or death ordeal after another. Normal childhood, ha!'

'That is a good point.' Harry thought to himself. 'Why didn't Dumbledore prepare me for Voldemort? Unless he wants me to fail and get killed! But that makes no sense!!'

'Doesn't it?' Came the reply. 'After all, if he can engineer your death as well as Voldemort's he will be a hero again, with his reputation spotless. He would have another Dark Lord kill on his record, and if he spun it right could even make it sound like you were turning evil yourself! After all, no one questions Albus bloody Dumbledore!'

Harry considered those viewpoints for a few moments before thinking, 'Those are valid points I suppose, as this past year has shown me how little I really know the man, but there is one thing that is bothering me… when did I suddenly develop MPD and start arguing with myself?'

'You didn't' came the simple reply.

'Then…. who the bloody fuck are you?' said Harry nervously. After all, every other presence that has been pocking around in his head lately has been rather malevolent.

'I am…. an ally.' The voice replied to Harry, now obviously not the voice of his subconscious. It was deeper now, yet also softer. 'Someone who doesn't want to see someone with as much potential and as great a lineage as you be used by the crafty old puppet master.'

'How are you in my head!' demanded Harry angrily.

'Ah, ah, ah, that would be telling.' The voice replied sounding amused. 'But then if you really knew about yourself and where you came from you would already know the answer to your question. But then, that would imply that you could actually question the motives and information of dear old Dumbles, that you in fact have some free will.'

'I do have free will whatever you are!' Harry raged at the voice. 'Now tell me what I want to know!!'

'If you really want to know then you'll have to go to Gringotts and ask after the status of your vaults. That should start you towards some answers. If you decide to seek the truth, then I am sure you will here from me again. Until then, young wizard.' After the voice said all of this it felt to Harry as if a presence had lifted from his mind and indeed, he realized, one had.

'Now who the hell was that thing' Harry thought to himself, wondering just what he had been talking too or, indeed, if he hadn't just dreamed the whole thing up to begin with. But what the voice had said to him troubled him. Was he really just a puppet in an old man's schemes? Looking back at a lot of his life, Harry realized that the idea really wasn't that far-fetched.

In the very beginning, Dumbledore affected Harry's life by not noticing the death eater that was sitting in the Hog's Head and listened in on the supposed prophecy. Then, he decides to place Harry with the Dursley's, by leaving him on their doorstep with nothing but a note, when he had to have known that they despised Harry's parents and indeed anything to do with magic. And then of course, there's the fact that the first person from the magical world that Harry met was Hagrid, who, while not a bad bloke, was totally and completely devoted to one man; Albus Dumbledore.

And that was all before Hogwarts! As Harry looked back at each year he had spent at Hogwarts, he began to notice certain things that Dumbledore, if he was really as powerful as they say, should have noticed.

In his first year, Not only did he decide to hide the highly sought after Philosopher's Stone in a school full of children, he also somehow failed to notice the manifestation of evil growing out of the back of one of his teacher's head! Then, in second year, He somehow fails to figure out what the monster of Slytherin was, when a second year, albeit a brilliant one, managed to figure it out. Wasn't he supposed to be a genius?

And then came Harry's third year. As he thought about it, that year was where a lot of discrepancies show. For one, how could Dumbledore not have noticed that the Weasley's, his most adamant supporters, had had the same fucking rat for twelve years? On top of that, why didn't he use his political influence to get Sirius a trial! A little Veritaserum and Sirius would have been free and clear and Harry could have lived with him instead of the Dursleys! Of course maybe Dumbledore didn't want that to happen…

Harry didn't even know where to begin with all the things that could have easily been prevented in his fourth year. The two things at the top of the list are of course the Triwizard Tournament and Barty Crouch Jr.'s infiltration. How the hell did Dumbledore not notice the changes in his "close, personal friend" Moody's behavior when he was being impersonated by Crouch. Not only that, but there had to be some influence or pressure that Dumbledore could have exerted to get him out of the tasks and thus, out of the open for old Voldie's minions to come along.

And then finally came Harry's fifth year. This one was full of holes, glaringly obvious ones. First off, Dumbledore avoided Harry the entire year, leaving Harry in the dark. Then he disappears when he would be most useful. Then he gets the strange and all around idiotic idea that such a man as Snape could overcome his hatred of all things Potter and actually teach Harry Occlumency (which, Harry knew from looking at the few books he could find on the subject, he most certainly did not.) And finally, he takes forever to show up at the ministry and decides to drop the bomb of the prophecy on Harry after Sirius passed through the veil. Oh yes, that was very nice of him, such a grandfatherly thing to do.

'Come to think of it, the idea that Dumbledore might be using me really doesn't sound all that far-fetched at all.'

And what did that voice mention about his vaults and Gringotts? Harry really couldn't think of what his vaults would have to do with anything but then he had never paid much attention to his finances. Though maybe that was the problem. Thinking about it, he'd never received anything in the way of bank statements or anything else, and he couldn't imagine who else would be getting those for him (with his luck, it was probably Dumbledore.)

Come to think of it. Perhaps it would be a good idea for him to check on his vaults. After all wasn't his father's family an ancient one, and therefore one with money and nice houses. At the very least he could get a bit of control of his life by controlling his finances. And who knows, maybe he could find a safe house and get away from the Dursleys for good! 'Now if that isn't incentive, I don't know what is.' He thought to himself happily.

'Now… how to get to Diagon Alley without being stopped by one of Dumbledore's men?' Harry quickly jumped up off of his bed, invigorated by having something to do besides brood. He crept over to his window, making an effort to be quiet, and try to ascertain a sign of his minder for the night.

As he reached the window, he strained to pick up anything with his senses. Undoubtedly whoever it was under some form of concealment charm at the very least, so looking for the person was not going to work. However- ahhhh yes… there. The smell of cheap beer and cigar smoke… and the sound of light snoring that Harry had to strain his ears to hear. These things could only mean one person.

Mundungus Fletcher, irresponsible drunk and thief extraordinaire. Perfect.

Thanking whatever allowed him to come to a resolution and have an easy to fool guard on the same night. Harry quietly grabbed his invisibility cloak and wand, along with some money, and opened his door. Being as silent as he could, he crept through the house, making less noise than a ghost. All that time creeping around to avoid Dudley when he was younger had paid off, as he made his way downstairs and too the front door without waking anyone up, as it was well past midnight. Opening the door, he crept outside.

Under the cover of his cloak, Harry silently moved away from the house, up the street a ways so that there was no chance that he would wake Fletcher. When he was confident he was out of hearing distance, he took out his wand, bundled up his cloak, and summoned the Night Bus. With a loud bang and screech that made Harry thankful he had thought to move away from the house, it appeared. Getting on the bus, making an effort to keep his face hidden beneath the hood of the hoodie he had pulled on before leaving, he was asked by the driver, Stan, "Where to?"

"Diagon Alley," Harry replied tersely, keeping his voice low. He was worried for a moment that Stan would ask him to reveal his face, and held in a sigh of relief when he merely asked for eight sickles as payment. Reaching into his pocket, Harry quickly withdrew the money and handed it over.

As Harry went back to a seat and sat down, he felt a slight chill run down his spine. It was a familiar feeling, the same one he got whenever he got on the train to Hogwarts. Something was going to happen. Something big. His life was going to change again.

Like every time, it would never be the same.

Far away, in a dark, icy chamber, a shadowy figure watched in an orb of ice as the wizard sat down on the Night bus, oblivious of the events that his little bit of defiance of an old man had set in action. The figure allowed itself a slight grin as it watched, revealing white teeth and a pair of fangs.

"The world is changing." It said to itself, in a voice like the wind. "The winter is approaching. And soon, the Forsaken will awaken… once more."

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Next chapter: Secrets are revealed, Goblins are alerted, Hermione makes her entrance, and an ancient power begins to stir.