Okay so the synopsis isn't that great, but the story will be! Thank you to all who's read my first one and please enjoy and review the sequel! I may write a third one…it depends.

If you were anywhere outside the poolroom, you never would have guessed that something was going on in there. There may have been an invisible wall surrounding it.

Fact is, there was. Caleb had put one up to keep the sounds of Tyler's screaming from reaching the students' ears. It was indeed Tyler's birthday. They had all known that and hadn't forgotten. But they had stayed late in the pool and had forgotten the time. They had been heading for the door on their way out when their watches struck 12:15 am. The bolt of lightning had come crashing through the window, striking the youngest as he began to scream in pain.

Now the brothers could do nothing but watch as their youngest kneeled on the floor, crying out as he Ascended. They all knew how it felt; he'd feel better later.

As the event continued, the damage to the room intensified. The other boys had all Ascended outside, or in a larger building in Caleb's case. Tyler was stuck in the poolroom, not nearly big enough to withstand the Power. The lightning had already shattered the windows, and was now cracking the walls. The floor underneath Tyler cracked and dented, so that he was now kneeling in a hole.

" It's almost over Tyler!" Reid yelled in an attempt to reassure him, although they all knew he wasn't paying attention to them at the moment. Finally the lightning stopped and Tyler slumped forward, exhausted.

His brothers ran over to Tyler, who had slowly gotten to his knees, looking relieved. Pogue bent down, patting Tyler's back. Tyler caught his breath. " Wow…I didn't think it would hurt that much!" he panted.

Caleb laughed. " Oh ya it hurts! Luckily you only have to go through it once."

" True true. Now let's get out of here," Reid said, helping Tyler up.

Caleb nodded and took down the wall. Unfortunately as the invisible wall went down, so did pieces of the actual wall. They came down and smacked the tiled floors loudly.

" Shit!" Caleb ran to the door, already hearing footsteps of the people who had heard the noise.

Caleb turned back to the others. " Come on! People heard the one guys!"

" No shit Caleb!" Reid snapped back.

The boys ran out of the poolroom, leaving behind a mess that would be hard to explain.

As they ran up the stairs towards Reid and Tyler's dorm, they heard the pool doors slam open. "What the hell happened here!?"


The classroom quickly filled with tired and grumpy students. Tyler took his seat beside Reid, feeling much better after some sleep. He'd really needed it. He finally felt like he wasn't the youngest, even though he was. But he had Ascended, and now they couldn't tease him about being different. They were all the same now.

He smiled as his girlfriend, Taylor Reese, passed by his seat on her way up to her seat beside Grace Moore. Taylor leaned down and whispered to him, " I'm sorry I wasn't there."

" Don't worry about it. I wouldn't have noticed you anyway. I didn't remember the guys."

She smiled, relieved. " 'Kay." They kissed, ignoring Reid's gagging sounds, then she took her seat. Grace smiled at her friend, happy that she had found someone.

Their history teacher, Mr. Bennett, arrived and set his briefcase on his desk. He stood in front of his desk and addressed the class. " Good morning class. Before we start with today's lesson, Provost Higgins wants me to tell you all something. Last night the poolroom was seriously damaged." Murmurs broke out about this news and Tyler blushed. Reid noticed and patted his shoulder, saying that it wasn't his fault.

Mr. Bennett continued. " We're not entirely sure how it happened, but for now we're going with some vandalizing punks-"

" Vandalizing punks? You've got to be kidding."

The class turned their heads up towards the back of the classroom. A boy with black hair sat there, a disbelieving look on his pale face.

Tyler leaned over to Reid. " Who's that?"

" Him? Ian McKinley. Punk/Goth guy."

" Has he always been here?"

" Yeah, but he doesn't really hang out with anyone but his girlfriend Erin Ulmer." He pointed to a red-haired girl sitting beside Ian. " That chick there."

Mr. Bennett eyed Ian. " Excuse me Mr. McKinley?"

" You really think it was some punks? How could ordinary guys make that dent in the floor, smash all the windows, and demolish half the wall, without anyone hearing it?"

The class began to murmur again, but they weren't agreeing with him. " What's he talking about?" someone whispered.

" Dunno, but I think he's on crack," another replied.

" It's McKinley! He's always on crack!" They whispered to each other while Ian glared and Erin held his arm, trying to calm him down.

" Class settle down!" Mr. Bennett yelled. The class quieted, but kept glancing up at Ian. " Now Mr. McKinley, are you trying to say that you know what did this?" He looked suspicious but didn't let on.

" I might." At that moment he locked eyes with the Sons of Ipswich, a certain knowing in his eyes. He knew.

Shit! Reid thought mentally.

How does he know? Pogue asked, nervous.

Caleb didn't know. Did anyone accidentally say anything?

Come on Caleb, Tyler thought. None of us would do that. Now even Reid.

Then how? Caleb looked around and his eyes fell on Taylor.

Tyler followed his gaze. Don't go there Caleb. She's already proved that she wouldn't tell.

I know that but it's still possible that she let something slip!

If you think she could've, then start accusing Kate and Sarah too!

Okay you two enough! Pogue interrupted. We've got bigger problems at the moment.

They stopped their mental thinking and turned their attention back to the class.

Mr. Bennett still didn't look convinced. " How can you possibly know?"

" I just do."

" Mr. McKinley, if you know something, tell me now. This is a serious offense." He waited.

" Why should I rat someone out?"

" Mr. McKinley is you do not tell me who did this, I'll have no choice but to suspect you! Now tell me!"

" You don't think he'll tell do you?" Tyler whispered to Reid.

" He'd better not."

" Mr. McKinley?"

Erin looked at Ian nervously. Ian shifted his eyes quickly to the Sons, then opened his mouth. " Well-" He suddenly closed his mouth and held his stomach, growing paler.

" Ian?" Erin said nervously.

He tried to speak, but quickly covered his mouth with his hand, attempting to keep his stomach contents in. He got up and ran down the steps and tore out of the room, the students howling with laughter.

Erin hesitated, then grabbed hers and Ian's stuff and followed.

Tyler didn't laugh. He didn't think that other people's discomfort was amusing, unless it was Chase and possibly Reid. Speaking of Reid, Tyler saw that he was laughing just as his eyes turned back to their normal color.

Tyler frowned at Reid. " Reid did you…?"

He laughed. " Yeah! Man I had to! He was going to expose us!" He looked at Caleb and Pogue, and though they looked relieved they still looked angry at Reid for Using in class and on a fellow student.

The class settled down after a couple of minutes. Mr. Bennett looked tired. Sighing he addressed the class again. " Okay maybe now that Mr. McKinley and Miss Ulmer have left us we can actually start the lesson. Turn you books to page 162…" He droned on about something not the least bit interesting.

Caleb turned to Pogue. " We have to talk to Ian after school."

" I agree." He closed his blackening eyes. Reid, Tyler. We're going to have a little chat with McKinley after school.

Where? Reid asked.

Pogue turned to Caleb. " Where?" he whispered.

Caleb thought for a moment. " We have to talk to him somewhere were he hangs at. Any ideas?"

" Drug stores?" Pogue smiled.

" Seriously Pogue."

" Nope." Then he added, " But Kate knows Erin. I could get her to ask Erin if she knows."

" Okay."

So where are we meeting? Reid asked impatiently.

Pogue's gonna get Kate to ask Erin if she knows where he'll be.

Reid and Tyler looked at each other. This was going to be interesting.