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" Tyler hurry up! It's starting in ten minutes!" Reid yelled to the bathroom.

" I'm coming!" he shot back, gazing back at the mirror. He sighed; he really didn't look presentable enough to be going to a wedding.

It was two months after his and Carter's fight and Amanda's visit and he still had a few souvenirs. There were a few cuts on his face, but other than that those were the only visible marks. The rest were under his clothes.

He'd received three broken ribs and one cracked rib. He'd suffered minimal internal bleeding and had to get multiple stitches in his sides and right arm. But he'd survived and here he was, at Caleb's wedding.

Caleb had proposed to Sarah, as planned, the night of the Christmas Dance, and she's said yes.

Now it was February. They didn't want to wait until the end of school so they decided to have it now. Tyler didn't mind. They were missing school after all.

" Tyler!"

" Coming!" He took one more look at himself and left, returning outside. It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining, there was no wind and it wasn't snowing. Caleb and Sarah had decided to have their wedding outside.

Tyler made his way to the front and stood beside Reid, who was looking slightly uncomfortable in his tux. Tyler held back a laugh; the blonde and tux didn't match. Tyler looked over at Pogue, who stood beside Caleb as best man.

Then Tyler looked over across the aisle at Taylor and Grace; they looked gorgeous in their pale blue dresses. Kate did too and she looked ecstatic to have been chosen as the bridesmaid.

Tyler looked out into the audience. It consisted of friends and family; people from school, Sarah's parents and their own. He spotted Evelyn Danvers, Beatrice and Wayne Perry, Meredith and Joseph Garwin, and his mother, Rosalind Simms. He smiled at her and she smiled back.

The music started and everyone hushed. Sarah appeared, joined by her father and started down the aisle.

Tyler smiled as he recalled what Amanda had told them that day two months ago. How they all had destinies with their loved ones and would get married, have children, and have a happy life. And he couldn't help thinking if that were true. Would they really have a happy, normal life? As he thought about it Tyler knew the answer. It would be as normal as four warlocks' lives could be. And he was fine with that.

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