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She sits at the table writing in her notebook for a homework assignment she has to turn in tomorrow. Finally with the last strokes of her pen she puts it down and looks to her friend and her roommate Amelia. They had hit it off when they first met at the boarding school and had been friends since. She never told Amelia her first name. There was only one person who knew her name besides her parents and that was Jarod. She remembered the little boy who she had met and became friends with inside the Centre. She often wondered what happened to Jarod. Was he still at the Centre, or did he leave? Why didn't he ever write her back? She told Amelia about Jarod and she would always listen to her.

"Did you get any mail from Jarod today?" Amelia said from her own desk.

"No, nothing today. I don't know why he hasn't written yet. Maybe he left?"

"Maybe." The blonde haired girl said as she went back to her own homework.

Miss Parker got up from the desk and looked outside. The leaves were falling off the trees and were littered on the ground in an array of reds and yellows. She watched as the school janitor was raking the leaves making them into little piles to be picked up later.

She went back to her desk and took out a piece of paper and stared at it for a minute and then began writing.


How are you doing? I am doing well at school and am getting A's in my classes. My friend Amelia told me to tell you hi. She wants to meet you. Maybe Daddy will let you come here and meet her and we could give you a tour of the school. I hope that you are doing well in your studies as well. It is fall here and the leaves are changing into all kinds of pretty colors.

Miss Parker.

She pulled out an envelope and wrote down the Centre's address and her own. After it was done she would take it down to the school's post office to mail it. Amelia was done with her own homework and so she went with her. After that was done they went down to the cafeteria to eat their dinner.