Chapter One

Hermione Granger: Master Wedding Planner?!

A/N: Hello guys, I haven't really thought about writing another long story (I gave up 'Life's a Baby' remember?) but oh, well…unfortunately, this story is a very overused plot. Sorry, but I just love reading these kinds of fics. Hope you enjoy!!


Hermione Granger rolled over in her rumpled bed, cocooning herself in her warm blankets, smashing her pillow over her head trying to block out the horrid sunshine.

Why'd the sun have to shine so bright today?! Hermione thought grumpily as the sun seemed to shine brighter on cue, mocking her.

Sighing, she reluctantly rolled out of bed, patting her dresser blindly for her wand. As she stood up, she scowled at her appearance.

Her brown hair which usually fell in long waves (her hair had become less bushy the longer she kept it) down to her mid back now stuck up in odd directions. Her pink tank top was rumpled, one strap dangling over a pale shoulder.

Dragging her feet to the bathroom, her pink bunny slippers bounced with each step, she closed her weary eyes, going straight towards her bathroom.


Groaning, she found herself on the floor, one bunny slipper slipping, falling off with a quiet 'plop'.

She forgot she closed the bathroom door.

Grumbling, she got up, located her slipper which she slid back in with ease.

Brushing her teeth, she mentally made a to-do list.

No one would believe that Hermione Granger, smartest witch of…who knows when? Turned out to be a wedding planner.

She herself was in shock as she first was recommended the job. After a few weeks however, she found herself fond of the job. This was her second year as a wedding planner. She surprisingly had great talent with her natural bossiness and organizing skills. She was now one of the top wedding planners, being interviewed constantly smiling at the teenage girls that would squeal and holler to their mums that they wanted her to be their wedding planners. She was in the cover of various magazines, smiling happily as she stared at the reader calculatingly.

Of course, everyone thought Hermione Granger lived a glamorous life; she had a big condo, which she bought a few months ago. It was a stylishly decorated, a pale crème and baby blue color. Most thought she lived, breathed and slept glamour. This morning, however would prove otherwise.

After brushing her teeth and giving it a well-deserved flossing, she sighed picking up her brush. Running the brush through her hair a few times, she coiled her hair around a few times before trapping it with a scrunchie making it into a loose bun, a few stubborn locks framing her face. Satisfied with her look, she gave a final glance at her mirror before trekking back to her room with a rejuvenated energy.

Opening her wardrobe none too gently, she picked out beige work pants and a white button up shirt.

Ten minutes later, Hermione walked out her room looking entirely different. Instead of the rumpled girl that hit her forehead on the bathroom door, she now looked like a sophisticated woman; slightly ruined by the fact she was still wearing her bunny slippers with a pale rose-tinted spot on the middle of her forehead.

Walking to her kitchen, she looked up at her clock. Its hands read 8:15.

Sighing, she quickly conjured up a cup of coffee and a bagel; she would have to eat at work today again.

Slipping on a pair of heels, she sighed contently; the new gel pads that replaced the old, worn ones were doing their job.

Screwing her eyes shut, she waited for the familiar tug at her stomach of Apparation.