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I open my eyes to the darkness of some kind of room. I don't like the dark it's scary. In the dark monsters come out. I want mommy and daddy. They would keep me safe. I started crying in fear tears streaming down my face. Where are they? Maybe I should try looking for them.

I stood up and started walking around. I hadn't taken five steps when I fell through the floor. When I got up I saw a tall lady with red blondish hair. She had fangs and red eyes. She's one of the monsters daddy warned me about.

(Somewhere else)

Seras was walking around the mansion having some free time on her hands and having no idea what to do with it.

"Only I would get free time and have no idea what to do with it." She said to her self.

Suddenly Seras heard light foot steps coming from over head.

'Who would be roaming up in the attic?' thought Seras.

Seras started following the tiny foot steps. Suddenly the door that got you into the attic fell open. On the ground lay a little girl. She had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She looked to be about four or five. Then Seras noticed something that made her gawk. The little girl had wings coming out of her back. White feathery wings that Seras took a guess that were probably the size of hawk wings.

The little girl noticed Seras and became really scared. It was only then that Seras realized the she was showing the little girl her fangs. Seras reached out to try to touch the girl. The little girl quickly stood up and started running away in fear.

"Mommy! Daddy! Help me!" cried the little girl as she ran.

"Wait a minute hold on!" Cried Seras chasing after the girl.

As the little girl was running away and looking behind her to see if Seras was catching up. She didn't notice Alucard appear in front of her along with Integra who just now walked up with Walter. The little girl ran into Alucard and fell to the ground. She looked up and saw Alucard looking at her. A moment passed and then suddenly the little girl gave a bright smile and hugged Alucard.

"Daddy!" She cried.

"What?!" Everyone cried. Everyone was wide eyed and there mouths were a gap.

"Daddy! Save me there's this scary lady chasing me. She's one of the people you said to never go near!" said the little girl hugging Alucard tightly.

"Um…..O.k." said Alucard having no clue what to do. He looked up and saw Seras running over.

"Master did you happen to see a-"

"Little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, and wings?" asked Alucard cutting her off.

"Yes, so you have seen her."

"Yes I have especially since she's hugging me and calling me daddy." Said Alucard

Seras looked down and saw the girl.

"Oh." She said.

The little girl saw Seras. Her eye's widened in fear. She then looked and saw Integra.

"Mommy!" The little girl then ran over and hugged Integra. Once again everyone shocked expressions.

Integra bent don and picked the little girl up. She gave the girl a good looking.

"Everyone my office now." Said Integra. Integra passed the little girl to Walter. "Walter could you please get her cleaned up and fed."

"Yes Sir Hellsing."

Walter took the little girl from Integra. The little girl looked up at Walter and smiled. Walter smiled back. As Walter started walking away you could hear the conversation between them.

"Hello my name is Walter what's your name?" asked Walter

"I'm Ellion but mommy and daddy call me Elly. I'm only called Ellion when in trouble."

"Ellion is a very pretty name."

"Thank you. Can I ask you something?"


"Can I call you grandpa instead of Walter?"


That was the last thing they heard before Walter disappeared don the hall with her. They were all laughing hysterically. No one ever called Walter grandpa not even Integra.

Once they all reached the office Integra took her seat behind the desk. Alucard leaned on a wall and Seras sat in one of the chairs in front of Integra's desk.

"Seras would you care to explain." Said Integra

"I heard foot steps coming from above me. I followed them and the attic door fell open and so did the little girl. She saw me got scared and ran away."

"That's it?"

"That's it." Seras then started to snicker then immediately stopped remembering who she was in the room with.

"What may I ask is so funny police girl?" questioned Alucard

"Nothing." Said Seras

"That was an order not a request."

"She called you two mommy and daddy! That's just so cute!" squealed Seras who could no longer contain herself and fell to the floor rolling and laughing hysterically.

"Let's see now." Integra said to try and get their information in order. "We know the girl just appeared, her name is Ellion, She's going to start calling Walter grandpa, She thinks we're her parents, and she has wings coming out of her back."

"That about sums it up master." Said Alucard

"So what are we going to do?" asked Seras.

"If I may. Why don't we just have Walter talk to her? Let's face it she won't go near Seras. And she might get upset and start crying if we ask her questions were supposedly supposed to know being her 'parents' and all." Said Alucard with a smirk at Integra.

"That's probably the smartest thing you've said all day." Said Integra.

"Oh, master that hurts me so." Mocked Alucard.

"Get over it."


"Walter can you hear me?" asked Integra through a microphone that allowed Walter to hear what she was saying through an ear piece.

"Yes Sir Hellsing I can hear you. And may I point out how hard it is to get dirt out of feathers."

"You've said that three times." she replied. "Is the camera in place?"

"Yes Sir."

"Good you may begin."

In Integra's office Integra, Seras and Alucard were all looking at the computer on Integra's desk looking at the footage they were getting from the hidden camera. Walter walked into the guest room that the little girl named Ellion was. She was sitting on the bed waiting patiently. Walter had given her a change of clothes to wear. She was wearing an old pair of Integra's pajamas. They were a pair of red silk pants and long sleeve shirt. Walter had cut holes in the back for Ellion to fit her wings through.

"Hi grandpa." Said Ellion when she saw Walter enter. She hopped off the bed and ran over to give him a hug.

"Hello Ellion."

"Grandpa where's mommy and daddy?"

"They are taking care of the monster."

"Oh. O.k. She was really scary."

"I'am not!" yelled Seras while they were watching.

"Shhhh!" said Integra and Alucard.

"So Ellion when is your birthday?"

"On December 31."

"How old are you?"

"I'm five years old."

"You sure talk well for a five year old."

"Mommy was very serious when it came to properly speaking. Daddy sometimes talks improperly to make mommy mad. It's really funny when he does because mommy starts trying to hit daddy when he gets her angry enough."

"That sounds familiar." Said Alucard

"Shut up." Said Integra.

Alucard smirked.

"I see what kind of music do you like?"

"Good music."

"Where are you from?"

"A small village but I don't know where it is."

"What's the last thing you remember before coming here?"

"Well mommy told me to close my eyes because where we were going she didn't want me to see. I remember there being a lot of loud bangs."

"Loud bangs?"

"Yeah like um….what are those things called that people shoot?"


"Yeah it sounded like guns. Then mommy and daddy put me in that room I was in and left. They said they would be right back. That they had to go and help any survivors from our village being attacked. After they left I heard two more gun shots. And that was it. After that I accidentally went to sleep next thing I know I see that monster lady."

Seras was now sitting in the newly proclaimed emo corner of Integra's office. Integra and Alucard got sweat drops.

"Grandpa can I go see mommy and daddy now? I miss them."


"Let her come Walter." Said Integra

"O.k. let's go." Said Walter

"YAY! Grandpa how did mommy and daddy get this giant house?"

"Your mommy inherited it."

"Cool. Um…what's inherited mean?"

Walter and the girl walked to Integra's. Integra sighed as they waited for Walter and Ellion to come.

"So what now master?" asked Alucard

"It seems as if she has been orphaned. Those last two bangs were most likely her parents dieing or being captured. But by what?"

"I don't know master I didn't sense anything in the mansion they must have done it a right at sunset. So what are you going to do about the girl?"

"I don't know. If we send her to an orphanage she'll be mistreated because of her wings."


"If she stays here she could possibly get killed by a freak by complete accident."

"True again."

"Then again. Hmm…."

"Master I know what you're thinking."

"And how many times do I have to tell you to stay out of my head."

"An unending number master. But your idea would work."

Walter and Ellion then walked. Ellion walked to Integra and smiled up at her and Alucard.

"Hi mommy, hi daddy!"

"Hello Elly." Said Integra smiling some what for the first time that month.

Alucard lifted Elly up and put her in Integra's lap.

"Elly." Said Alucard.

"Yes daddy?" she asked

O.k. I would like to take the moment to say that Ellion is ruining Alucard's big scary nosferatu image.

"I think mommy had a question for you."

"Yes, Elly I was thinking would you like to live here in this house?"

"O.k. I may get lost the first couple of times but that's o.k."

Integra gave a small barely noticeable chuckle.



"Why is the scary lady sitting in the corner?"

"Um…She's um….."

"The scary lady is sad because you're scared of her." Integra cut in.


"Because she wants to be friends with you."

"Oh, mommy I have another question."

"What is it?"

"Why does the scary lady have eyes and fangs like daddy? And why does he look like he's in the process of turning into one of the people you've told me to stay away from?"

"Your father looks like one of them because he got sick like the others."

"Daddy is that true?"

"Yes it is."

"Will you get better?"

"No I won't"

Ellion then got up and went to hug Alucard.

"I'm sorry daddy. It's my fault. I'm sorry!" she started crying

Everyone looked on slightly shocked. Ellion was wiping her tears away in Alucard's trench coat. Alucard felt something inside him well up and cry for the girl. Even though he didn't do it physically Integra could tell.

"Why would it be your fault?" asked Alucard getting down at eye level with Ellion.

"If I hadn't gone into the woods like you told me they would have never come and find the village. No one would have died or gotten sick."

"Ellion you're not making any sense." Said Integra

"I went into the woods that daddy told me not to. I did it because I thought I saw one of the other kids from the village in their. I went in to go find who ever it was. When I went in I came across a group of them. And I saw them eating one of the kids from the village. They were drinking his blood and eating his flesh, skin, and the rest of his insides. I tried to sneak away quietly to warn everyone but they saw me started to chase me. I ran all the way to the village. They still followed me and started attacking everyone. That's when I came home and we started to leave. But we found out that the monsters were carrying guns and some how found out how to use them and they started to randomly fire. Then daddy used his powers over the shadows to make travel to here. Then you two left. But mommy instead of flying with daddy in the shadows you used your wings."

"Ellion what did the creatures look like?" asked Walter

"They were big. Their skin was black and rotted. Their teeth were gnarled except for their front fangs and their eyes were a bright red." Said Ellion through a tear stained face.

"What do you call them?"

"We call them the Cursed Ones. They are supposedly cursed to live until their flesh rots completely off their bones. They crave for the human flesh and blood. The only way you can kill one is to cut is head off on hallowed ground. Once you're bitten or scratched by one you become one."

"Well Elly guess what." Said Alucard


"That's not going to happen to me."


"Yeah they didn't get a good enough bite so only my eyes and teeth changed."

Ellion's face then brightly lit up. She hugged Alucard. Alucard then slowly returned the hug.

"But I do have some bad news." Said Alucard


"Mommy got injured and now she can't bring out her wings."


"It's true." Said Integra you wouldn't notice but in her voice she gave a hint of sadness. Ellion went up to Integra and hugged her.

Integra picked her up and sat her on her lap and gave her a hug.

"Mommy I still have one question you didn't answer."

"What is it?"

"Why is the scary lady here?"

"She's related to your father."


"She's his……….."

"Younger cousin Seras." Said Alucard


"Looks like it's time for someone to go to bed." Said Walter

"O.k. but first mommy your calculations are wrong."


Ellion then started typing on the screen. While Ellion and Walter were on there way to the office. Integra brought up Hellsing's budget to hide what they were really doing. Ellion was typing so fast her hands were a blur.

"There all better. With all those miss calculations made it to where whatever this is seem like there was o much money being spent. Now that it's all fixed you have a lot more than before."

Integra looked back at the screen and found that Ellion was right. About everything.

"Mommy where am I sleeping?"

"Walter will show you where. I'll be by in a little bit o.k.?"

"O.k. Daddy come here please."

Alucard walked over and leaned down to eye level with her. Ellion kissed Alucard's cheek.

"Night Daddy."

She got up and ran over to Walter. Walter took her hand and led her away. Alucard stood straight up and touched were he was kissed. Integra and Seras started laughing their asses off.

"Eh shut up." Said Alucard.

"Aww. What's wrong Alucard are you sad that we're laughing at you because you liked the kiss your daughter gave you?" asked Integra

"Not as much as now realizing that from now on your going to be called mommy."

Integra glared.

"Well tomorrow I'll try and meet the Queen tomorrow to see if my plan will be accepted or not."

"Alright. Police girl what are you still doing here?"

"I-I-I was. Sigh never mind." Said Seras. Seras then walked out of the office.

"So master are we still on for dinner this weekend."

"Yes Alucard we are."

"Well now that my business is done." Alucard then walked over to Integra. He was so close that their lips were barely an inch apart. Alucard then slowly grazed his lips over hers. "Good night Integra."

"Good night Alucard."

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