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Ch. 3

As the hour of the ball drew closer, everyone became more worried. The most likely reason being that Bryan has been working to get Ellion ready for over an hour now. At one point in time a shriek echoed through the house. Alucard, Integra, and Walter knew it belonged to Ellion. They didn't dare go in due to the fact that they didn't want to disturb the two as they got ready.

An hour later an exhausted Bryan emerged from the room. He looked disheveled and nearly tripped over his own two feet. The three adults looked at him in slight shock.

"She's ready." He said and then passed out on the ground. Their eyes slightly widened at seeing him passed out on the ground. Did it really take that much energy just to get her ready for a ball? Apparently so, for when Ellion stepped out every one just stared.

She was wearing a long slim fitting black ball gown that had rhinestones going up one side of it. It was backless and had no sleeves but let her shoulders show. Two long straps came up and tied behind her neck, to help keep the dress up, that fell all the way to the ground. Her nails were manicured and her toes got a pedicure. She wore black one inch high heels with straps, to make sure she didn't fall out of them. She had light make up on and a clear lipstick of some sort that helped bring out her natural lip color. Her hair was up in a stylish bun that had random long strands of hair falling out of it. In short she looked amazing.

"Stop staring. I know I look weird wearing this stuff." She said repositioning her glasses.

"No you don't." said Alucard "You look marvelous."

"I what?" said Ellion.

"He's right you look beautiful, dear." Said Integra hugging her daughter. Walter merely smiled as he patted the girls head gently so as not to ruin her hair.

"Um what's wrong with Bryan?" she asked finally noticing that her date was passed out on the floor.

"He passed out from working so hard." Said Integra.

"Well he needs to wake up!" she said shaking his unconscious body "I'm not going to listen to the Queen nag me, and have random guys I don't even know hitting on me!"

Alucard at the sudden thought of random guys hitting on his daughter started to try to help her wake Bryan up. Integra saw what was happening and decided that it was time to intervene before more anymore harm came to Bryan's unconscious body. She pulled Ellion and Alucard off of Bryan. She then squeezed Bryan's nose shut and covered his mouth with her hand. Bryan soon ran out of oxygen and quickly woke up.

"Air!" he cried

"That's all you had to do. You didn't have to mercilessly shake him." Integra stated.

"Whatever." Said Alucard

"Bryan! Get your self fixed up so we wont have to hear the Queen's stupid speech of promptness." Said Ellion

"I'm up, I'm up." He said standing up. He was so dazed that as he walked he ran right into the door.

"I'm okay." He said

A few minutes later he came back out looking fresh and proper. "I'm ready."

"Good now let's go." Said Integra "I really don't want o listen to any of her speeches tonight."

They walked out to the car, Alucard and Bryan helping their dates into the car. As they loaded in they did not see the man in black hiding on a roof top taking pictures of the passengers. He put the camera away and started to leave. He went to the edge of the roof and started jumping from building to building. He brought his hand up next to his ear and pressed a button on his head set.

"I have the pictures." He said when he heard breathing coming from the other side. "I'm on my way to the church for the rest of my payment."

"There's been a slight change in plans." Said a voice on the other side.

"What do you mean a change in plans?!" He yelled suddenly coming to a stop. "We had a deal Anderson!"

"I know and for your troubles we will double your pay and give it to you when you return." Anderson said in his thick accent. (A/n: o.k. I'm bad at typing Anderson' accent so to all of you that want to see his accent typed your out of luck. Thank you.)

"What do you want me to do now?" he asked unhappily. Personally he just wanted to get this over with; then again he also wanted all that money. The head set crackled as Anderson relayed what he wanted him to do. "Anderson you know that's not in my job description. One of the main reason's you hired me is because I don't harm children."

"Technically she's a soon to be adult. If you don't do this then I'll personally see to it that you don't get another job ever again."

"Fine I'll do it." When he finished he immediately hung up. He let out a soft sigh of defeat and raised his face heavenward. "Soon Ellion, very soon."

They pulled up to the entrance of the palace and climbed out. Photographers for the newspapers were there snapping away at everyone that was allowed entry. The family entered the ball as quickly as possible not bothering to take pictures or answer questions. They were relieved of their coats at the door that opened to the ball room of the castle. The servants opened the doors for them, giving a bow as they did. The ball seemed to be lively; everyone was dancing, talking, having a glass of wine or two, and just generally having a good time. All of the woman dressed in brightly colored ball gowns drunkenly flirting with the also drunk men who were in their best suits. Quiet frankly the Hellsing family was repulsed while Bryan didn't seem to mind at all.

"El, this isn't what you described at all." Said Bryan as he and Ellion walked around the room people watching.

"I know its worse." She said

"No I mean it's not that bad." He said handing her a small glass of punch which had not yet been tainted by the guests.

"How is it not that bad?" she asked in utter amazement "Look at them! Their drunk as hell and being creepy while doing it."

"You forget dear Ellion, I was raised in an environment where this is normal." He gestured over to man who was laughing at something that wasn't meant to be funny.

"I suppose your right, but still it's rather uncivilized. This is a ball being held by the Queen for God's sake."

"I know, I know. Just grin and bare it." He said as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders in order to give off that couple vibe so people would stay away from them.

The trumpets then sounded and everyone turned towards the staircase. An elderly woman wearing a light purple silk gown with long white gloves and a crown on her head stood at the top. Beside her stood a young man that looked to only be a year or two older than Ellion and Bryan. He was tall maybe three or four inches taller than Bryan. His eyes were hazel ad his hair was black and went to the middle of his neck. He wore what looked to be what a military man might normally where but was what some would consider slightly flashier. His entire out fit was black with a silver chain that went from one shoulder across his chest to the other. On his head rested what the male version of a tiara might be, for instead of sitting on his head it wrapped it sort of wrapped a round his forehead.

"Announcing your most honorable hosts the Queen of England and her grandson and our soon to be King, Prince Darien." Cried out one of the older servants at the top of the stairs. Prince Darien took the Queen's arm as they began their descent down the stairs. Everyone was quite and still as if they had been frozen like that. The Prince led the Queen to her thrown where she took her seat.

"Continue with the festivities." The queen said in a some what bored. Ellion looked over and saw that her parents where talking. Most likely at the sudden appearance of the next one in line for the crown after the Queen dies. Everyone thought that it was going to be her granddaughter Clarice. Ellion had to admit that she to was slightly shocked. Then again she never did like Clarice. When they met at balls like this they would talk but they wouldn't tell each other what they really felt for fear of destroying their families' pride.

"Strange." Ellion suddenly said turning to completely face Bryan.

"What is?" Bryan asked not really looking at her. He was looking in her direction but was mostly looking at Prince Darien who stood a couple yards behind her.

"Last I heard Princess Clarice was supposed to be next in-line for the thrown. Now all of a sudden it's Prince Darien? I didn't even know he existed till now."

"Your right." Said Bryan still looking at the Prince. "I wonder why?"

"I don't know but I'm going to find out." She said putting a hand on her hip while pointing her finger in the air like she got an idea.

"Or you could just ask." Someone said behind her. Ellion turned and came face to face with Prince Darien. Ellion bent her knees slightly, so she wouldn't be considered curtsying but still was being polite, and gave a slight bow of the head while she said "Your Highness."

"You're Highness." Bryan repeated bowing slightly enough to be polite.

"No needs for formalities just call me Darien." He said with a slight chuckle. "I think that titles such as Prince, Lord, or Duke merely cause more frustration among people."

"As you wish." Said Ellion. "And if I may ask what did happen to Clarice?"

"She ran off with some farm boy because she thought their love would be forbidden. They are currently in the U.S. last I heard." He replied as he took a sip of some of the non-tampered with punch. "Before we continue our conversation what are your names?"

"I' am Ellion Windgates Hellsing."

"I' am Bryan Ashmere. I' am friend and older brother to Ellion. I' am also currently taking up residence in the Hellsing manor."

"It's a pleasure to meet you Miss Hellsing and Mr. Ashmere."

"Please call me Ellie or El."

"And Bryan for me or just whatever you want, although Brybry has already been claimed by El."

"If you wish but how is it that you're her friend and her elder brother?" asked Darien. Ellion suddenly took notice to how intently the two of them were looking at each other. Her imagination started to run wild and she got the image Darien and Bryan getting married, with Bryan in the wedding dress of course.

"Well we've been friends for so long that we're practically family, and since I'm five months her senior she calls me big brother and I call her little sister."

"I see. How long have you known each other?"

"Let's see we met in sixth grade and we are currently in our sophomore year, so a little over five years." Said Ellion. The guys still kept looking at each other. It looks as if we have a pair of star-crossed lovers amongst us Ellion mused to herself, they do look rather cute together, well at least I know that I won't be bored for a while. All of a sudden one of the guests who had had a bit too much came over.

"Your 'ighness. Le'mme be da firssst to congradulate you on becomin' King." Said the drunk. "An' I don' car what ever'oneelse saids I swear to drunk I'm not God! Hiccup."

"Lovely meeting you. I would like to chat more but I need some fresh air."

"As you wich 'ur 'ighness." He said bowing and walking off.

"Would the two of you like to accompany me to the gardens?" asked Darien.

"Sure, that sounds better than being here." Said Ellion

"Shouldn't we inform your parents as to where we will be going?" asked Bryan

"They already know." She said

"How's that?" asked Darien

"Their standing right behind you." She said pointing behind him.

The boys turned and saw Alucard and Integra standing behind them with their arms hooked together.

"Hello Ellie, Bryan." Said Alucard

"Your Highness." Said Integra both her and Alucard bowing respectfully.

"Sir Hellsing it's an honor to meet you." He said shaking Integra's hand. "My grandmother has told me much about what goes on your organization and I must say that I' am truly fascinated."

"Why, thank you Your Highness." Said Integra slightly surprised that there was a member of the Royal Family that was even the tiniest bit interested in what goes on at Hellsing.

"I hope these two weren't being too much of a bad influence." Said Alucard gesturing to Ellion and Bryan.

"No not at all. I have actually enjoyed there company." He said with a smile. Alucard and Integra's eyes slightly widened. Used to the mere thought of Ellion getting along with the children of other nobles was just plain unheard of, and now she's friends with the soon to be King of England. All in all it was an exciting yet somewhat non-violent day for them.

"So Mom, Dad is it okay if we go to the gardens with Prince Darien?" asked Ellion

"Well…" said Alucard being put in that awkward father moment. He was a little antsy that Ellion wanted to go into the gardens with a boy. Then again if he said no what was to stop the Prince from seeking revenge? Wait, sure she can go after all Bryan's going to be there chaperoning. Alucard then got that smirky grin of his. "It's fine with me. What do you say Integra?"

Integra gave him a 'what are you planning' look before she smiled at the teens, yes Integra actually smiled in public. "It's fine with me. You all go have fun."

"Thanks Mom thanks Dad." Said Ellion giving them both a hug before the three of them left.

As they watched the three teens walk towards the gates that led to the gardens, Integra decided that it was time to interrogate her 'loving' husband. "Okay what was with the look when you told Ellie yes?"

"At first I thought no because she's going out there with a boy, but then I remembered Bryan." He said with a smirk

"And you figured that Bryan would play chaperon."


"You forgot one small detail though."

"And what would that be?"

"Bryan's gay." And with that Integra left her now flabbergasted, yes flabbergasted, husband standing there in shock.

"Wow the gardens are beautiful." Said Bryan

"Yes. I'm actually amazed all the times I've been forced to come here I've never been to the gardens before." Said Ellion running the tips of here fingers on the petals of a red rose.

Ellion was mesmerized by the beauty of all the flowers, she so mesmerized in fact that she didn't notice Bryan and Darien sharing a bench by the small water fountain that greeted them when they came out. Soon Ellion started to go down the pebbled path to see if there were any more flowers as beautiful as the ones near the fountain were. As she walked down the path she let her hand graze over the tops of the flowers. She was so focused on the flowers that she didn't know that as she walked she was actually turning onto different paths that connected to the main one. When she finally snapped out of her musing, she realized that she was lost.

"Damn it." She cursed "I better try and fine my way back before they start to get worried."

"Wow this prettier than I imagined the castle gardens to be." Said Bryan still sitting next to Darien and gazing at the scenery.

"You know," Darien began while looking at Bryan "this is where every male member of the royal family proposed to the ones they loved."

"Really? Wow that's a definite family tradition." He replied turning his head to look back at Darien, a smile gracing his lips.

Ellion began to try to find her way back to the fountain but seemed to become even more lost as she did.

"Great Ellion. Look what you got your self into now. Their probably worried as hell by now." She said blowing a strand of fallen hair out of her face. "Well better hurry unless I want a very worried Bryan on my hands."

Ellion began to walk again turning on to what she thinks might be the main path. Suddenly a shiver went down her spin, as the temperature of the air felt like it was slowly declining. She started to rub her arms with her hands in order to warm herself up some what. A twig suddenly snapped. Ellion raised her head in alert and stopped walking. She strained her ears to try and listen as closely as possible. She squinted her eyes to try and see through the darkness, because unfortunately there where no lights where she had wondered off to, to light her path. She waited awhile to see id anything else would happen, then she went back to trying to find her way.

"Easy Ellion. Don't get so worked up over something. Great first I'm hearing things and now I'm talking to myself." She muttered "They might have to put me in the loony bin."

As Ellion stepped into the middle of a cross road between to paths she felt a hand grab her shoulder.

As the two gazed at each other intimately. Darien softly put his hand onto Bryan's. A slight blush spread across his face. Darien smiled and slowly leaned over to him. His mouth right next to Bryan's ear.

"You look cute when you blush." He whispered. The color of Bryan's blush grew into a darker shade of red that could make the red roses in the garden weep in shame. Darien brought a hand up to Bryan's cheek and softly touched it with his finger tips. They gazed into each other's eyes as their faces slowly moved closer together. In what seemed like minutes their lips softly touched.

Ellion quickly spun around to try and kick the offender who placed their hand on her away. The person immediately dodged with great skill. Ellion concentrated on the person in order to see who it was that touched her. It was a man dressed in all black. Black pants, black boots, black long-sleeved shirt, he even wore a black mask that had eye holes in them. Even through the darkness Ellion could tell that his eyes were two different colors. His right eye was green while his left was a distinct shade of purple. Ellion was suddenly taken aback by this sudden realization of the stranger's eye colors.

"Who are you?" Ellion asked her voice gave of a serious tone but inside fear was gripping at her. The stranger didn't answer her; he merely stood there looking at her as if he were examining a piece of art.

"Who are you?! I will not ask a gain!" she said. Once again the stranger said nothing. His masked moved where his lips would be. It moved as if he had stared to smile.

"What do you want?" Ellion asked becoming slightly unnerved by the man that was smiling at her while closely examining her.

"I want," the man finally spoke in a low yet strong voice. "I want you to come with me."

"Sorry but I'm not supposed to play with strangers." Ellion said before she grabbed a nearby gardening tool and threw it at the strange man. She began to run through the garden to try and find her way back as the man deflected the small hand shovel and began to chase after her. Ellion heard him running after her. She would of tried to fly away but the paths were to narrow and the flowers formed a sort of ceiling over them. The man took out a metal ball that was as big as his fist. He pressed a button on it that started to flash red and gave off a beeping noise. He threw it at Ellion and it landed a few feet in front of her. Spikes suddenly popped out of it and shot in off in every direction. One of the spikes cut her cheek; one ripped the side of her dress revealing some of her thigh, while another embedded itself in her shoulder. She refused to yell out in pain, she refused to let the man win. She turned on to another path and then quickly turned onto another hoping that she would be able to lose the man that way.

She slowed down and leaned against one of the tall bushes covered in flowers. Her breathe came in short loud gasps as she tried to regain control over her breathing. She looked around the corner to see if the man was gone. He was standing in a cross road trying to figure out which way she went. She then saw him walk off on a path that went in the opposite direction from where she was. She turned back to face forward letting out a breathe of relief. She slowly sat down in order to rest for a little bit and to take the spike out of her arm. She slowly pulled it out hissing in pain as she did. When she examined it more closely she found some kind of clear substance dripping from the spike. All of a sudden she started to feel dizzy. Realizing what was injected into her by the spike she stood up in order to find her way back to Bryan and Darien before she passed out. When she stood up she used her powers to have the plants block the path she was on. Before she could walk down one of the other three paths that were in front of her she heard something that sounded like it was flying at her from the center one. She looked up and saw another metal ball land right in front of her. This time when it exploded it released a net. Her sense and natural body reactions had been slowed down because of the drug that she was injected with but was still able to dodge it.

She saw the man come around the corner and she once again started to run. She knew that because she was running she was causing her blood to race which would help speed the drug up. She didn't care right now. All she was worried about was getting somewhere, where he couldn't get her. Ellion suddenly tripped over a root that had made its way onto the path, and landed on her stomach. She looked up to find the man now walking towards her while looking down at her. She tried lifted herself up and while trying to find her footing an eventually was able to stand back up and continue running, but not at a very fast pace it was more like a hobble. She had twisted her ankle when she fell so every time she put pressure on that foot pain would shoot up and down her leg. She felt her self slowly becoming tired her energy was starting to drain. She was amazed at where she was. She had made her way back to the fountain and saw Bryan and Darien running over to her, before she fell on the ground.

Before she was completely blacked out she heard Bryan calling her name and lifting her up, and Darien shouting at the man.

Integra and Alucard were forcedly engaged into a rather dull conversation with another guest that had been invited. Alucard suddenly looked into a certain direction. Integra taking note of this looked and saw Bryan running in their direction. When he got to them his breathe was heavy and he started gasping his words out.

"Ellion…. Garden…. Hurt bad." He gasped

"What?!" cried a stunned Integra

"Where's Ellion?" asked Alucard quickly.

"In the garden." He pointed towards the two open doors that led outside. He suddenly grabbed their arms and started pulling them towards where Ellion was. When they arrived at the garden Integra gasped and quickly raced over to the bench where Ellion laid unconscious gently stroking her cheek.

"What happened?" Alucard asked Bryan and Darien.

"We were sitting by the fountain when all of a sudden we saw Ellion walk out from one of the paths and then suddenly fall over unconscious." Said Bryan his voice clearly showing that he was upset.

"I looked down the path and saw a man dressed in all black. He said something; I couldn't hear what he said. He then turned around and took off. I yelled at him to stop but he ignored me." Darien said giving a slight squeeze to Bryan's hand. Alucard noticed but didn't say anything; he was too concerned over the well being of his daughter. "Thank you boys."

He turned and made his way over to where Integra and Ellion were.

"Is she okay?" he asked

"As far as I can tell she is." Integra replied "I found this in her hand."

She hand him the spike she had found. The drug that was in it had long since completely dripped out of it.

"It had a drug in it similar to chloroform." She said

"Whoever did this wasn't intending to kill her, they just wanted to capture her?" questioned Alucard to no one inparticular.

"As far as I can tell." Said Integra. "I think its best that we go home now."

"Agreed." Said Alucard lifting Ellion up into his arms bridal style. Alucard started to head towards the car while Integra went over to the boys.

"Thank you for helping Ellion as best you could Your Highness." Said Integra bowing slightly. "We can't ever repay you. We apologize for having to leave early, give my regards to your grandmother."

"You're welcome Lady Hellsing. I see Ellion as a friend. I'll tell my grandmother for you." Darien replied with a sad smile.

"Thank you Your Highness. But please if you wish to use titles when addressing me, Please use Sir Hellsing or Mrs. Hellsing like Bryan does."

"Only if you call me Darien. I'm not one that approves of the title system."

"If you wish it. Good night Your Highness. Bryan its time to leave." With that Integra went through the gates and disappeared.

"Well good night." Said Bryan He turned to leave but felt a tug on his hand. He turned to look back at Darien but was met with soft lips on his.

"Call me when Ellion's condition is improved." He said slipping a piece of paper into Bryan's pocket. "And also just because you feel like calling me."

He let go of Bryan's hand and found that Bryan had turned a dark shade of red. He smiled and softly kissed him again. "Good night."

"G-good night." Bryan stuttered as he to slowly made his way towards the car, every once and awhile glancing back to see if the Prince was going to follow after him.

"What do you mean you sent some one else?! I finally get here, I see my target and then all of a sudden I see some kook with mismatched eyes! And you didn't inform me of this?! What's the deal Anderson?!" the man in black yelled into his speaker.

"I was ordered to send in another because my superior didn't think you would go through with it." Said Anderson on the other side.

"What do you mean I wasn't going to go through with it?! I'm here aren't I?!" the man yelled. "Do you even know what the kook you sent did?! He fucking attacked her! She is injured on her face and her shoulder. Not to mention he injected her with some kind of mysterious substance! And after all of that he didn't capture her!"

"He may not have captured her but, he did gat us a blood sample."

"Yeah, well I witnessed her using her powers and got photographic evidence of it! So, ha!"

"Just come back to the church your pay is waiting, all of it."

"I'll be there shortly."

The man pressed a button on his head piece and the line went dead. He looked in the direction of where Ellion's little friend was. His eyes widened as he witnessed the sight. He took a camera out and quickly snapped a picture. He gave a slight smirk as he put the camera into the pocket of his pants. He switched his gaze to the family car as it slowly started to head back to the Hellsing Manor.

"Anderson's going to shit his pants when I show him this." He said patting the camera in his pocket gently.

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