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Epilogue: Rose Upon Her Stone

A cool winter breeze blew through the graveyard, stirring up leaves and sending them skittering across the ground. Gabriel stood before the small gravestone, his head bowed. A red rose was clutched in his hands. Tears stained his face, and yet, he was smiling. Nearby, Carl stood, reading passages from his Bible-not in Latin, but in English.

I knew this is what Alexis would have wanted, Gabriel thought. She would have wanted a simple funeral. I'm happy we were able to give one to her…

Carl finished reading his passages and gently closed his Bible. He gave Gabriel a small nod, and Gabriel stepped forward and gently placed the rose atop the freshly-dug earth. He paused for a moment to read the words etched into the face of the gravestone:

Alexis Samantha Roberts
May 19, 1871-December 15, 1888
A loving daughter, A caring friend

Gabriel heard Carl's robes rustling as he knelt next to Gabriel, not caring that he was getting dirt on his robes. He glanced at the stone, then placed a comforting hand on Gabriel's shoulder.

"She's at peace now," he said comfortingly.

Gabriel nodded. "I know."

"At least we were able to give her a decent farewell, too," Carl said. "But…I thought vampires turned into ash when staked through the heart."

"They do…usually."

"But…Alexis didn't. Why?"

Gabriel shrugged. "I'm not sure, Carl. I had expected her to disintegrate into ash, but…I guess she didn't…I'm kind of glad she didn't. This way, we got to give her a proper funeral…"

Carl nodded, then crossed himself in respect for Alexis's soul and stood to his feet, brushing loose soil from his robes. "Are you coming, Van Helsing?"

Gabriel shook his head. "You go ahead, Carl. I'll catch up in a few minutes."

He heard Carl's footsteps retreat towards the cemetery's entrance, but he kept his eyes fixed on the tombstone before him. After a moment, he began to speak:

"Alexis…I'm glad you're at peace. You deserve it, after everything you've been through. I am glad I had the opportunity to meet you, and to work with you…I shall miss you…"

He sighed, then reached into his coat and produced the old book she had given him, as well as the silver cross on the black cord. He gently ran his fingers over the cross, then, setting the book down, he gently fastened the cross around his own neck. When this was done, he took the leather-bound volume into his hands once more.

Another sigh escaped his lips. The temptation was great…according to Alexis, only three little words had to be spoken, and his entire past would be in the palm of his hands. But what would that mean for him? What would his mean for his job?

"I know you gave me this so that I may know my past…" he said, weighing his words carefully. "But…as much as I wish to know who I am, and where I come from…I fear there may be consequences that are greater than me knowing. I think…I think if it's God's will for me to know my past, He shall find a way to let me know…"

He picked up the rose, then placed the book where the rose had lay. He gently placed the rose atop the book's cover, then stood up and turned to leave the graveyard. As he left, he glanced back at Alexis's gravestone. Amongst the gray gravestones and brown earth, the book-and Alexis's grave as well- was hard to distinguish. But then he saw it-the beautiful red rose cast upon her stone.

A beautiful rose, he thought. A fitting tribute to a beautiful girl.

With that thought in mind, a small smile played over his lips, and he donned his hat, delicately touched the cross around his neck, and left the graveyard through the wrought-iron gates, heading back towards the Vatican.

He had a job to do.

He had a world to save.

That last kiss, I'll cherish
Until we meet again
And time makes it harder
I wish I could remember
But I keep your memory
You visit me in my sleep
My darling
Who knew?

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