AN: 40 Ranger Romance Themes, centered obviously on Tori and Blake. Some are AU, some are moments from the universe, some are just crazy ramblings. Most aren't that long, but I enjoy writing them - and they definitely won't be posted in order, at least not often. Will post when I think of it, for now - it's just a relaxing sort of exercise.


1. friends

They'd been friends at first. Nowhere near as close as her and Shane, or her and Dustin - but Blake liked to tell himself that despite this, they were good friends anyway. He couldn't claim being best friends, or knowing everything about her that he'd wanted to know. He couldn't say that it was him who she came to when she had problems, or him whom she talked to about her fears. He couldn't claim that although knowing her favorite color was blue - his too - that her bright morning smile was meant for him.

He wasn't the person who could call her and just say hello, or maintain that they were particularly close. He wasn't the one who held her hand or brought her to the movies or paid for her dinner. He didn't get to kiss her palm or stare at her from across the room, only for her to look up and catch him and just smile. He didn't have the right to call her his, even though his heart and mind had already agreed and spoken as one - mine.

And if Blake was being totally honest with himself - which he didn't often like to do - they weren't actually that good of friends. He wasn't the one who got to act protective when she did something daring, or even someone who had the right to be worried when she was late for her usual visit to the store. He was none of those things and none of those people and he knew - like he knew the taste of thunder or the song within lightning - that he may never become one of them.

But goddamnit, he wanted it more than anything else in the entire universe.