This story is based off of my High school life and includes what I wish it was. I got this Idea from my nickname at school, (one group calls me Sakura, the other Gaara) This Is a GaaxSaku fic and my second attempt at a story so don't be too harsh!









'O My effin God! Can't this day just never come?!' thought Sakura as she climbed out of the warmth of her loft.

After what had seemed like eternity, she finally made her way to the bathroom and turned on the shower as hot as it could go. Paying no heed as the scalding droplets cascaded onto her body like an unwritten ballet.

After about 30 minutes, Sakura stepped out onto the cold linoleum of the bathroom floor. The scent of apples and spice lingered as Sakura, wrapped in a haze of warmth, wiped the steam off of the medicine cabinet's mirror.

A look of discontentment slowly plastered itself onto the face of the girl in the mirror.

All in all, she was beautiful. Her waist-length hair was naturally a soft almost indescribable shade of pink. The damp locks, though wildly arrayed, framed her small oval face, which was even more beautiful on its own. Wide viridian eyes stared back at her complexion. Ugly. That's the only way Sakura saw herself.

'It's time' thought the pinkette as she reached for a small box containing all of the things needed to destroy the old her.

After an hour of teasing, cutting, dying, and plucking, a totally transformed Sakura smiled to herself finally content with how she looked.

Sakura's once rosy hair was now onyx with only stripes of pink incorporated into her now layered, shoulder length hair.

A burst of eccentricity suddenly burst through Sakura as she walked into her maroon and white room.

Sakura began to search through her closet for something she had hidden away because she never had "the look" to wear it…or so she thought. Finally, Sakura's hand brushed against the smooth yet rough texture of her forbidden outfit.

With one final glance in the mirror, she grabbed her messenger bag and keys. Today was the day; she was going to drive IT, the name she had given her father's Harley. It was the only thing he ever left to show he cared at all.

As she revved up the engine, a look of determination settled across her face. All thoughts of her father aside, she slipped on her helmet, the insignia 'Haruno' in rhinestones glittered on the back as she sped away to her new beginning….

Konoha High.


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