Author's Note: I wrote a drabble, I'm not sure if I'm going to make a collection and have this be one or write a story and have this be a prologue or just leave it as is, but either way. I had a sentence to start with and it was, "a single tear rolls down her rosy cheeks and disappears into her long golden mane" and somehow this is what I got.

Disclaimer: I've got a question for you, do you own HSM? (pauses for answer) Well, neither do I!

Another huge argument started between the two. As always, the argument was about something pointless and would end with her winning, she always won. It wasn't even worth debating anymore, it was fact; she won and he lost, time after time.

She insists she's been good enough and he only ignores everything she says. He knows he won't last long with standing up to her, he has to crack sooner or later; after all she's his everything. She goes on about how it's time and he just restates the fact that she's not ready. She tries once more and his answer stays unchanged. Then it happens. She looks up at him with those big brown puppy dog eyes and a single tear rolls down her rosy cheeks and disappears into her long golden mane. He's trapped.

She resists the urge to roll her eyes but temptation is too strong. In the second she takes to roll her eyes he catches her sweet demeanor fall and he's strong once more. Back and forth they go repeating pretty much their entire argument thus far. He seems fired up and she seems frustrated. It doesn't matter how long they go on as she will win no matter what, this happened before. One time they argued for a month straight and in the end she won, although, by then she had forgotten why they were arguing in the first place but whatever. Just when he believes he's finally won an argument she pulls out her secret weapon. Poking out her lips into a completely adorable pout, she looks up at him and says those infamous words that captured him every time.

"Please, Daddy… I love you"

End Author's Note: And there it was, it could truly be about like any group or whatever, when I wrote this I did have a specific character in mind for the guy but my question is what guy into your mind? Or better yet, what girl? Also, I'm not so good with really short things, so was this any good?