This begins at the last Earth level in Halo 2, when the Covenant ship goes to warp. Everything that happens in this story is intentional…I do my research, this is exactly how it is supposed to be fore this story. Halo 3 has NO meaning in this story, none of the events have happened, we don't know what it is about. Got that?

Good, less explaining for those that think they have it all figured out…

Now that I've gotten my anger out, how about we start this thing?


Halo 2

In Hind Sight


Chapter 1

The Jump


Humans…so easy to kill. Drak thought as he raised his blade for the killing blow. So weak and helpless…such a strange species to have survived for so long.

At least they will soon be gone, and the great journey will begin…

Drak was about to bring the blade down to silence the human, but it suddenly sputtered and went out. The charge was gone, and the human raised its weapon…




"Sergeant!" Chris Harper called through his helmet, but it was no use; the communicator's circuits had been fried by a plasma grenade that had gone off nearby. "Sarge, don't leave me here!" Chris watched as the Pelican flew off, leaving the Marine behind. The sky was filled with the fire of both UNSC and Covenant, and it only increased as the Covenant cruiser began to move away.

The enemy was retreating.

Chris whooped, shaking his battle rifle in the air. After the Covenant were gone, he would be picked up by the nearest Pelican and be hailed as a hero for being the last surviving member of his squad. He didn't even think twice about his fallen comrades; they had been throwing him around since day one, and he didn't even know their names.

He stopped yelling when he saw the light at the bow of the Covenant cruiser, a sign it was about to jump into subspace. But it was still inside the city! Chris gulped, watching the UNSC ship following it, moving close so as to be taken along with the ship when it jumped. When the ship jumped, everything in the city would be killed, burning the buildings closest to the blast and incinerating anything not made of metal or rock. Including Chris himself.

Chris turned and ran, trying to put some distance between himself and the ship, to extend his life by a second at the least. He saw a Covenant bunker, glowing bright blue. He ducked behind it and pulled it so his back was to a wall, the shield covering him almost completely. From this makeshift shelter he watched, and waited, for death to come.




Drak shook his fist at the Phantom, his golden armor gleaming in the sun. His second-in-command had been waiting for this moment for a long time, and Drak knew it. He just didn't think it would ever come. The Elite had gone aboard and made sure that Drak could not follow, telling his troops that he had perished when the Demon attacked.


But it was useless; the traitor had taken every precaution to secure his position as leader, and had sabotaged Drak's communication system. His shield was barely operational now, and at that moment it flickered and went out entirely.

The Elite was a brilliant being, Drak had to admit. He had set everything up perfectly, and even made sure Drak would not have any weapon but his blade at the time. Such a clever being, doing such a terrible thing. Drak saw the field in front of the cruiser, and knew it would most likely kill him. At least he could witness firsthand the destruction of the human city.

The humans…why were they here? This was completely unexpected, but it also meant that the planet would soon be destroyed. Unfortunately, Drak would not be there to witness it.

Drak turned to look at the piled bodies of both humans and Covenant, shaking his head. So many lives lost, and he would soon join the ranks of the dead. He walked slowly, trying half-heartedly to find shelter. He would die in the most dishonorable way; by his own brother's hand.

A glint of metal caught his eye, and he saw the scorched remains of a human armored vehicle. A 'Scorpion' they called it. The metal was thick, but pitted and warped. Nevertheless, there was a remote chance the reflective metal could protect him. He jumped into the cockpit of the vehicle, finding it melted into slag. Someone had thrown a grenade into this tank.

There, in a human vehicle, Drak waited for his own great journey to begin.


The sound was all encompassing, the vibration causing chunks of buildings to crumble. The light was so bright that it itself gave off heat, melting metal and rock around the point-of-origin. The heat from the blast vaporized some things entirely, and leveled other buildings with sheer force of expansion. And all the chaos that was the universe coalesced into a bright explosion, a tiny model of the Big Bang. It spread across the city, incinerating all in its path and destroying many buildings.

It was utterly massive, a bright orb of white fire that vaporized much of the human city and laid the rest in ruin. And in it all, people died horribly, burning alive. Both humans and the Covenant that had been left behind were among those that lost their lives.

And worse still, the jump-field broke a barrier between dimensions, bringing unknown horrors into this existence. In a few seconds a bustling human city was turned into a wasteland, filled with the remnants of civilization.

But, there were some survivors…


Chris Harper


Chris coughed, choking on ash and dust. The sky was dark from the debris thrown up by the blast. The bunker-shield that he had hid behind was completely depleted, and the projector was molten slag. It had barely been enough to protect him from the blast, and his armor was scorched and pitted. He tried to sit up, but was too dazed to do so. He had been blown from his original hiding place, over a building, and onto a mound of trash, which he turned and rolled down.

The air was filled with the metallic taste of electrostatic-discharge, a smell almost like the iron of blood. The sky was dark-grey, the sun blotted from sight. His weapon seemed mostly unharmed, but he doubted it would help him. There was nothing left alive for miles. Chris spat some blood onto the charred ground, pulling himself to his feet, his bare skin being scorched by the hot air and ground. He looked around at the rubble, but knew that the chances of anything being left was vastly remote, and even he himself could be dead, not yet realizing it.

Chris staggered to his feet, slinging his battle rifle over his shoulder, coughing on the thick smoke in the air. He couldn't remember which way was North, or any other direction, and there were no landmarks left to tell direction, so he headed towards what he thought was outside the city.

The Rift had torn apart everything, and half a Warthog lay on top of the charred remains of an Elite, the metal smoking. In front of him was a Scorpion tank, flipped over completely by the blast or by a shot from a Wraith. Chris went past it, blinking to clear dust from his eyes.

K-chissChris spun around, raising his rifle as an Elite wielding an energy sword ran towards him, closing the distance from the tank to him in less than a second. Chris was on the ground before he could react, the Elite holding the sword up to finish him. There was a glint in the alien's eyes, that of contentment, that he would have yet another kill even though he should be dead. Chris knew the feeling. The blade flickered…and went out.

Chris smiled at the alien, who had lost his own smile and dropped the useless blade projector, Chris raising his rifle to aim right at his head. With such slowness as to preserve the moment, Chris tightened his finger on the trigger, and then pulled it.

Click click clickThe rifle clicked three times to fire three rounds…but no rounds were fired. Click click clickHe fired again, but the tapping noise still filled the otherwise silent air.

"Sonova crap…"



Author's Notes



Huh? Did you forget to reload?! Idiots…