Title: Kid's Stuff, Fairy-tales and Hope
Author: Lady Yueh
Characters: Martha Jones, OC.
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and all its affiliates are not my property and no infringement is intended.
Date Chosen: April 2
Author's Notes: For the 'Martha Jones Ficathon' on the LJ community tellingastory.
Summary: Martha Jones? She's just a story to be told.

Stockton, California
April 2

She doesn't know how long its been. Months maybe. It feels like a lifetime.

Their lord and master has them working till they drop.

She's alone now.

Her mother died on that first day.

Death by Toclafane.

Seemed so horrifying at the time.

She was the lucky one.

Dad was killed in a stupid dispute over food.

Her brother was, literally. worked to death.

She's surrounded by people she's not related to except through sweat.

Can't be called living but they're existing.

The warehouse where they live is right next to the factory where they slave away.

It's a struggle to survive and she wants to scream because this isn't life and she can never go back so what is she fighting for? What future is there? Things can never be the same.

But there are whispers; rumors which become fact when he confirms them.

There's someone out there. Someone who's trying to bring that bastard down.

Martha Jones.

Seems like kid's stuff. Something like a fairy-tale to tell the children. Just a story to be told.

Only, one night there's a commotion. Someone is smuggled into the hellish place where hundreds sleep, work and die by inches each day.

She's tall and dressed in black like some sort of commando. Her face is hard and determined and even more beautiful because of it.

"My name is Martha Jones," she begins.

And she can only laugh.

Not because she doesn't believe her.

But because the World's Champion is black!

It seems terribly funny, ironic and very fitting.

All the stories never say what she looks like.

And she's heard dozens of variations.

It's fucking crazy! It's not some Xena/Buffy hybrid white girl saving the world. It's a gorgeous kick-ass black girl her own age!

And she can only watch, trying to smother her snickers, as the famous Martha Jones is offered food and drink.

She looks around at the people around her.

She doubts Martha Jones will ever be forgotten here.

Those little girls over there, dark as chocolate, are going to be insufferable; going on about Martha Jones and how they want to be just like her when they grow up.

Their mamas are gonna be proud and struttin' around the place because "Martha Jones?" That girl is one of them.

And she can only laugh. Though she knows the asian and latina girls are going to be pouting for days. Maybe Martha Jones should consider some sidekicks. Don't all superheroes need at least one?

But it's all good.

Because Martha Jones?

Martha Jones brought hope.