Dear Readers,

I wanted to send you this letter as an apology for my recent behavior.

I have not updated one of my stories in ages and I'm sorry for that. I have just been so busy it's ridiculous.

I also wanted to send you this letter as a means of letting you know I am back in business. I have recently graduated and gotten my Bachelor's in Journalism, and I now have a full-time job with the campus's housing department while I look for work geared more toward my field.

This development has freed up a lot of time for me, which I have been using to write my fanfiction stories (literally, I have word open right now, and a few chapters are ready for posting), work on my books, maintain my blog, and coach my little brother through Mass Effect.

I decided I would post this letter to all of you the day before I do a mass update on all my stories. I've made some key decisions regarding my stories. First, Assassin's Creed: Elf Song continues, and tomorrow, you get to see what happens next. Second, I am going to re-do Code: Insomnia, as I feel that the way I wrote it just doesn't make sense. HOWEVER! Instead of deleting the original Code: Insomnia, I am going to keep it up and do a remake of the story completely separate from the original. If you guys decide you like the way I do the new one better, I'll keep going, but if you like the original better, I will just continue with that. Don't worry, I promise the new one will be just as fluffy as the original. Third, I am going to re-do Fullmetal Titan. However, it will be a while before you see an update on that story, as I am still doing a lot of work on my fanfictions. Fourth, I am going to post a new story that is a cross-over between Mass Effect and Code Lyoko, which I hope you will all love. I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this new project, Code Lyoko: Eezo.

So, here's what you can expect for my mass update tomorrow: An update to Assassin's Creed: Elf Song, the first chapter of Code Lyoko: Eezo, a reboot of Code: Insomnia, a reboot of My Kingdom Hearts Adventures and possibly the deletion of Code: House. If any of you still want to adopt that story, please let me know. My only stipulation is this: Aelita must be paired with Jeremie if she's paired with anybody at all. I respect everyone's preferences, but if you want to adopt that story, I must ask that you respect mine.

Anyway, please send your thoughts, prayers or epiphanies to me as I work toward updating these fics for you. I will try not to let you down in the coming weeks.

Your obedient servant,