Gee I'm a Tree Shin was gotten from my math quiz. You'll get it later...XD

Ah, the wonders of Hyoutei never stop to amaze us with its stupidity and randomness. Its insanity has its wonders as well.

Especially when the tennis regulars were the only ones who had lost their heads.

The day had started fairly normal. The regulars had tennis practice after school, as usual. That is, until Mukahi found a mysterious piece of paper under a bench. He, as any human would, picked up the white piece of paper and found to his sudden interest that there were WORDS on the paper. Gasp.

He read the words, and to his surprise, he could not understand them. Not at all. He called Oshitari over. "Yuushi, what does 'Gee I'm a Tree Shin' mean?"

Oshitari gave him a weird look. "Gakuto, where in the world did you come up with that?"

Mukahi snorted. "I didn't make it up! I found it on this paper thing!" He handed the paper over to Oshitari.

Oshitari frowned. "Gee I'm a tree shin?"

"You see? Even you don't get it!"


Shishido had suddenly came over and decided to steal the paper from Mukahi. "What the heck? Gee I'm a tree shin? What's that all about?"

"I know, right?!" Mukahi snatched the paper back. "I mean, what the heck? Do tress even have shins?!"


"Um, Mukahi-san?" Ootori asked. "I don't think the writer actually meant that."

"Okay, so the person must've meant their shin was a tree!"



"Ore-sama does not understand why everyone is crowding around so." Atobe saw the piece of paper, read it, and frowned. "Gee I'm a tree shin?"


"Gee I'm a tree shin...Ore-sama does not get it."

"What the heck? Trees? Shins? Maybe they're afraid of germs or something," Mukahi said.

"Germs?" Shishido gave Mukahi and incredulous look. "Where the heck did you get that from?"

"Dunno. I mean, what else could it mean?"

"Gee I'm a tree shin...Gee I'm a tree shin..." Shishido frowned. "Geometrician?"

"...Is that even a word?" Mukahi asked.

"No, the real word is geometer, but some people use the term geometrician."

"Geometer? Isn't that a meter to measure geometrical timelines?" Mukahi asked.



"Gakuto, you can't use meters to measure geometrical figures," Oshitari said. "And there's no such thing as geometrical timelines."

"But you can!" Mukahi insisted. "You can use meters to measure like, lengths and distances, right?"

"Gakuto, you just said geometrical timelines. Not distances."

"Ugh, whatever. You're confusing me."

"So it's geometrician?" Atobe asked.

Shishido shrugged. "Guess so..."

Mukahi rolled his eyes. "Now that's 10 minutes of my life that I'm seriously not getting back. Geometrician...PSHH."


A random fangirl walked up to Mukahi. "Um, Mukahi-san? Can I have your autograph?"

"Not again!!" Mukahi complained. "This is like...the 15th time this month!"



Shishido snorted. "That's because she's a guy and you're a girl."

I bet it took you a few seconds to register what was wrong with what Shishido had just said.

Mukahi's mouth was wide open. "DID YOU JUST CALL ME A GIRL?!?!"

The random fangirl had tears in her eyes. She sniffed, and ran away.

Shishido was dumbstruck by what he had just said. "Wait...did I just say that out loud?"


"...Oh my crap..."

Random brainfart that I got while I took my math test. Which I probably failed, by the way.