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The red head rolled over as the sound of the alarm blared in her ears. She looked over at the alarm, her eyesight blurry without her glasses. At that moment, all she could think was why she had to go to that hell they called high school. Groaning she reached over to the bedside table and picked up her glasses, putting them on to see. As her vision cleared, she went from annoyed, to panicked.

"Six forty five?" She jumped out of bed and threw her clothes on as she grabbed a brush and pulled it hard through her long red hair. "Why oh why did I have to sleep in?"

"Kimmie! You're going to be late…" Her foster mother called from downstairs.

"Gee.. Thanks mom… I had no idea." Kim muttered as she pulled on her shoes. She looked at herself in the mirror. Loose jeans, tennis shoes, hoodie, four eyes. Good to go.

She ran down the stairs, stumbling at the bottom for a moment before rounding the corner. She reached out and grabbed her book bag with one hand as the other shot up, catching the unopened pack of pop tarts that someone threw at her. She smiled as she ripped them open with her teeth and took a bite.

"Strawberry! You rock Wade!" Kim yelled as she headed out the door.

"I know!" Wade came back as he joined her rushing out the door and they headed toward the bus stop. His shorter legs having to move faster to keep up with her longer strides.

"You know, it is so totally wrong that my ten year old foster brother is doing better in high school than I am… especially in the same classes!" Kim said as they hurried to the bus.

"Not entirely true. You're kicking my butt in biology… I'm just better at mathematics, computers, physics, and any mechanically oriented classes. We're about even in English and writing. And it's not my fault I'm a child genius… did that sound conceited?" He asked as they finally made it to the bus stop.

"Just a bit, but it's true. You are a genius." Kim looked down the road. "Thank god we made it. Another late slip and I'm dead."

Wade looked over to where the bus was, picking up someone in a cheerleader uniform. "Yea, and it looks like Bonnie did to…Sorry Kim."

Kim sighed, she knew today was going to be bad. Bonnie in her uniform was bad at school. If she had to ride the bus, that meant she'd been dumped lately and she'd be in a bad mood. Bonnie in a bad mood meant carrot top and four eye jokes on top of the normal disdain that Bonnie showed her.

"Tell me what I did in a past life that I earned Bonnie as a punishment?" Kim said as the bus left the cheerleader's corner and headed toward them.

"Maybe you were Hitler?" Wade suggested, "Only thing I can think of that would be bad enough."

"True…" Kim groaned as the bus stopped in front of them, the breaks squeaking loudly.

The two climbed up into the bus and smiled at the driver, the woman smiled back, but it fell as she looked over her shoulder. She knew what was coming. Everyone did. Bonnie's tongue was clucking with a rhythm that everyone equated with her tearing into Kim. The entire bus went silent. They knew the Queen of Middleton high was in a bad mood, and this was going to be good.

"Well well, if it isn't little orphan Annie? Still dating the preteen I see…oh that's right… you're his "Big Sister". I keep forgetting because I never see you with anyone but him and Sheine, and that's only because you do all of her homework. What's she paying you Possible? Or maybe you're trying to get into her panties… is that it? Possible the Freak is a rug muncher to?"

"Bonnie…" Kim said as she took her seat, doing her best to ignore the verbal abuse.

"Just ignore her Kim, she'll be working minimum wage in a few years and you'll be the rich business woman who controls her life." Wade whispered as he took his seat next to her.

"Oh, giving the four eyed wimp some moral support there nerdlinger?" She bit into Wade for a breath before turning her sights back on her main target, "What's the matter, widdle Kimmie needs her bubba to make it better?"

"Bonnie, did you know that genetically speaking, it's impossible that your mother's husband is your father…" Kim said, her analytical mind taking over.

"What? You bitch! How dare you…" Bonnie started, but Kim was still thinking like a scientist.

"No, seriously. You have green eyes. Your mother's are blue, your father's are blue. Genetically that's impossible, unlike your sisters. Connie is brown hair and blue eyes, just like your mother. Lonnie is blonde and blue eyed, like your father. Where do green eyes come from? To gain green eyes, at least one of your parents would have to have green eyes. Since neither does, that can only mean that you are either adopted, or at least one of your parents is not your biological parent." Kim put her hand on her chin and started thinking hard, her mind unraveling how she could have missed this till now.

"You total bitch!" Bonnie slapped Kim.

Kim looked up, straightening her glasses, "Why are you mad at me? I didn't make it happen, I just pointed it out." Kim was utterly confused at this display of anger.

"Wow." Wade said, "Kim… you just… completely dusted the cheer queen, with scientific fact… there's no way she can prove you wrong, and now everyone knows her mom cheated on her dad… " He looked utterly proud.

Bonnie looked outraged, her hands shaking, her eyes livid with anger. She was glaring at Kim and Wade with a look of death in her eyes. She was just about to slap the red head again when the bus jerked to a stop in front of the school. She looked toward the front of the bus as the driver turned around.

"Off the bus Rockwaller, don't wanna be late for class." She said.

"This isn't over Possible." Bonnie sneered as she turned and walked away.

"Wade… I think I'm afraid." Kim said, standing to leave the bus.

"Yea… I think I'm afraid for you…" He looked out at where Bonnie was heading toward her gang of cheerleaders, "On the upside… field trip to Go Industries today… so you'll only have to deal with Bonnie. The Squad, also known as her pack of velociraptors, will be here because they don't have our science classes."

"Small blessings Bro, small blessings." Kim just smiled a bit as they walked toward the school. "Though… it feels good to get one over on Bon-Bon every now and then. I just hope it was worth it."

Sheine Elizabeth Go looked out at the high school as her brother's chauffeured Rolls Royce pulled up. She growled as she looked over at the buffoon. Like always, he had his ear grafted to his cell phone and he was talking at one of his subordinates. She growled again as people started to gawk at the car.

"I'm telling you Porter, I want that flight wing ready as soon as possible. The GenAmp serum is in the rodent testing phase, and with any luck we'll be moving up to primates and then humans within a month's time… when that happens I want the wing ready for a real test." Harry Norman Go's voice was hard as his cobalt blue eyes. "Well get it done." He hung up the phone.

"Harry, why the hell did you have to drive me to the school, it's bad enough they know I'm rich, I already have to put up with losers trying to suck up to me, I don't want desperate ones begging for rides because I have a chauffeured limo." She growled.

"You don't have a chauffeured limo Shego," Harry said, calling her by her child hood nick name, "I do, you have a classic mustang that you're forbidden to drive because you got multiple tickets for street racing, and only my influence kept them from suspending your license permanently. All of this, I might add, is why I have to take time out of my morning to drive you to school."

"I don't see why they have to have me here today anyway. It'd have been much easier if I met the class at Go Industries." She sighed as she pulled her nail file out and started to file her long black nails.

"Because you still have to attend classes, which you know. Now, we're here. Get out and I'll see you at the office when you arrive with the class." Harry said, tossing her back pack to her.

"Fine…" Sheine got out of the Rolls, the sound of oohs and ahs echoing around her, she leaned back in, "But next time, drop me off down the block." She flipped her brother off before turning and walking into the school.

She groaned as she saw the blonde girl running up to her as soon as she came through the doors. Tara Strong was one of Bonnie's sheep, but she was also a hopeless case as far as Sheine was concerned. She tried to get in the good graces of everyone with some degree of leadership skills. A follower.

"Oh My God! You have to hear what happened between Bonnie and Poor Orphan Possible. " Tara said.

Sheine groaned, "Her name, is Kim. Use it. And what did that bitch Rottweiler do this time?"

"No, Prissy Possible called Bonnie out in front of everyone. She started talking some scientific mumbo jumbo stuff. She said that Bonnie's mom cheated on her Dad and that bonnie wasn't his…" Tara was talking a mile a minute.

"Say what?" Sheine looked at her.

"Kim said something about eye color and how one of her parent's couldn't have been hers…" Tara said, "I don't understand all of it, but Bonnie is really pissed…"

"I can guess. I have to go see Kim." Sheine brushed past the blonde and headed straight for Kim's locker.

When she arrived, the red head was looking through a folder, completely unaware of her surroundings. Sheine groaned as she saw Bonnie headed for her with what looked like… "Oh sick, I hope that's not what I think it is…" Sheine grabbed a book from one of the student's walking by, "I'll pay for the replacement." She said and threw it. "Kim! Duck!"

Kim groaned and ducked as fast as she could, recognizing her friends voice. She knew something was going to happen because of the incident on the bus today. A loud crash and a scream later, she turned to see Bonnie covered in green slimy liquid. The cheerleader ran toward the bathroom at top speed as Kim looked to where the rich brunette had called from.

"You know that's going to come back to bite me, don't you Shego?" Kim said as she leaned against her locker.

"Not if Rockwaller knows what's good for her." Shego said as she leaned next to the red head, "And I thought I told you, only close friends and family get to call me that."

"You did." Kim smiled "Figured I could get away with it."

"You can, just wanted to be sure no one else tried." She laughed, "Thanks for the help on that bio paper the other day. I'd be failing without you."

"Probably." Kim said.

"Gee, and I thought I was conceited." Wade said as he walked up to them.

"Hush up Baby Bro." Shego said, "This is just how we banter."

"Having known you for the past year and a half I'd have never known that." Wade said. "Did I see Bonnie run by covered in green slime?"

"Yep." Kim said.

"Sucks to be her." Wade said.

"Sucks to be me when she retaliates." Kim said.

"Guys, if you'd just stand up to her…" Shego started.

"Like telling her why she can't possibly be her father's child?" Kim said.

"Speaking of, what's with that?" Sheine looked at her.

"Her eyes are green." Kim said, as if that explained everything.

"Ah." She looked at Wade. "Translation Wade?"

"Her parent's both have blue eyes. Blue eyes are a recessive trait, so since both of them have blue eyes, it means they both have the recessive jean for blue eyes. There is no dominant gene to allow green eyes. The only way Bonnie could have green eyes is if one of her parent's had green eyes. They don't, so one of her parent's isn't her parent." Wade shrugged. "Biology is Kim's specialty, not mine… but that's the basic breakdown."

"So, it wasn't just a shot… you were serious. Oh man, no wonder she's pissed." Shego laughed.

"I don't know, I was upset about her picking on me, I started thinking about her sisters, her sisters both have blue eyes… I thought about the one time I met her parents, both had blue eyes… I just drew the logical conclusion." Kim shrugged. "I was actually double checking my genetics notes to be sure of what I was saying."

"Which we already knew you were, Kim you have a photographic memory." Wade said. "Which is why you could remember each of their eye colors even though you've only met them once or twice."

"I know, but I figured if I came up with proof and apologized she'd…" Kim started.

"Find another reason to pick on you." Shego said.

"Why me?" Kim asked, straightening her glasses as the bell rang to announce the start of homeroom.

"Bad luck Cupcake." Sheine said.

"Karmic backwash from an evil past life." Wade said.

The three of them started walking toward homeroom, getting in just before the second bell. They each took a seat and waited for the teacher to start calling roll. Shego looked around and realized Bonnie wasn't there. She smiled, that stuff must have been nasty whatever it was. She smiled wider as the teacher started roll.


"Here." Shego looked at the guy, his glasses and squeaky voice labeling him a nerd even though he wasn't the class brain like Kim or Wade.


"Here." The dumb jock answered and Shego sneered. Construction worker is the best that fool could hope for.


"Here," One of the few in the school that didn't piss her off. They weren't friends, but Zita did her own thing and Shego could respect that.


"Here." She answered and then looked back to the door, waiting.


"Here." Wade was only half listing, his mind was really on whatever plans he was working with in his sketch book.


"Here." The bleach blonde was drawing in a sketch book as well, but Shego was betting it was a picture of Tara, his girlfriend.


"Here." Kim was writing, if Shego had a guess, she'd bet she was writing down gene sequences for her next paper. The red head was bound and determined to unlock the human genome before anyone beat her to it.


"HERE!" Bonnie shoved the door open just as her name was called, her hair was tinted a bit green from the slime and she was wearing sweats instead of her uniform now.

"You're late Rockwaller." The teacher eyed her.

"Yes sir… it was…" She started.

"Do you have a written excuse?" He asked.

"No sir." She ground her teeth and Shego just smiled.

"Take your seat. I'll write your slip later, just be glad it's a field trip today or you'd be spending it in the admin office." He said, then turned back to the roll. "Strong?"

"Here sir." Tara smiled at him.

"Right that's everyone. Alright, we'll load the buses in ten minutes. When we reach Go Industries, I want all of you on your best behavior. Anyone screws up on this trip and I swear to whatever deity you hold dear that you'll regret you were ever born." The teacher gave them each a Death glare.

"Professor Acari… you are aware that my brother is the owner, aren't you?" Shego asked.

"Yes Sheine, which just means I expect you to be on the best behavior of all." He said.

"Understood sir, but I think, with your permission of course, I could arrange a side tour for our group into the main labs…" Shego said, smiling a bit when she saw both Wade and Kim's head's shoot up.

"I'm not sure that'd be fair to the others…" He looked at her, then to the rapt attention of Kim and Wade, two students who never even had to listen to pass his class, "But I don't think there'd be anything wrong with it… as long as it's ok with your brother." He winked and Shego smirked.

Wade and Kim looked at each other, then up at the teacher, then back to each other. They smiled and both of them said the same thing.


Harry Norman Go walked into his office and started checking the files on his desk immediately. The first one made his smile spread wide as he read it. He knew hiring the worlds best robotics specialist to create a robotic assault glider was a good idea. He just wished he could understand the technology, but that had never stopped him from understanding a good report. Too bad it wasn't running at the schedule he wanted, but it was doing exactly what he wanted.

He turned to the next file and grinned again. The meta-human augmentation serum results from the latest rodent testing. His smile fell however as he read over the side effects. Increased aggressiveness in some, delusional aspects in another. The serum was working as it was suppose to in the spiders, but moving it into the mammals did something to the brain chemistry. He slammed his fist on the table and picked up the phone, dialing his head of genetic research.

"Amy, what's wrong with the GenAmp formula?" He spoke into the phone as his assistant arrived. "The side effects Amy, I want to know why it's affecting the mental stability of the rats."

His assistant sat in the chair across from him as he listened to the geneticist on the phone, making a few notes. He held up the pad and showed it to Harry.

"School tour will be here in ten minutes. Need you up front."

"Alright Amy, but I want that formula ready as soon as possible, we can't afford to lose this contract to Demond. He and his team are… " He paused. "Alright, I'll be down after this tour."

"Sir, that tour is going to be here soon, if you're planning to greet them personally…" The Asian man said, his eyes coming up from the pad he was writing in as soon as his boss hung up.

"I know Fukushima," he stood and walked around the desk, "Make sure you see to the normal morning affairs, and I'll see to the school tour. Also, see if you can find another geneticist. Amy Hall is good, but it wouldn't hurt to have a back up researcher to go over her work as well, as a matter of fact, outfit an entire second team." He walked out the door, his assistant right behind him.

"Yes sir, is there anything else?" Fukushima looked at his boss as they stopped in the hall.

"Just make sure you stall whoever they send to check up on the contracts. We aren't ready for an inspection, but we could make it look like we are. I don't want to risk these contracts. We need them badly. They shouldn't be here till next week, but better safe than sorry." Harry turned and headed toward the front as his assistant headed into the main complex of the building.

Harry walked to the front and smiled, he arrived at the lobby just as the buses were unloading. He took his place at the center of the room and waited. His eyes traveling over the students one by one until he found his sister. He wondered about the red head and the short child with her, but he could ask later.

His eyes moved back to the main doors as one of the teachers walked in. He was wearing a simple suit, striped tie. It wasn't a bad fit, but Harry could tell it wasn't tailored to his round frame. The man's bald head and glasses glinted a bit in the light. Harry put on his best smile and reached to shake the man's hand.

"Mr. Go, it's so nice to meet you, I'm Professor Acari, I'm in charge of the overall trip today, and I'm head of the first group." He smiled as they shook hands.

"Ah yes… Professor Acari, Shego has told me so much about you." Harry smiled.

"Shego sir?" The teacher asked.

"Ah yes, forgive me. It's Sheine's childhood nickname. Only family and truly close friends would know it, I apologize. Just don't tell her I let it slip or she'd never forgive me." Harry smiled.

"Of course Sir. Well, I'm glad to hear my student's have good things to say about me, in any case." He looked back over his shoulder, "Should I bring the first group in sir?"

"That would be fine, I see my Sister is part of it." He smiled as Acari waved the group in.

"Yes sir." He turned back to the class, "Class, this is Mr. Go. Our gracious host."

"Welcome to Go Tower, home to the main labs, research teams, and products of Go Industries. We work in several sectors including civil defense, medical research, computer engineering, experiments research and development, and even agricultural studies. The plan is today for you to go through the main displays we have prepared for tours like this… " He trailed off as his sister shook her head. "But it seems my sister wants to change that…"

"Come on bro, I've seen the displays a million times, and you know they won't hold the interest of most of our group. Give us a treat today, I know the robotics and gene labs have something special brewing and you just finished a testing phase on both…" Shego smiled.

Harry scratched his chin, looking over the small group, "Very well, we'll start with the displays, and end with a tour of the main genetics lab. I need to see the head researcher there anyway, so I can inform them you're coming and to prepare a small presentation for you. The robotics is out though. Most of what's in there at the moment is a government contract and is strictly off limits to anyone outside the company." He saw the face of the younger student fall a bit, reminding him to ask about the two later when he got Shego home.

"Thanks Bro." Shego smirked.

"Yes, Mr. Go, that's very generous of you." Professor Acari smiled.

"It's no problem at all, I have to leave you with the guide now, but I'll see you again at the end of the tour." He turned to the first guide, "Take them through the Genetics lab after you finish with the main tour. I'll inform security and Amy you're coming."

"Yes sir, Mr. Go." The guide turned to the students. "If you'll all follow me please."

Harry sighed as he watched the group walk down the hall. "I hope Shego appreciates that."

Kim's eyes ran over all the displays. They were impressive alright, but nothing she didn't know about already. A few plant experiments that, while these were much more radical in form, were exactly what she was doing at home. The cloned mice were a moment of awe, but cloning at this point was old hat. She'd heard the reports for over a year now, and seen the results online.

She thought the mechanical displays were amazing in comparison, until Wade had explained them, and that they were already upgrading them in other labs. He was amazed that they still had these on display. The hover car and helicarrier designs were amazing, but nothing he hadn't seen before.

They looked at each other, and silently agreed. Sometimes it sucked to be super smart.

"Then again…" Kim said as she looked over at the confused expression on Bonnie's face. "Sometimes being the smart one is amazing."

"Say what cupcake?" Shego stepped up behind her.

"Just imagining how confused and lost Bonnie must be and glad I'll never be that ignorant." Kim whispered back.

"Sounds good. Come on, we're heading into the main labs now, we need to stay pretty close with the rest of the group, where's Wade?" Sheine looked around.

"He's explaining to the tech at the display how they could increase the efficiency of their helicarrier design." Kim pointed to the head of the class where Wade was bending the ear of the dumbstruck employee.

"Better watch it, my bro will put him to work." Shego said.

"I doubt it, Wade doesn't like big companies, he prefers to be his own boss." Kim smiled as they started walking toward him.

They got close enough just in time to hear the technician say, "That's a really good idea kid, how'd you come up with that."

"It was easy once you combined the power frequency formulas from the Bortel Papers with the vortex intensity studies of Edward Lipsky, he's a brilliant roboticist, but the man shines when it comes to vehicle studies." Wade smiled.

"Kid, if you ever get a job here, remind me to work for you." The technician laughed.

"Hey Baby Bro. We're about to move on, we need to get with the rest of the class." Kim rubbed his head.

"Kim, you know that's embarrassing when I'm talking about something serious with someone." Wade said as they all walked back toward the class.

"Of course she does, it's why she does it. You need to keep a track on that big head of yours Wade, you're probably the smartest tech head I know, and I've met most of the people that work for my brother. It's scary." She rubbed his head for good measure.

"Alright, I get it, less ego, more humble." Wade smiled, "At least I didn't have to dumb it down to be understood this time. Though, in truth, I'm not all that interested in creating things like the helicarrier." He shrugs "Too flashy, I prefer stuff that's a bit more… deceptively impressive."

"Speaking of projects of yours, how is that adhesive coming?" Kim asked.

"Adhesive, as in glue?" Shego looked at them like they were nuts.

"Not exactly, and not coming along very well at all. I'm missing something, but I don't know what." He shrugs. "Probably why I'm missing it."

"You'll figure it out Bro," Kim smiled, then turned back to the class as the teacher started to speak.

"Alright everyone, we're moving into the labs now, stay close together, and don't touch anything unless a scientist says it's ok. Other than that, same rules apply, best behavior." Professor Acari looked from student to student, making sure they understood before turning to the guide, "When you're ready."

The guide smiled and walked to a door down the hall, leading them through it, "This, is the entrance to the lab wing of Go Tower, a lot of the projects here are experimental, and a few are dangerous, but Amy Hall, the head of the genetics sector is suppose to have prepared a small sample of what's going on to show you. We'll be passing by a few sectors before we reach genetics, so if a lab technician or scientist rushes at you in a hurry, get out of there way. Other than that, just enjoy the show." She smiled and opened the door, leading them down the hall.

"Did… did… did she say Amy Hall was the head of the genetics sector?" Kim stuttered out to Shego.

"That's right, and Vivian Porter is in charge of our robotics sector." She said looking over at Wade.

"Vivian Francis Porter, the leading roboticist in AI studies and the closest scientist closest to creating a fully functional sentient computer?" Wade's eyes were the size of saucers.

"That's me." A blonde said, striding up next to them. "Hello Sheine."

"Viv, these are my friends Kim and Wade. Wade's a tech head like you, but Kimmie here is a medical and genetic prodigy. She's going to faint when she sees what's going on in genetics. Sorry we can't see what you're working on though, Lady Octopus."

"Lady Octopus?" Kim said.

"My harness, I use it for dangerous or detail specific work. It gives me an extra four arms, so with it on I essentially have eight limbs and am therefore…" Vivian said.

"A Lady Octopus." Shego said.

"Yes, well…" Vivian said.

"How do you control the arms Dr. Porter?" Wade asked.

"A neuro-server chip that lets the computer AI within the arms respond as if they were a natural piece of my body." Vivian said.

"Wow… but wouldn't the neuro-server chip cause the AI to infect your own mind as well?" Wade asked.

"Normally yes, which is why they're not normally used with AI technology. However, there's a regulator on the chip that forces the flow one way. My thoughts go in, but its programming stays in the machine." Vivian smiled, "Most people don't even know that. Impressive, but if you're going to the genetics lab, this is your stop. See you another time Sheine, Kim, Wade." She smiled and continued down the hall.

As they walked through the doors to the genetics lab Kim's eyes popped wide and she gasped. There were gene sequencers, growth tubes, live specimens of altered gene plants and animals, tumblers, centrifuges, everything a budding genetics student could want. Her eyes ran over everything and then back, and then over them again.

"Well, I see I not only have an intrigued audience, but at least one person who knows her stuff. Welcome to the Go Industries Genetics Lab. I'm Dr. Amy Hall, head geneticist and a rather avid collector of rare toys. However, since we're at the lab and not my home I'll assume you wish to know about the genetics? What we're working on currently is called GenAmp. Are there any guesses as to what that would be?" Amy smiled, "Ah yes, the red head who knows her stuff. Your guess dear?"

"Gene Amplification and enhancement Serum, a personal augmentation drug that is suppose to increase human genetics to their full potential." Kim smiled.

"Actually, we're hoping to break that barrier and prove that genes have a limitless potential. We've succeeded somewhat, but the project is still in testing phases. We've gotten remarkable results with insects, especially arachnids, spiders specifically, and moderate results with rodent test subjects. If you'll look here you'll see the five spider specimens we have…"

"Four." Kim looked over at Tara, the blonde was paying rapt attention to a spider spinning a web.

"Pardon me ma'am?" Amy said, walking over.

"There are only four spiders in this tank…" Tara said again.

"That's not…" Amy turned back to the lab technicians, "Is anyone running a test on the arachnid specimens?"

Kim was curious as to what they could be doing. Her attention so on the ensuing questions and search for the arachnid that she didn't notice the small creature carefully repelling from a web onto her shoulder. She never noticed as it crawled down her arm along the black cloth of the hoodie. It was as she felt a slight itch on the back of her hand, that she looked down to see a black spider with red and blue diamond shaped markings crawling along the back of her hand. Just as she saw it, she realized what was about to happen. Her scientific mind was saying, I wonder what this'll do to me. Her feminine self was much more simplistic.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed, and the spider struck.

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