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Amelia looked up as the flash of red hair caught her attention and her eyes met Kim's. The girl was grinning from ear to ear and her green eyes shone with barely contained glee. On top of that, she had a folder under her arm that Amelia knew were developed photos and she was practically skipping. The former psychology student didn't need a PHD to tell the teen was happy, but it did help her figure out why.

"Let me guess, not only do you have photos Barkin would sell his soul for, but you are going out with whomever it is that you've been crushing on for so long." Amelia guessed.

"His soul?" Kim seemed to think about that, "Nah, couldn't do a thing with it, I'll settle for cash. And it's not a date… we're just going to the prom as friends…"

"Uh huh… It's the most romantic dance of your high school life, and I'm sure you have no intentions of telling her how you really feel." Amelia smirked

"None of your business Amelia…" Kim smiled as she laid the folder of photos onto Amelia's desk.

"These, however… " Amelia opened the folder, "Are undoubtedly my business."

The dark skinned brunette let the pictures slide out of the folder and onto her desk, and her eyes widened as she saw the first one; Spider-Girl landing a double kick to the chest of a giant green beast. The next was the female hero dodging between it's legs as she fired webs off to trip it; followed by others, avoiding a fireball, throwing rubble. There was a whole series of the fight and every picture made Amelia gasp more.

"How did you get these?" Amelia said, "Where did you get these?"

"Impossible Aerospace…" Kim grinned.

"This is what caused that destruction?" Amelia stared.

"From what I could tell, the creature was destroying the place; killed a few guards and employees. Then Spider-Girl shows up and she was all the creature could concentrate on. It was amazing to watch." Kim smiled.

"You just enjoy watching a hot little number in tight clothes kick ass." Amelia smiled.

"Not my type… I prefer brunettes." Kim winked at her.

"Ha!" Amelia smiled, "You've come a ways from the shy, over boiling emotional chaos that came in to claim that prize Kim, but I prefer the bad boys."

Kim tapped a close up shot of the monster, "Well, next time I'm takin photos, I can give him your number if you want…"

"Oh that was a good one, did ya hurt yourself?" Amelia smiled. "Let's go sell these to Barkin." She bundled the photos into a more dramatic order, put them back into the folder and handed it to Kim.

The red head smiled as she took the folder back and followed Amelia toward her boss's office, "What kind of mood is he in today?"

"Well," Amelia knocked on the door.

"IF IT ISN'T FRONT PAGE NEWS GO AWAY!" Barkin's voice shook the door from the other side.

"Kim's here." Amelia said.

The sound of running preceded the door being flung open, "What's she got?" Barkin's eyes gleamed as they settled on the envelope in Kim's hands.

"A package deal… You buy all or none." Kim smiled, "Of course when you see them I don't think that'll be a problem."

"Show me!" Barkin moved back to his desk letting the two in.

Kim set the folder down flat on the desk, then opened it to the first picture, but her eyes were on Barkin's face. When his eyes widened, she knew she had his attention. As she flipped through the pictures his face changed from rapt attention to calculating. He was trying to figure out how to price this.

"Now remember Mr. Barkin, it's all or none… I agreed only to sell to you, but I still make the terms of what I sell." Kim grinned.

"I remember Possible… Alright, what's your price?" Barkin growled.

"I count twelve shots… that's usually a hundred a shot, but since I need steady work too… I'll sell them all for a thousand even, and you call me for the next two jobs you need a photographer for." Kim smiled.

"Deal!" Barkin shouted, grateful to be cut some slack even if he did have to hire the girl for it, "And as a matter of fact, I have something for you." He quickly scribbled out an address and time on a piece of paper. "Be at the Tipton Hotel at seven. Dress for a party and don't be late."

"What's the event?" Kim asked.

"Go Industries is throwing an investor's party…" Barkin started.

"Sir, are you aware that there was an accident at Go Tower yesterday?" Kim said, interrupting him.

"Yes, I got a call this morning telling me of the change of plans. Initially the party was supposed to be at the tower itself, a big to do to attract potential investors and employees. Now it's been moved to a ballroom at the Tipton." Barkin shook his head. "I'll have a reporter there covering the event, and I have to be there too, but getting pictures at a thing like this has always been tricky for us. Stoppable isn't exactly the society party type, but till you came up with those Spider-Girl pictures, he's been our best photographer. We'll see if you can match his skills in an environment we can't use him in. If so, I'll have the best two photographers in the damn city."

"I'll be there sir," Kim grinned, "And I may be able to do better at this particular instance. My best friend is Sheine Go."

"Sheine Go… Harry Go's little sister?" Barkin's eyes shot open, "By God Possible, why didn't you say so."

"So that's who…" Amelia smiled.

"What Amelia?" Barkin asked.

"Nothing sir, just something Kim and I were talking about earlier." Amelia smiled.

"Fine, well Possible, you have the job, talk with Amelia and she'll cut you a check for the pictures, and let you know how we pay photographers for jobs like this."

"Thanks Mr. Barkin!" Kim smiled as she followed Amelia out.

Barkin turned to Amelia, a wicked gleam in his eyes, "Amelia, The morning edition hasn't been sent out yet… it'll be a little late but I want this run in it. Front page! Headline it, 'Spider-Girl Takes on Goblin'. Tell how their pointless brawl destroyed the building; two bad guys are better than one."

"Sir…" Kim started.

"Forget it Possible, that's how we're running it." Barkin growled.

"Yes sir, I guess I need to go see Sheine." Kim grinned as an idea came to her.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

"Harry, time to wake up again…"

"What? Who's there? Where are you?" Harry looked around as he shook the sleep from his mind.

"I'm right here Harry… With you… I've always been with you…" The voice seemed strange, as if he was hearing it, but not hearing it. "I protected you from the pain when your family died, I pushed you when you needed to build your company again, and yesterday, I'm the one who got rid of your biggest competitor…"

Harry's eyes focused on the mirror, seeing the strange distorted reflection there. He could see his features in the creature's face, but the green scales and horns thoroughly disguised him, and it was obvious the creature was at least double his size. It pressed its hand to the glass as Harry reached out to touch it.

"Who are you?" Harry asked, his eyes running over the creature.

"I'm your stronger half Harry… look there…" The creature pointed to the paper that had been brought in with Harry's breakfast.

Without thinking, Harry picked it up and saw the picture of the creature fighting Spider-Girl. He looked at it as his mind played back the last day's events, remembering stepping into the chamber, then Sheine, then the explosion as he lost control of his powers. He remembered the demons that were chasing him.

"A side effect of the drugs Harry, that's all… next time it'll be you and me… but we did it Harry… we destroyed Demond and his facility. Impossible Aerospace is no more…" The creature smiled.

"This is wrong… it's criminal… it's…" Harry started.

"The only way… we must protect our family… we must not let them come to harm… we must keep them safe from Demond, from the Spider… we must make our parent' proud!"

"Yes… for Sheine, for Mom… for Dad…" Harry clutched his fist hard as he thought of his parent's death, "We'll make them all pay, and protect our family."

"There's a party tonight Harry, we have to appear… everyone will be there… The press… investors… your entire board of directors… and of course that arrogant Dr. Director… we must make sure they all know that ours is the proper path…"

Harry's eyes never left the image of his other half, "You're right. We must make sure that they sign our contracts this time…"

"Good Harry… now someone's coming…"

"Mr. Go?" Fukushima's voice came from the door.

"Enter!" Harry called loudly.

The Asian man entered and bowed as he looked at his boss, " Sir, we've found a geneticist to replace Dr. Hall, and the repairs to the lab will be completed by the end of the week."

"Good, who is the new geneticist?" Harry asked, pulling on his shirt and tie as he listened to his assistant's report.

"A Doctor Richard Nathan Addams, we have also contracted Ed Lipsky to work in the Robotics Division until Dr. Porter awakens and can return to work, then we'll move him into a secondary Robotics Program. The S.L.A.I.A.R. systems." Fukushima looked up from his P.D.A.

"Is there anything else?" Harry asked as he walked out of the room, his assistant close on his heels.

"Nothing of note at the office, there is the banquet tonight, your tux is already pressed and ready, as is the evening gown for Miss Sheine. All the guests have been informed of the new location as per your instructions, and without exception have R.S.V.P.'d." Fukushima spoke as they reached the garage.

"Good, now we must go see to Sheine." Harry said as he settled into the rolls, "Oh, and have the stretch prepared for next week, she is treating her friend Kim to their school prom and wishes to arrive in style."

"Of course sir." Fukushima made a note.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

"Two visits in two days? I must be special." Shego smiled as Kim walked in.

"Actually, I just got done selling The Bugle my latest Spider-Girl photos. They offered me a job I thought you might be able to help with, and I wanted to catch you before your brother came to get you." Kim settled onto the bed next to her friend.

"Oh? And what aid could I be to the vaunted photographer of Spider-Girl?" Sheine smiled.

"Well, for tonight, I'm the vaunted photographer of the Go Industries Annual Banquet." Kim shrugged.

"You mean that thing my brother drags me to that always has me bored to tears, and forces me to dress in some stupid fashion designers nightmare, while attempting not to be bored to death by people with more money than brains?" Shego smirked.

"That's the one, it's tonight." Kim showed her the invitation Barkin had given her.

"A press invite," Shego smiled, "Snazzy, but not sure what you want my help with…"

"Well, three things actually." Kim held up a finger, "I need help with what to wear," A second finger, "as much as you may dislike a bunch of these people, you know them and can help me get good shots," A third finger "And lastly getting your brother to talk to the Bugle Reporter exclusively would really impress my boss." And with that, Kim pulled out her secret weapon, "PLEASE?"

"Oh… no… not that… anything but the pout…" Shego squirmed under the glare of the girl's patented puppy dog pout, "Ok, Ok… the first two are easy, and I'd do them anyway, the third one shouldn't be too hard either." Shego relented and the pout vanished.

"Thank you Shego!" Kim hugged the girl tightly.

"Am I interrupting?" Harry smiled as he walked in.

Kim shot up as her spider sense blared then steadied into a subtle pulse like the night before and her eyes locked on the form of Harry Go, "No.. not really Mr. Go, I was just thanking Shego, I'm going to be the Bugle's photographer at your banquet tonight, and she's going to help me impress my boss."

"Well, that's certainly a good thing, is there anything I can do?" Harry smiled at the two.

"Actually Bro, if you'd give an exclusive to the Bugle's reporter, and drop Kim's name, I'm sure it'd help her a lot." Sheine added.

"I'm sure I can arrange that." Harry turned to Kim, "It's the least I can do, usually I have to bribe her to even go."

"Oh, I'll still be expecting my usual two weeks on the beaches of Rio, don't worry." Shego smiled.

"Perhaps I spoke to soon." Harry sighed, "But I'll still be glad to see to the interview."

"You charge your brother two weeks in Rio, just to go to a party?" Kim asked.

"Nope, I charge him two weeks in Rio for having to put up with his…" She trailed off as Harry interrupted.

"Yes, well, be that as it may…" Harry chuckled, "It's actually well worth it to get her there."

"So glad you think so, because you'll be treating, Kim and Wade to the same trip this summer." Shego smirked.

"Shego!" Kim blushed, "That's not necessary."

"To heck it isn't, I want to spend some quality time with my best friends, and Harry can more than afford it." Sheine smirked at her brother.

"Don't worry Kim, she's right, it won't be a problem at all, and maybe you can keep her out of trouble." Harry laughed.

"Alright folks, let's get me out of here. We have to stop somewhere and get Kimmie a dress for the banquet." Sheine grinned.

"Oh no…" Kim winced.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Kim grinned as she walked into the ball room of The Tipton. The place was huge. It had a large dance floor surrounded by dozens of small tables. One wall was lined with long tables full of food and drinks. The people milling around or dancing, or just sitting and enjoying their small plates of food filled the place to capacity. Not waiting to try and find Mr. Barkin, she started to snap photos of the crowd and the dance floor, making her way toward the back where she knew she'd find Sheine.

She grinned as her friend walked up to her, her eyes roaming the long green dress that Shego wore. It was in an Asian style, with a high collard and jade buttons. A black dragon ran the length of the tight green silk.

"Shego, you've outdone yourself." Kim said.

"Thanks Kimmie, but it was picked out for me. Though I do believe it is the best they've picked yet." Sheine smiled. "You're not doing too bad yourself."

Kim blushed, looking down at the little black dress Shego had picked out for her earlier. She was silently glad for that spider bite toning her body. Without it she'd have just looked silly in something this elegant. Still, in her opinion, Shego was much better looking.

"Thanks," Kim blushed, "But I've got to get pictures, and you're supposed to help me."

"Right, first let's mingle. My brother already talked to the Bugle reporter, and your boss is over that way," Sheine pointed, "He looked happy."

"Doubt that, but continue." Kim grinned.

"Right, the heiress of the Tipton fortune, London Tipton, is floating around here somewhere, just listen for the words, 'yay me.' There's a few senators, a couple other corporate heads, and I think the governor is here somewhere…" Sheine sighed, "Just remember, as far as I'm concerned, they're all idiots."

"Not my problem," Kim sighed, "I just have to take pictures, speaking of…" Kim snapped off a shot of Shego.

"Hey!"… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Harry smiled at the board of directors and the infamous Dr. Director as he walked into the conference room. His smile left, however, when he noticed that Demond, Cranstin, and Burmin standing in the room as well. His eyes quickly settled on the head of the board.

"Mr. Masters, directors," His tone was guarded, "I see we have some… unexpected guests…"

"Harry." The older man said, his eyes showing a little sadness, "I'm afraid we have some… bad news for you. With the recent failure of the GenAmp Serum, and the accident yesterday, the board has decided to sell out to Impossible Aerospace. I'm sorry Harry."

"You can't do this…" Harry said, his eyes closing as he gripped the table.

"I'm afraid it's already done Harry." Another board member said.

"Yes well, since I won't be continuing my contracts till this takeover is complete, I'll see you all some other time." Dr. Director said, "Gentlemen."

Harry watched the woman leave, his eyes flashing blue a moment. A cruel smile curled his lips.

They can't do this Harry, we won't let them do this…

"Gentlemen, my father created this company. I will not let it fall to these egotistical upstarts. It will remain Go Industries, no matter what I have to do to make that happen." Harry growled out.

"Tough luck, Go, but you don't have a choice. The New I.A. armor is almost finished, even with that attack we sustained the other day, and our secondary facilities have the data backed up. We need a new facility in Go City; we'll be taking yours…"

Harry's eyes shown with a smoldering blue light as he looked up at them all, "Oh no, you won't!"… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Kim grinned as she took a picture of London Tipton and Sheine with the Governor, "Thank you Governor, Miss Tipton, I'm sure my boss will love the photos.

"Oh, Kim…" Sheine said, "There goes Dr. Director." She pointed to a woman in a blue pants-suit with an eye patch. "She's the leader of that government police force, Global Shield."

"Oh, thanks." Kim said as she snapped off a shot of the woman while she could.

"Lets see," Sheine thought about it, you've got photos of just about all the major people, all that's left are my brother, and the board of Directors, and they won't be here till after the meeting is over." Shego grinned, "So now we eat."

"Sounds good to me." Kim grinned, walking with her friend toward the food.

"So tell me, how are you liking the photography thing? You're obviously good at it." Sheine grinned as they stopped at the buffet tables.

"It's fun, getting shots no one else can, the look on peoples faces when they see my Spider-Girl shots is amazing." Kim grinned a bit, thinking of just WHY she could get those shots, "But meeting the people here and taking their photos has been fun too."

"I can imagine," Shego grinned, "If they didn't bore me and drive me nuts that is."

"I can see how that might put a damper on things…" Kim giggled.

Shego was about to speak when Kim's head spun around, her eyes locking on the door to where the meeting was being held as her spider sense blared. Without thinking, she grabbed Sheine, rolling them both under a table as the door and wall exploded in an eruption of blue fire. She pulled her camera to her eye, snapping off shot after shot as the Goblin roared and came through the hole. Kim could see several charred skeletons through the hole as people started to run.

"Shego, get out of here, try to find your brother, and get somewhere safe." Kim said, taking another photo.

"What are you going to do?" Sheine asked.

"I'm going to find a place to hide and take pictures." Kim said.

"That's crazy…" Shego pointed out.

"It's my job…" Kim said, her eyes hard. "Now go, I'll be fine… call the police, get some help here."

"Grrr… Fine Possible, but don't get hurt." Shego said as she made her way out of the banquet hall.

"Alright Goblin, time for round two." Kim smirked as she looked for a place to change.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Yes, run… run all you pathetic creatures!

The Goblin launched more fireballs, searching for the one eyed monster that would harm his family. His eyes smoldered as they finally settled on the form he was searching for. He slowly started to stalk towards it, clawed hands blazing with blue flames. A low chuckle escaped his rasping throat.

"Dr. Director…" The goblin's voice was a hideous growl, and his eyes flickered with flames as he spoke, "It's… time for you to die…"

The hardened agent drew a weapon, firing point blank into the creatures hide until the gun locked empty. She cursed as she threw the weapon at its head, before falling into a ready stance; determined not to go down without a fight.

The Goblin only laughed, his flames burning brighter. He let out a roar as he brought both fists down in an axe handle blow. The hardwood floor shattered beneath the blow as Dr. Director leapt out of the way and came back to kick the monster in the head. He laughed, backhanding the agency leader into a wall.

"Pathetic creature, you'll see… you won't hurt my family…" The Goblin growled, his fist glowing a brighter blue.

"HEY CHUCKLES! HEADS UP!" Spider-Girl called as she swung in, catching the Goblin in the jaw with both feet and knocking him away from Dr. Director.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Spider-Girl rebounded from the kick and flipped, landing in a crouch next to Dr. Director. Her goggled gaze locked on the Goblin as she spoke to the stunned agent next to her.

"No offense Director, but I don't think a normal human can handle this. There's an exit nearby, I suggest you use it." She launched forward, landing a haymaker to the side of the Goblin's head.

"ROAR! SPIDER, You shouldn't have interfered!" The Goblin growled at her, shaking his head to clear it.

"Whoa, much better language skills than last time… I'm shocked." Spider-Girl crouched, watching as he stood.

"You should stay out of MY business!" The Goblin roared, launching a fireball at her.

Spider-Girl leapt out of the way, avoiding the fireball easy as she used a web-line to change direction and swing around behind the green monster. She rebounded off a wall and kicked it in the back of the head, knocking it forward. Another hard blow broke the floor beneath its head before it let out a roar and shoved to its feet, sending the teen hero flying. Spider-Girl spun in the air, landing on the ceiling.

"Where'd you go!" The Goblin searched the hall, his eyes traveling over all the empty corners.

"HEY UGLY!" Kim leapt off the ceiling, gravity and her strength speeding her to the ground as she shoulder tackled the Goblin like a cannon ball.

The Goblin tried to grab her, only her spider sense giving her enough time to dodge the clawed hands. She shot webs at his ankles, and another at his throat, binding him to the floor before she grabbed a heavy piece of wall, slamming it down on him.

Spider-girl stood back, waiting a moment as she watched the Goblin. A roar echoed in the room and an eruption of blue flames incinerated the rubble that trapped him as he climbed to his feet. His eyes were now flaming with the blue blaze that surrounded his hands. Spider-girl leapt to the side as soon as her spider-sense blared, shocked as she saw beams of blazing hot energy erupt from Goblin's eyes.

"Holy crap, he's got laser vision!" Wade's voice echoed in her ear.

"I see that, where have you been?" Spider-Girl hissed as she sent a web-line at the Goblin's feet, yanking them out from under him.

"Supper, just realized something was going on…" clicks could be heard as Wade typed, "I have no idea what to tell you though…"

"Right." Kim ducked as the Goblin punched at her, then darted through his legs, only to receive a kick into a wall.

Her reflexes saved her, letting her crouch into the impact and hold onto the wall. She shot a web-line at his eyes, blinding him. Then she launched forward again, a hard blow connecting with the Goblin's jaw. A kick to the back of its knee followed, then a double axe handle blow to the back of its skull. She leapt over his head as he swiped a flaming claw at her, kicking him in the back of the head before he reared back, sending her flying into a wall.

She collapsed to the ground, grunting, "Ok, that one hurt…"

"EVERYBODY FREEZE!" The sound of an authoritative voice echoed in the room.

Spider-Girl looked to the doorways, shocked to see so many blue uniformed soldiers. Her eyes locked on the leader, Dr. Director, and the high powered energy rifle she was holding. Then she glanced over at Goblin, hissing as he ripped the webbing from his eyes.

"This will not end well," Wade's voice was hollow in her ear.

"Not at all." She agreed quietly.

"DIRECTOR!" Goblin roared, rushing toward the woman just as the soldiers opened fire with their energy weapons.

Spider-Girl watched as multiple shots rebounded off its hardened hide, but a few managed to hurt it. The creature roared again, turning tail and escaping through a wall in an explosion of flames and blue plasma. The heroine used the distraction to duck out, grabbing her camera before they could catch her.

"That was not a happy party." Wade said.

"I wish I knew what that thing was after…" She growled, "But now I have to change back into my dress and find Shego."… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 …. 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Sheine stared at the building, the cops and crime tape the only thing holding her back from going in to search for Kim and her brother. She yelled as she saw Kim coming out, her black dress covered in grey dust and her face splashed with soot. She waved at the redhead.

"KIM! Over here!" Sheine yelled again, smiling.

"Sheine." Kim rushed to her friend, stopping only for a cursory check by the police, "I got the pictures!" Kim grinned.

"You're insane Princess." Shego grinned, "What happened?"

"Spider-Girl again, fought the thing to a near standstill; then Global Shield showed up with energy weapons and Goblin and Spider-Girl vanished." Kim looked sad a minute though, "I got another shot too… there were a lot of charred corpses in the room that Goblin came from… burned down to bones… have you found your brother?"

"Harry!" Sheine grabbed her phone, dialing her brother's number as fast as she could, a worried look on her face.

Kim watched, then sighed as Sheine's face split in a relaxed smile.

"Hey doof! Where are you?" Sheine laughed, "Well lucky you, that Goblin monster just trashed your party. Kim and I are gonna get out of here. I'll see you at home."

"He's ok?" Kim asked, glad for her friend.

"Yea, he's fine. The meeting broke up, and he left to take care of some emergency at the office. Something to do with reconstruction. He didn't even know what happened." Sheine laughed.

"Well, I'm glad he's ok, and now, let's go find something to eat… and let me call home to tell them I'm ok." Kim grinned as she took her friends phone.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 …. 000 … 000 … 000

Harry closed the phone, sighing as he sat resting in his office. His stronger form had easily made it over the rooftops to the Go Industries building. After he transformed back, sneaking into his office was easy enough. He'd changed and picked up his spare phone just as Sheine called. He found it strange that the lies had come so easily, but necessary.

"She wouldn't understand Harry, not yet." Goblin's image spoke from his reflection in the window.

"I know Goblin, but we have other problems. Dr. Director got away, and that Spider… she's becoming quite troublesome." Harry tapped his fingers on the glass as he looked out at the city, "Though now we can do to Impossible Aerospace what they wanted to do to us… buy up their facilities and products… that should help our company quite a bit."

"Yes Harry, it will… but we must take care of the Spider… we must Kill her.." Goblin said, his voice hissing in Harry's mind.

"You're right… But how…" Harry sighed.

"I know…" Goblin laughed as his plan took form in their mind.… 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000 … 000

Dr. Director was not happy. That was the prevailing thought in the mind of every Global Shield agent she passed. A thought that found action in them hurry to get out of her way. She kicked the door to her office open, her secretary blinking up in shock as she came in.

A hard look around the office and she quickly rounded on the secretary, "Get Will Du in my office, NOW!"

With that the leader of Global Shield entered her private office and started opening computer files and requisitions for men and weapons. Her uncovered eye was smoldering with rage as she ran over the files again and again. She barely looked up as the agent she wanted walked in.

"The creature that assaulted Impossible Aerospace yesterday attacked the Go Industries banquet tonight. However, it knew who I was, and wanted me specifically. I had to be saved by a vigilante in red leather! On top of that, our assault lasers had minimal effect on the creature. I'm putting together an assault force. We will capture, contain, and study this creature. I want to know where it came from, and who wants me dead." Dr. Director tossed a first printout of the orders to Will.

He scanned them carefully, "You're issuing heavy anti-tank blasters?" Will looked up at her.

"I want him, by ANY means necessary!" She growled.

"What about Spider-Girl?" Will asked.

"She's helping this city, despite what the Bugle might say, so we leave her be… for now." Dr. Director glared at will.

"Yes ma'am." Will saluted as he left.