Tied to the Darkness


Cloud opened his eyes…. But still could see nothing.

He looked around, checking his eyes were actually open and his heart began to pump faster in his chest. He tried to stand, but felt a jolt to his wrists at the sudden movement. He turned, trying to look at his hands through the black.

He pulled his wrists forward and felt a cool, thick ring digging into his skin. "No…" he breathed, becoming scared. "No, no, no, no…" He pulled more frantically at the restraints and couldn't move at all. He began to pant in fear, his blue gaze darting around the black, trying to glimpse anything that would help him.

Then there was a loud click and a blinding light flooded into his dilated pupils.

Cloud clenched his eyes shut and turned his head away from the white light. A shallow chuckle erupted from the opened door and he slowly opened one of his eyes, then the other to look ahead at the silhouette in the doorway.

Suddenly, his breath was cut off by a hand around his throat. It tightened ever so slightly, the sound of leather stretching across the stranger's skin. "Hello… Cloud." A smooth but venomous voice hissed into the blonde's ear.

"Seh… Sephiroth…" Cloud barely choked out.

Another chuckle proceeded to erupt from the man's mouth as a smirk spread over his thin lips. "Indeed." He threw Cloud backwards, the blonde's head cracking against the stone behind him. He gasped for breath, his body hanging by his bound wrists. "Do you know why I've brought you here, Cloud…?" Sephiroth continued, circling the stone slab that was anchored down to the middle of the round floor.

"To kill me…?" Cloud asked, watching as the man circled around him.

His following words were laced with sinister intentions. "Oh… Not quite yet."

"Then what?" Cloud asked once his nemesis was standing in front of him.

Sephiroth flowed forward, nearing Cloud slowly like the predator he was. Cloud tried to swipe his feet out from under the man, but he soon found that his ankles were also restrained. "Don't you think I know you well enough yet?" The man asked, another grin gracing his lips.

The blonde glared up at Sephiroth, his cerulean eyes narrowing dangerously. "You haven't answered." He growled.

The silver-haired man leaned down, closer to Cloud's face and his fingers cupped his jaw roughly. "You want to know why…?" Cloud's head moved erratically, trying to shake the hand away from his skin, but Sephiroth jolted the blonde's face forward, pulling his limbs tight against their restraints. Cloud froze as Sephiroth's cheek brushed against his and the man's lips stopped but a centimeter from his ear.

"To break you…"

Cloud's eyes widened at the hissed words. A shiver ran through his spine and he could no longer breathe…

He could almost feel Sephiroth's smirk spread across his lips as the man pulled away and let go of the blonde's flesh. Cloud's cerulean eyes stayed still… his mind frozen by his enemy's words.

Slowly, the light from the doorway began to decrease, but it paused. Sephiroth turned his head slightly to look back over his shoulder at the blonde. "It starts tomorrow…" He said coolly, and the light disappeared, once again leaving Cloud tied to the darkness.

Chapter 1… It Begins

The sound of heavy footsteps…

…he was coming.

Cerulean eyes lifted to the door…

…ready to face their tormentor.

The door opened and Cloud looked away, clenching his eyes closed to shield his senses from the blinding light. Then the door closed and the steps moved forward. Cloud's eyes opened… He couldn't see anything, unlike the day before when Sephiroth hadn't bothered to close the door behind him. But for Sephiroth, the room was clear as though the light had never left. His SOLDIER enhancements were working towards his advantage. "Are you prepared…?"

The smooth voice roamed into Cloud's ears from every direction and the blonde couldn't help but feel scared. His eyes darted around the room, trying to see a glimmer of those venomous eyes or a streak of silver hair. But nothing came to his gaze.

"You didn't answer me…" He said again. Sephiroth was approaching the blonde, slipping the leather gloves from his creamy skin. He bent down, so his lips were only a few centimeters from the blonde's skin. "…Cloud."

The blonde moved away from the source of breath, and looked in that direction to have his lips suddenly crushed by Sephiroth's. But he wasn't about to submit himself to such a monster…

Sephiroth retreated from his attack, the taste of blood upon his tongue. His uncovered fingers drifted across his bottom lip, wiping away some of the crimson liquid from the bite Cloud had inflicted. He smirked having expected the blonde to fight back.

Cloud spat to his side and rubbed his mouth against his arm that was still tied to hang beside him, removing Sephiroth's taste from his lips. "What are you planning Sephiroth!?" He demanded, glaring in the general direction of the man.

"I told you Cloud… I'm going to break you." Sephiroth responded coolly.

"But why…?" He could almost feel the silver-haired man circling him again. "How…?

Then a foreign touch grazed his neck. Cloud moved backwards at his nemesis's cool touch across his heated skin. He knew Sephiroth was ahead of him now… But where?

"You want to know why, Cloud…?" Sephiroth hissed. The blonde tried to move farther back against the stone, but to no prevail. "To hear you pant…" The zipper of the blonde's shirt was moving down, slowly letting the cold air caress his flesh. "…to hear you moan…" Cloud could feel the opened shirt being pushed back, revealing his chest. "…to hear you scream…" His eyes screwed shut and his fingers curled into fists as the man's lips coiled around his exposed nipple.

Cloud swallowed. Sephiroth's teasing tongue was working on his nerves, massaging sensations into his skin. Sephiroth's hands drifted up Cloud's sensitive sides and back, making the blonde arch into his touch. He desperately held back a moan, not wanting to show any types of weakness against his enemy's venomous contact. The poison of his nemesis's hands and lips was seeping into his body, shivers running down his spine and limbs.

Sephiroth's lips trailed up Cloud's exposed chest, towards his arching neck, stopping momentarily to bite the blonde's collarbone. He could tell it was becoming more and more difficult for the blonde not to moan as he panted… his muscled body arching against Sephiroth's… his head tilting back from the sensations of pleasure…

Sephiroth's lips closed over Cloud's already open mouth, his tongue entering the blonde's. Cloud's eyes opened and he turned away, the man's tongue slipping from his mouth. Sephiroth's caresses faltered and a cross look spread over his features. Cloud's eyes were sharp, his senses back in check. "Nh…No…" He panted. "I won't… give in." Sephiroth's hands moved away from his skin and Cloud could hear the man stand.


The blonde's eyes flickered up to where Sephiroth's most-likely were. "Good…?" Cloud repeated. His eyes clenched shut as the light reappeared, but he soon opened them again to look at the silhouette of his enemy.

"Yes…" He said softly. "For the longer you resist… The longer you stay…" And with that, Sephiroth's form disappeared into the light and the door closed.