a/n: byakugan-love, though she doesn't know this, has motivated me into making a neji-hina fic. if you detest incest, especially hyuuga-cest, then don't read. this is only a prologue (sort of), hence its short length. not sure if i wanna continue this, though. the idea just popped in my head one night while i was lying in bed, then i saw byakugan-love's neji-hina "so close" picture and this happened.

He thought he'd long forgiven the members of the main house. He thought he'd no longer live with a grudge-bearing heart. But her very being... her very image burned into his mind, singed his soul, and racked his flesh – marking him deeply.

Her midnight-blue tendrils, her opalescent eyes, her gentle smile...

He couldn't stand it. He couldn't stand her. Beneath his superficiality, he loathed her. Under his façade of tolerance, he longed for her demise.

She was everything good in the world: the purest, sweetest, blameless entity. Disgusting. She was influential. She was compassionate. She was weak at heart. All the more reason to hate her. She didn't deserve her position as heir to the secrets of his family. It belonged to him. But fate mingled its prying hands, twisting everything. Everything.


She was nothing but a wisp of a girl. A fragile and naïve girl, who would shatter at the gentlest touch. So why her?

No. He wouldn't have it. His thoughts morphed, morbid desires to strip his beloved cousin of her innocence enveloped his conscience, overpowering any past affections he held for her. They were no more. All tenderness he harbored for her gone, as if it had never even come into existence. He wanted nothing more than to tear her apart, make her fall asunder – to ravage her senseless, until she begged him for mercy to only be smiled cruelly upon.

What would only bring his soul to rest, his flailing rage to peace, would be her desecration, her undoing.

A memory flashed across his eyes.

Hinata's heart-warming smile...

Was this truly the real Hyuuga Neji? The one who had grown to admire his cousin the first he laid eyes on her? The one who had hidden his befuddling emotions with coldness so well? Had his soul not find tranquility after the sincerest apologies Hyuuga Hiashi had offered?

No... he had never really come to forgive them. That Neji was just all pretense.