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She couldn't believe it was over six month since she knocked on his door. Well, their door now, because somehow she never left. They didn't even talk about it. After they spent bigger part of the afternoon making love and talking, when the night came they just went to bed like they have been doing it for years. She woke up in his arms happier then ever and joined him at the breakfast table after his shower and her making the coffee. He had an appointment so after he drank his cup he kissed her – twice because once wasn't enough for either of them, and then said: "See you in the afternoon." And he did.

She moved in completely over the next two weeks. The insides of the house were better then its exterior but still needed some work – or furniture. The electricity, plumbing and heating were done and the living room was already painted in light brown. The kitchen was small and nicely equipped but none of the counters had doors at the time since Dean was making them himself. It was done in white and deep green. The bathrooms were ready too, both in different shades of blue. The one adjoined to their bedroom had shower and a big tube on silvery legs which she instantly fell for. They spent some pretty romantic and passionate evenings in it.

However the two bedrooms and the small room that for now was kind of a store room needed to be painted and furnished. In the living room were only a TV with DVD player and a Hi-Fi set and a cozy terracotta couch with some family pictures on the walls. Their bedroom only had a mattress and a dresser on which were several photos of the two of them. They put them there on her third day. And as the time passed they became more and more. He joked that soon they will be needing another dresser.

After the wedding was off and she moved in she called to the paper but they said they wouldn't need her before September and she was left with nothing to do. So she decided to help with the house. Dean wanted to make the furniture himself so she bought paint and made herself useful. She soon realized she was enjoying it a lot. She painted their bedroom in green and yellow and the other bedroom in light grey and pink. When she was done she took the things out of the store room, painted it in rich red and white and put the things back in.

Dean offered help but she declined. Sometimes he was working home a lot and she loved those days, other times he was gone the whole day for week or more depending on the work. He wasn't lying when he said he was doing good. Sometimes he got a little lost in his work but she learned not to worry as long as she knew where he was. She liked to observe him by work and not only because he was so damn sexy when he got a little sweaty and she could see his muscles work under the shirt. He really enjoyed his work and she was happy when he was happy.

For the one month anniversary of them being 'roommates' as he put it, he presented her with their bed. It was big, made of cherry-tree and the headboard had elaborated carvings of stars and moon and the sun because 'you make me feel like heaven' he explained with a smile. With time he made also nightstands and for Christmas he gave her a toilet table. After that the bedroom was pretty much perfect with the replica of Monet's Lilies on the water above the bed and the chandelier they found in Mrs. Kim shop.

The living room was looking more and more homey too since he gave her a free reign in decoration. He made the dinning table and the chairs too and they christened it as almost every new piece of furniture – made or bought. It was a very sturdy table. And that's how she spent most of the time shopping before finally going to work. But she loved every single shopping spree because it was for them. When she started working their routine slightly changed but some things remained the same.

She still told him she loved him at least once a day. Sometimes in the morning after they woke up. Sometimes in the evening before they fell asleep. Sometimes she just called him to tell him. On the night she moved in completely he asked about it as they sat on the porch.

"Why do you keep saying it? Not that I mind. I just don't want you to feel you have to."

She searched for the right words for a while before responding.

"I know I don't have to. But I want to. Because when we were together for the first time and the second time and even the third time you always put so much into it. And I know you don't always split fifty-fifty emotional-wise in a relationship but when the other one gives hundred and twenty most of the time it doesn't mean you only need to bring eighty. I somehow forgot. But now I know. You bring as much as you have. Always. And it doesn't matter if it's twenty, ninety seven or two hundred and twelve. I know I love you so why shouldn't you? Besides, it feels really nice to say it, I never realized it before."

He didn't say anything to it just kissed her forehead and held her closer.

He still brought her flowers every Monday. Sometimes it was a bouquet at the end of the day, sometimes only a single flower he picked somewhere or a pot plant for the living room. He said it was to brighten up her week. She told him she only needed to see him to brighten anything and all.

Neither of them was much of a cook though they wouldn't exactly starve but they discovered their love for baking. It was pretty domestic and they were getting really good at it, too. But they only baked together. Although sometimes they just ended up eating the mixture – or licking it of each other. Who would think that baking could be that sexy?

She was amazed that after all this time he could still send shivers down her spine with a mere look of his beautiful eyes. She couldn't get enough of him and the most wonderful think was that he felt exactly the same. And it wasn't just about the sex. It was also about quiet evenings spent reading while he was making drawings for his current or future project. Or watching movies. Or dancing. Or talking. Or doing nothing at all. Sometimes just being with him was enough.

Not that it was all roses and no thorns. They argued but they always talked their way through any problem. Or screamed their way through it which was usually slightly better because the making-up was always as heated as their arguments. They learned from the past and they knew they could work out almost anything if they tried hard enough.

She called Lorelei the day after to share the news and all she asked was:

"Are you sure?"

"I've never been more certain of anything in my life."

And it was enough for her mom.

Luke was a completely different story, however. Lorelei told her that he was, well ecstatic wasn't really anything Luke would do, but extremely happy about her decision not to marry 'the spoiled little brat' as he put it. But when she told him about Dean he almost went through the roof. And she only told him about the two of them getting back together. She wasn't sure how to explain their living situation after that. She only knew she had to do it slow.

So about five weeks into them enjoying love and life together they were both invited to the Gilmore/Danes household. She was quite excited and Dean was pretty anxious. He was looking forward to see Lorelei again but not so much to see Luke. He didn't know what to expect and neither did she.

They made themselves presentable, put some freshly baked brownies in a box and got in Deans truck. He insisted on taking his car and she didn't really mind. She found the reason later when they parked in front of the house and after getting out of the car Dean took a big package from the back of the truck. She wanted to know what it was he was carrying but she figured if he wanted her to know he would tell her. And she would find out soon enough, anyway. They kissed and then proceeded to the door. She knocked since he had his hands full.

Beaming and now visibly pregnant Lorelei came to open the door. She enfolded Rory in a hug after she exclaimed: "We brought brownies." And then she turned to Dean.

"Looking good. I would hug you too but your hands seem to be full." She eyed the strangely shaped package in his hands. "What is it?"

"Present." He didn't elaborate.

"Can we come in?" Rory asked.

"Of course."

They all moved to the living room where Lorelei motioned for them to sit down after Dean put the mysterious package at the side of the sofa.

"Honey, the kids are here." Lorelei yelled. And then she turned back to them. "What do you want to drink?"

"Coke." Said Rory.

"For me too." Said Dean.

"No beer?" a voice came from the direction of the kitchen. And then Luke himself appeared. But before anyone could respond, he spoke again motioning for the package on the ground. "What is this?"

"Present for you," at this three pairs of rather surprised eyes turned to him, "and Lorelei." Dean continued.

"You didn't need to." Said Lorelei but she was already kneeling down to unwrap it.

"Consider it a late wedding present."

"A very late one." Grunted Luke under his breath but it was tuned out by the squeal Lorelei let out when she finally got through all the wrapping. "A crib?" she asked with misty eyes.

"Rory said you didn't have one yet and I found this picture in a magazine and I thought of you." He blushed slightly.

The crib was made of beech and quite simple. The rails were painted in baby-blue. On the side boards were cravings of different animals such as bears, dogs, cats and ducks. The Gilmore Girls were pretty much speechless and even Luke seemed slightly impressed but he recovered quickly.

After Lorelei was done admiring the gift she stood up and embraced Dean fighting back tears while he looked slightly alarmed.

"Don't worry. It's the hormones." She whispered. Luke cleared his throat loudly.

"Dinner is ready."

They made their way to the kitchen where a table was set for four and both Dean and Luke hold the chair for their respective girl.

"It smells great, Luke."

They ate and talked about work and the town and such and it was a pretty pleasant affair when Dean turned to Lorelei with a question.

"Do you have a name already?"

"A name?" Lorelei asked and Luke looked puzzled.

"For the baby." He explained himself. "Rory told me it is a boy." He meant to congratulate them but was silenced by the look in Luke's eyes.

"We found out yesterday, why would she tell you?" anger and disbelief mixed in his voice.

"I just came home when Lorelei called and she was so excited about it. I didn't know it was a secret." Now it was Dean's turn to be a little confused.

"Wait, home?! What do you mean home!!"

"Home, as in the place we live."


The Gilmore Girls would have laughed if they weren't a little scared for Dean's life and Luke's blood-pressure. And then he dropped the bomb.

"Yeah, me and Rory." This information rendered Luke speechless.

"Didn't I tell you, honey? Rory moved in with Dean a while ago." Lorelei said innocently.

Luke just grunted and Dean shot Rory a questioning look. She just shook her head. Her mother and Luke were having a staring contest and Luke was loosing – as usually.

"Her choice." Lorelei said and after about 27 seconds Luke grunted and gave up.

"Where exactly do you live?" he turned to Dean.

"I bought a house on the outskirt of Hartford some time ago."

"We are renovating." Rory chimed in.

After that the pleasant feeling returned. Well, except for Luke shooting dead glares at Dean every time he touched Rory.

After that evening a Saturday dinner or lunch became regularity. And when their house was more presentable they were meeting in each of the houses every other week.

Before the first visit Dean and Rory were both really nervous but it went very well. Lorelei loved the house and after Dean showed them his workshop Luke actually talked to him, asking him about his recent project and even nodded his head in agreement though he didn't say a one word of praise. But with time that came too.

The even bigger problem were the Mighty Gilmores. The Friday dinners were not a weekly occurrence anymore but happened at least once a month. And Rory needed two to pluck up the courage to tell them about her "new" boyfriend. Not that she ever brought him with her. Luke rarely attended the Gilmore family events and he was now a part of the family. There was really no reason to expose Dean to the torture. She loved her grandparents. But she loved them even more far far away from Dean.

So when she finally decided that she was ready by the time the dessert was served, she took a deep breath and drop yet another bomb on her unsuspecting grandparents. This time she however managed the almost impossible – she rendered them speechless. They had a pretty nice evening after that because they didn't seemed to find their voices till her and her mother left.

She wasn't sharing that much of it either – just the who and what. All the how's and where's were left out. For safety purposes.

Lane of course knew as she was the second one she called that day. She even visited a few times with Zack. They returned the favor later and that's how the whole of Stars Hollow found out.

After the exciting news became old news life became, not normal but wonderfully uneventful. And she couldn't believe it was over six months of them living together.

She was running a little late because she got stuck at work. It wouldn't matter that much but Dean insinuated he had a little something in mind for that evening and she was really curious.

When she pulled in the drive way it was already dark and as she opened the front door she was assaulted by wonderful smells. She took of her coat and headed in the kitchen where she was met with the sight of a table set for two and her wonderful boyfriend sipping on a glass of red wine.

"You cooked?"

"I ordered." He smirked as he stood up and hold the chair gesturing for her to sit down. As she obliged he proceeded with serving a delicious dinner and even more delicious dessert.

"So what's the occasion?" she asked as they set curled up together on the couch her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat as he stroked her back lovingly.

He cleared his throat and she felt his body tense.

"I've been thinking about this for the longest time searching for an idea as special as you are. I was trying to write a speech and choose appropriate music and spot. But then I realized that the only thing that will make it special is your answer." He kissed the top of her head and then put a finger under her chin making her face him. "Rory, I love you." And not giving her a chance to respond, he went on. "Will you marry me?"

Her eyes huge as saucers and her heart missing several beats she wasn't able to produce sound. She just set there looking at him trying to wrap her mind around his words. He wasn't moving either waiting for her answer.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, millenniums and half-forever have passed them or so it seemed. And she still couldn't think. That's when her heart decided to take charge.

"Yes." She whispered. "Yes." She repeated a little louder this time. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she almost screamed as she flung her arms around his neck almost suffocating him in the process – not that he minded.

They stayed like that for a while before he whispered to her ear: "There's one more thing."

She loosened her grip and looked at him with question in her eyes. They again got wide as he produced a velvet box from his pocket and then opened it to reveal a white gold band with a radiant cut sapphire. His hands trembled as he slid the ring on her shaking finger.

She took a moment to admire the ring now adorning her hand and then she looked into his eyes. "I love you." She whispered and they leaned in for a kiss. They were only a heartbeat apart when a song rang through the room and made them stop.

"Its mom." She said with apologetic look and stood up to pick it up.

As she did so she didn't even get a chance to say hello when a voice screamed from it so loud even Dean could here it.

"Lorelei is in labor."