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I do

"We meet you in the hospital." She said in a calm voice while Dean was already on his feet gathering their coats and keys, meeting her at the front door. "Just calm down." But she was greeted by the dialing tone.

"Can you drive?" she asked Dean and he nodded. He understood and a warm feeling filled her stomach at the thought. How she didn't need to explain that though she looked calm on the outside in reality she was just a nervous wreck on autopilot.

They arrived at the hospital in a record time though it felt like eternity to both of them. They got out of the car and her hand firmly holding to his strong one they made their way to the counter. She left the talking to Dean.

"Excuse me, Lorelei Gilmore Danes, she should have been admitted a while ago, she is in labor." And older nurse with a kind smile searched through her files and then pointed them in the direction of Lorelei's room.

When they reached the door Dean stopped and pointed to nearby chairs.

"I'll wait for you here, OK?"

She nodded and then knocked on the door and got inside. She went out to sit next to him when the actual labor started. It really wasn't something she wanted or needed to witness and Lorelei didn't mind.

Couple of cups of coffee and several magazines later the door opened and grinning Luke motioned for them to come in. Dean helped her up and they walked into the room where sweaty and exhausted but positively glowing Lorelei was already lying in a bed and just as they approached her a nurse with a blue bundle in her hands came too and handed it to her.

Lorelei eagerly reached for her son and when he was securely nestled in her arms a look of awe and love appeared on her face. Luke went and sat on the bet next to her putting an arm around her shoulder and gently striking the baby's hand. Lorelei then lifted her misty gaze to Rory and announced:

"Rory, meet you brother, Liam Gilmore Danes."

Lorelei marveled over the boy for a while before she asked Rory.

"You wanna hold him?"

Rory nodded and took the infant in the arms smiling at him. Dean had his arm around her waist and was looking at her and at the baby in turns.

"No." came suddenly from Luke and everyone turned to him questioningly. Looking into Dean's eyes he repeated.


"What are you talking about?" Lorelei was completely puzzled. And he just repeated.


"Do you know what he is talking about?" she turned to her daughter and her boyfriend when her husband didn't offer an explanation. Dean just shook his head and Rory offered a confused no.

Luke didn't say anything else and Lorelei then reached for Liam to be returned to her loving arms. Rory obliged and she stood back with Dean's arms wrapped around her waist with her left hand absentmindedly stroking his arm. That's when Lorelei spotted it.

"What is it?"


"Your left hand. On your ring finger. There is a ring. An engagement ring. Why didn't you tell me? When did it happen? Do you have a date?" her ramble was stopped by Luke's hand on her mouth.

"Explain." Was all he said.

"Dean asked me to marry him. I said yes. And then Luke called and we came here." What a way to make short story shorter.

"This isn't how I wanted you guys to find out." Dean intercepted. "I kinda wanted to ask you for permission."

"Would it make any difference?" Luke asked sounding slightly angry and highly disapproving.

"Not for me. But for Rory." He kissed her temple and she smiled at how good he knows her.

"Sweetheart, after what happen in the last six months I don't think it is an issue. But for all its worth, you have my permission. Congratulation." Lorelei recovered from the shock pretty quickly. "Luke, go give the kids a hug." She ordered.

He looked a little stunned but obliged.

"Are you sure?" he whispered in Rory's ear while giving her a hug. She looked into his eyes and smiled in response.

He then shook Dean's hand a little reluctantly.

"You better not hurt her or I…" he was interrupted by Lorelei's cough. But Dean held his gaze and replied.

"I won't if she won't." Luke didn't have a comeback for that but Rory turned her head in his embrace and kissed his jaw.

"I won't."

"That's settled then now onto merrier topics." Said Lorelei and yawned.

"There will be no more talking." Said Luke and reached for Liam who was already asleep, to put him in the crib next to Lorelei's bed. "You are going to sleep and they are going home." And he didn't even choke on the last word.

Lorelei opened her mouth to protest but it turned into another yawn. And before she could speak again Rory was already hugging her good bye. Then Dean hugged her before he shook hands with Luke and off they were.

"I can't believe I have a brother." Said Rory when they were seated in Dean's truck, heading home. "I can't believe we are engaged." She looked at the ring.

"Do you regret it already?" he asked only half-joking.

"Of course not, silly." She smiled at him and put a reassuring hand on his arm. He then took it in his and kissed it not taking eyes off of the road.

They were sitting like that in a comfortable silence for a while before she spoke again.

"So, have you thought of a date or anything? Or was it a spur of a moment decision?"

"I wanted to ask you ever since you knocked on my door but it seemed a little rushed. And I would marry you tomorrow but Lorelei would probably strangle me and Luke would be only too happy to provide her with a bullet proof alibi." She smiled at the truth of the statement. "I was thinking summer wedding – June or July, at the Dragonfly Inn. I'm sure Sookie would prepare a delicious meal. Maybe she let us decide on the cake. And all of the Stars Hallow would want to celebrate their princess big day, but I would prefer a quiet ceremony and a big party afterwards if it is OK with you. I don't really care about the music as long as our first dance isn't to Candyman."

Her smile vanished as tears filled her eyes and love filled her heart. He knew her so well. He understood. And he was more or less describing her dream wedding. What she ever do to deserve him she had no idea but she was really glad she did it.

He looked at her with a smile that dropped from his lips immediately after he saw the tears in her eyes.

"What is it? Did I say something wrong?"

"No." she smiled at him through her tears. "You said everything just right."

"Why are you crying then?"

"Because I'm happy."

He didn't say anything to that but concentrated on driving again. They arrived home soon and he held the car door open for her just like the front door.

"That was one eventful evening."

"Night more likely." She corrected him after she glanced at the watch on the wall. "I'm really glad it's Saturday." She stifled a yawn.

"Come on. Its time to tuck you in." he took her hand after they hanged their coats and they made their way to the bedroom.

"We got engaged yesterday and hadn't even time to celebrate. There will be no tucking in anytime soon, mister."

"Is it so?" he smiled when he turned to her and put his arms around her slim waist.

"Uhm." She nodded and then got on her tiptoes to kiss him. And they celebrated alright.

When they finally fell asleep it was almost dawn so it was late afternoon by the time the sun's warm rays tickled her face and woke her up. She stirred a little before opening her eyes half way, looking up to find out he was still asleep. So she took the opportunity to admire his face. Not that she didn't know it by heart already but sleep made him look somewhat innocent and more relaxed. His eyelashes were casting long shadows on his cheeks and his mouth was slightly open as if in invitation to kiss him. And she totally planned on doing so a little later.

Her eyes then traveled to his chest and arms that she had a perfect view of since he had his arms around her while they were both laying on their sides. Her right hand was resting on his chest feeling his heartbeat while her left one was on his waist. She let it travel slowly up his back thoroughly enjoying the texture of his skin just like the firm muscles underneath it. Physical work was doing wonders with his body. And his body was doing wonders to hers.

Memories flood her mind along with some pretty naughty thoughts and her left hand travelled back down and under the covers that barely reached his waist. Then she lightly kissed his chest and let her hand travel up again exploring and caressing.

"Taking advantage of me while I'm sleeping?" came a soft murmur from above.

"You mind?" she asked before kissing him again not even looking up.

"Not at all." He smiled and his left hand wrapped more securely around her waist while his right hand was tracing patterns up and down her spine as she kissed her way up his chest and neck to his lips. When she finally reached her destination, he responded hungrily.

It wasn't too long before they were completely consumed by passion. And it was almost dinner time before they were sated enough to think of the other kind of hunger since they also decided to take a shower after the night spent in hospital.

They were now sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee while their dinner was warming up in the microwave. When the cling indicated it was done she served on the plates he prepared and they sat at the table as close as it would allow them. They took a few bites before he spoke.

"So your parents know, maybe we should think of how to break the news to mine." there was the lightest trace of bitterness in his tone and it sadden her. Though he talked at least once a week with Clara, he very rarely spoke to his parents, even less during the time they have been together. It could have been easily blamed on them moving back to Chicago but the truth was that they never really forgave him for the early wedding and even earlier divorce.

That's why she was really glad that Lorelei welcomed him with open arms and that Luke seemed to slowly warm up towards him.

"We can call them." She suggested.

"That will be one short phone call." He said under his breath.

"Now." At this his eyes shot up to meet hers. But she already stood up to search for the phone and after finding it on the couch where she left it yesterday, she handed it to him.

"Can I at least eat my dinner?" it wasn't whole-heartily sarcastic but a little still. She just looked at him, the hand with the phone outstretched in his direction. And she simply starred him down. She was Lorelei's daughter after all.

With a sigh he took the phone and dialed the number. She scooted closer to listen in on the conversation.

It ringed several times before his mother picked up.


"Hi, mom."

"Dean?" she sounded genuinely surprised and a little concerned. "Is something wrong?"

"No. I just, … well something happened and I wanted you and dad to know." he took a deep breath. "I proposed to Rory. And she said yes. We are getting married." The happiness was clear in his voice.

"Oh." Was all, his mom said. And the silence that followed seemed to last forever. "I will tell your dad when he comes home. Did you want anything else?"


"Well, then good bye." And she hung up.

They sat there in silence just looking at each other for a while before she spoke again.

"That went well."

"Yeah, it was a real blast."

"But on the bright side, we still have to tell my grand parents."

"Lucky me." This time the sarcasm was pouring from every syllable.

"The sooner we tell them, the better. I don't want for them to find out from somewhere else." He only sighed in response. "I call mum. Maybe she will have an idea how to break the news to them."

And sure enough, Lorelei being Lorelei came up with a plan. Or an idea. Or a plot. Or a scheme. Or – whatever.

So that's why, two weeks later, they all four happened to be sitting in the living room of the Gilmore/Danes household, waiting for the Mighty Gilmores to come, Liam sleeping soundly in his crib and Luke running to the kitchen every now and then to check on the dinner.

Because that was the plan. Invite the grandparents to meet their grandson and then casually slip in the information about Rory's engagement. It wasn't bullet-proof but at least they had the advantage of home ground and Liam to ease down the shouting. It was a little sad that sharing happy news with her family sounded more like war plans but maybe they surprise them.

When the bell rang they all took a steadying breath and Lorelei went to open the door. They exchange hugs and pleasantries and though the Mighty Gilmores were eyeing both Dean and Luke in not exactly friendly way they didn't say anything rude. Probably feeling a little insecure about not having the advantage of the home ground they kept the remarks to minimum. It didn't however stop them from playing the 20 questions with Dean. But this time he had the answers. The Mighty Gilmores even seemed slightly impressed. But they recovered quickly.

Therefore the dinner was a rather pleasant though still a little awkward affair. Liam slept through it and woke up for the desert. The meeting with their grandson helped the atmosphere a great deal.

Emily sat on the couch with Liam in her arms baby-talking to him while Richard was making faces on him from above her shoulder.

That's when Lorelei gave Rory the signal and stood up to take Liam. Rory took Dean's hand and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Granma, grandpa, I wanted to tell you something." They both turned their heads to her.

Dean squeezed her hand reassuringly.

"I'm getting married." They said nothing just starred at her. So she elaborated. "To Dean." Then they spoke at once.

"Why would you do that?" Richard asked.

"Isn't it a little early for it?" was Emily's question.

"No. And I want to." She responded to both inquiries. Unfortunately those weren't the last ones. They were coming at them with increasing speed, she almost didn't have time to respond. But she tried. As the argument got more heated, their voices raised and Liam didn't like it at all. And he managed the impossible, to be the loudest of them all.

"Stop it." Lorelei said and stood up while Luke took Liam from her and headed up to put him in bed. "Ever heard the one that says that when you have nothing nice to say its better not to say anything at all?" she turned to her parents with that one.

"He is divorced." Was the response to that.

Wow, pulling the big guns now, aren't they.But at least they were not shouting anymore.

"Yes, I am." It was the first time Dean spoke up since Rory's announcement.

"And how long did it last?"

"Too long." The answer was more sad then bitter. And it temporally took the wind off their sails.

"And you want to marry him?" and they were back on track.

"I think we already established that." Lorelei intervened.

Rory was balancing on the edge of disappointed and angry. Dean, sensing her discomfort squeezed her hand and kissed her temple.

"And what makes you think he wont leave you?" now they started to piss off Dean too.

"I always wanted to marry Rory. Why the hell would I leave her?"

"Ah, the cue word. Mom, dad, I'm glad you came but I think its better you say good night. We will send you the invitation." She ushered them out of the door in record time and they surprisingly didn't protest much.

When she came back she found Rory and Dean in an embrace and he was rubbing her back while she was whispering to his ear.

"That was fun." She exclaimed and went to kitchen for some ice cream.

That much for being surprised by the grand parents' reaction.

They stayed the night and to improve all their moods put Charlie and the chocolate factory on. And the Gilmore Girls complained most of the time at it not being as good as the original. So the evening wasn't a complete disaster after all.

Fortunately the rest of their friends took the notice much better.

And so the preparations started and she enjoyed it much more then the first time around. Maybe because this time it was going to be her way. Or better said, their way.

Lorelei was ecstatic when they told her they want to have the wedding in Dragonfly Inn. And Sookie even more. She kept providing them with food samples any chance possible. Michel was his usual cheery self about it but he fooled no one.

The guest list was done pretty quickly since they wanted a really small ceremony. And half of the town was to be expected for the reception. Lane was going to be the matron of honor but they had a little problem with Dean's best man. After about a month of talking it through they decided to ask Luke.

He was surprised but touched though he tried to hide it.

"Why me?"

"You are the closest thing to friend I have here. Plus, you would be invited anyway." He added trying to ease the sentimental mood – for both their sakes. And Luke agreed.

"What, no hug?" Lorelei asked with a smirk after they shook hands and they both glared at her. With no effect whatsoever. "Oh, you are so cute."

The date was decided quite early – it was to be the last weekend of June and the Inn would be closed for the occasion.

They spent a rather interesting afternoon in a flower market searching for the flower arrangements. At the end they came up with quite surprising but mutually agreed upon result.

The invitations were a different story. Guest list was easy but they kept adding people to send the notice to on the list and they couldn't decide on the actual form because they liked too many of the samples. At the end they chose a light brown paper with dark brown letters in simple writing. Above the text was a heart and each half was of a different shade of red that fused together in the middle. It was simple and sweet – kinda like them.

There was also all the legal stuff but that was the easy part and only slightly frustrating. Most of it was done through phone calls anyway.

The good part came when her grand parents RSVP-ed that they would come. The sad part was when Dean's parents wrote they wouldn't. But Clara was excited enough for the whole family.

The pieces were slowly coming together. The one that was still missing was her dress. She has seen what felt like hundreds of dresses and tried on at least half of them. But none of them was right and she was slowly starting to panic. It was almost April and no dress in sight. They even went to New York for a shopping spree but all they came back with was a new pair of shoes for Lorelei. Well, at least it wasn't a total waste of time.

It was the first week of April when she was on an assignment in a neighboring city when she saw it in a window of a small shop. The perfect dress. It was in midnight blue – totally inappropriate but she went straight in and asked the only shop assistant – a woman between 30 and 50 with dark hair with violet streaks that matched her dress, about it anyway.

"Do you have the dress in a different color?"

"No." and there went all her hopes. "But I can make you one. Just tell me the color and size."

She has almost kissed the lady right then and there. But she had no time so she took the visit card and promised to come back. And she did. With Lorelei and Lane and they spent a beautiful afternoon with the lady of the mane Brie who was not a shop assistant but the owner and designer of most of the dresses. They have also successfully chosen dresses for the matron of honor and the mother of the bride. Later, during one of the fittings she took Clara, who successfully completed her freshman year at college, with her and she too found the right dress for the occasion.

And before they knew it, it was May and Lorelei started to plan some wild bachelorette party. At the end it was just Rory, Lorelei, Lane, Clara and Paris watching Pipi Long Stockings, eating a lot of unhealthy food. Luke took Dean for a couple of beers and that was it.

And then they woke up one day and it was the last Thursday of June and her mother called to inform her that she is awaited to spend the next two nights in their house. Something about tradition. None of them was too enthusiastic about the idea but they both knew the lengths Lorelei would go to have things her way.

So she packed an over-night bag, kissed him good-bye and after work made her way to Stars Hollow. It was strange to be back home and she wasn't able to fall asleep. It was the first night she spent apart from Dean since the day they got back together. She missed the warmth his body provided. She missed his smell. She missed his kisses. She missed his voice. She simply missed him. And so she picked her cell phone and called. He picked up after the first ring.


"Did I wake you?"

"No, I couldn't sleep."

"Me neither." after a pause she confessed. "I miss you."

"I miss you too."

"I can't believe in two days we will be married." She whispered.

"Getting cold feet?" it might have been a joke. Or not so much.

"No. I can't wait to be your misses."

"Would that make me you mister?"

"No, it would simply make you mine."

"I have always been yours."

"And you always will be. I'm not letting you go. Never ever."

"Glad to hear that."

They talked for a couple of hours and weren't really that useful at work the next day – lack of sleep and emotions on overdrive would do that to a person.

And then it was Saturday and she was hurled out of the bed by her mother at an unholy hour and they rushed to the Inn to prepare. She tried to resist and point out that they had enough time but it fell on completely deaf ears.

So she took a wonderfully long shower and then applied lotion with vanilla scent – his favorite, all over her. Then Lane, Clara and Lorelei came in and all of them manicured and pedicured until everything was to the older woman liking. Then her hair came on the agenda. They had already put the curling pins in it and spent the next half an hour pinning it to her head in the exactly right angle.

The result was a rather complicated creation on the nape of her neck with a few strands of hair curling around her ears and neck. She had a diadem with Swarovski crystals as an adornment – courtesy of Emily Gilmore, and she considered it to be her something new.

After the Beauty squad was content with the result they switched attention to make-up. Which ended up being very simple, emphasizing her big blue eyes.

And then suddenly it was only hour and half left but she was almost ready – she was only missing something old, something borrowed and something blue.

That's when Lane came to her with a rectangular velvety box that upon opening revealed a beautiful necklace. On a thin chain was hanging a small crystal pendant shaped like a teardrop. It matched perfectly with her diadem.

"Mom found it few weeks ago. It's your something old."

It was Clara's turn. And she presented her with a blue garter.

"I know it's not exactly original, but it was mom's. She wanted me to give it to you."

When the meaning of that little piece of lace and ribbon hit home she almost ruined her make-up.

And then it was Lorelei's turn. She handed her a bracelet, that she recognized but she couldn't put her finger on where did she see it before.

"Luke gave it to me on our first anniversary. So I'm definitely having it back. I just wish it would bring you as much happiness as it brought me."

This time a tear escaped her as her mom hugged her but the moment was interrupted as Lane shrieked that they are running out of time.

So she put on the dress, slipped into the shoes and as the two younger women left the room to check whether everything was ready, she turned to her mother.

"You are so beautiful. Are you nervous?"

She thought about it for a while but strangely, the answer was no.

"Anxious, giddy, excited but not nervous."

"That's good. I feel like I should give you some advice but you seem to be doing just fine on your own and I'm so glad. I can't even begin to tell you how happy it makes me to see you so happy. I wish it would be always like this."

"It will." She whispered.

"I know."

And then Lane was knocking and informing them that it was time. She took her bouquet – a scented mix of lavender and lilies of the valley and took her mother's hand. For who better then Lorelei to walk her daughter to the altar.

Lane went first and then it was the two of them walking down the steps into the hall where a small group of people was expecting them. Though none of them as eagerly as the young man in black suit and shirt that matched the color of her dress. It was the color of white coffee. It was empire style and strapless with a cinnamon colored ribbon under her breast tied on her back that went all the way down to the short train of the simple silky dress.

His eyes trailed once over her body then their gazes locked and never once left.

The ceremony was very simple but touched all the people present – the Mighty Gilmores, Lane, Clara, Lorelei and even Luke.

They said the 'I do's in clear voices and then exchanged the simple white-gold wedding bands.

"I know pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

He cupped her cheeks and gently kissed her willing lips.

"I love you." She whispered.

"I love you." He replied.

And then there were hugs and congratulations before she found herself in his arms again. They all went to the door leading to the backyard were the rest of the party was waiting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr. and Mrs. Dean Forester."

The door was opened and they stepped out to the sun and cheers of the crowd starting they life together in the rain of rice and rose petals with Lorelei muttering something about old fashioned chauvinistic traditions behind their backs.