Our Icha Icha Paradise

Summery: In which, the boys of the rookie 9 are sent on an away mission where they must live together in a perverted house known as 'The Icha Icha House'. Fluffyness ensues, with late night drinking, pranking, movies, vandalism, and general tomfoolery. Pairings all around with; Sasuke/Naruto, Lee/Gaara, Shikamaru/Neji, and Shino/Kiba.

Disclaimer: This product is meant for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Some assembly required. Batteries not included. Use only as directed. Flammable.

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Chapter 9: Waking Up Late to a Welcoming Argument

"Nnnya," Naruto moaned, his voice slightly hoarse, and his limbs stiff as he lay in bed. Yawning widely, the blonde flung his arms out in a wide stretch as he slowly became alert, looking around the lighted bedroom he was in. When his arms hit something solid and warm, however, he turned his head to see what it was.

Beside him, lay Sasuke, the dark-haired boy fast asleep and breathing softly - despite the movement and noise of the blonde. Naruto grinned, as he leaned over towards the Uchiha, his breath ghosting over the other boy's face and lightly ruffling his dark bangs as he balanced on his side on the bed.

"Sasuke..." The blonde whispered, as two of his fingers walked leisurely up the sleeping boy's arm. Sasuke replied by groaning and turning his face into his pillow.

"Saaaaasukkeeee..." Naruto called, a wicked grin still on his face, as he turned over so his face was right beside his friend's.

Sasuke's brow furrowed as he tried to block out the blonde's calling voice, desperately trying to return to the wonderful dream he had been having...


"What?!" The Uchiha finally snapped, eyes open now, as his vision drearily adjusted to the light of the room - and his face was blanked as he found himself staring into the surprised expression of his blonde teammate.

"What the hell are you doing?" Sasuke asked, one eyebrow raised.

Naruto grinned sheepishly then, his face flushing slightly as he leaned over the other boy. "Ah... nothin'..." The blonde murmured, smiling.

Sasuke gave his friend a incredulous look at his strange behaviour, before pushing the boy's shoulder playfully. Naruto grinned once again as he shoved the Uchiha back, and for a moment, they were caught in each other's gaze, as the Uchiha's dark eyes were locked with the blonde's bright blue.

"OW!" A loud bang and an exclamation suddenly sounded then, interrupted whatever trance they had been in as both boys jumped.

"What was that?" Naruto asked, looking towards their door, as the sound had come from one of the adjourning rooms of the house.

"I don't know, Dobe." Sasuke replied with an irritated sigh, before he looked beside himself to the lamp which was streaming light into the room, "Did you leave the light on last night?"

Naruto shrugged, "You fell asleep before me, Teme."

"Hn." The Uchiha then looked over to the window to the far side of the room, where in his still-bleary vision he could see dark curtains had been pulled over it to hide the light from outside. "Go open the curtains, Dobe."

Naruto looked over in the same direction, and his brow suddenly furrowed. Turning his eyes back to Sasuke then, he told the boy incredulously; "Ah, Teme... there are no curtains."

Sasuke's eyes widened, as he looked quickly back over to the window, "What?" He asked, as it then dawned on him, "You mean... it's night time?" He saw now that the darkness which covered the window was not, in fact, a curtain, but the sky outside.

The blonde nodded in replied.

"We slept through the whole day?" Sasuke asked with disbelief.

It was true, the entire group of boys - each in their separate rooms - were only now waking up to find, just as the sun had been coming up when they fell asleep, that it had now gone down and they had awoken to the early night.

"We're becoming nightowls!" Naruto grinned with amusement, nudging Sasuke with enthusiasm, "Ne, Teme?"

"Shut up, Dobe." Sasuke replied, sitting up and climbing out of their bed as he stretched his aching limbs, feeling his head still fuzzy from the alcohol of the night before.

Naruto frowned, "Where are you going, Teme?" The blonde asked then, as he too stood up, scratching his stomach tiredly as the other boy turned to face him.

"We're going to look for everyone else." Sasuke replied, grabbing hold of the blonde's arm, "Maybe we can get everyone to agree to some cooking." The dark-haired boy then added as an afterthought.

At this, Naruto grinned, complying as Sasuke turned the doorknob to their room and led them out into the hall.

"I wonder if Jiraiya Ero-sennin stocked any ramen around here..."

"I'm hungry." Neji whined, sitting on the edge of his and Shikamaru's bed, having just woken up and hunger being the first thing to register in his mind.

In the bathroom, Shikamaru rolled his eyes in exasperation towards his bedmate, as he stood in front of the mirror currently retying his hair, watching in the reflection as the Hyuuga boy rubbed his eyes tiredly.

"Why is it so dark in here, Nara?" Neji then questioned, noticing the lack of light as he gazed around their room questioningly.

"Its six pm, Hyuuga." Shikamaru replied, his tone slightly irritated at the way Neji had said his last name, as though the white-eyed boy were superior to him.

"What?" Neji's eyes widened then, as the spiky-haired boy saw him gaze around in disbelief, "How long did we sleep?"

"Well," The Nara boy replied with a lazy tone, "We only got into bed at five am. And we were all very drunk." He slid his gaze sideways to slant a look at the Hyuuga.

Neji was silent for a moment in surprise, not only at how long he had slept, but also with the memory at how much they had all drunk the night before. "Wow," The boy finally responded, his tone honest, "That Truth or Dare game went for a long time."

Shikamaru made a noise of agreement, as he continued to busy his hands with the difficult knot which had made itself prominent within the thick tresses of his spiky hair. The boy growled lightly under his breath, as he had to lower his hands for a moment - his arms quickly tiring after twenty minutes of unsuccessfully trying to extract his hair-tie from the matted strands of his hair.

Neji sighed dramatically in response to the other boy's exasperation, "What it is now, Nara?"

Shikamaru glowered at himself and Neji in the mirror. "I'm trying to retie my hair." He replied tersely, "But this damn hair tie-" He grunted as his hand tried to pull on the elastic band again, "- is not co-operating."

The Hyuuga rolled his eyes as he stood up from their bed, making his way towards the bathroom and the still struggling Shikamaru. "Let me help, then." The white-eyed boy said.

Shikamaru gave Neji a questioning look, "Why? How do I know you won't rip out my hair or something?"

Neji looked taken aback, and gazed with disbelief at the Nara boy. "Why the hell would I do that?"

"I don't know." Shikamaru replied as though he didn't to have a reason for his statement to make sense. "I try not to expect anything when it comes to you." He then added slightly bitterly.

Neji gave him a strange look at that, but chose to ignore the Nara boy's strange comments as his hands rose to where Shikamaru's were and shooed the taller boy's hands away.

"Here, just let me have a look."

Shikamaru hesitated for a moment, but finally relented, letting Neji's thinner hands tug gently at his messy tresses in another attempt at releasing the boy's hair-band.

The Hyuuga struggled with the job, trying not to hurt the other boy but making Shikamaru wince a few times at particularly harsh tugs. Eventually, Neji stepped forward to stand closer to Shikamaru, standing right before him now so his hands had a better reach on the taller boy's hair.

The Nara tried not to look, but now that Neji was standing so close to him, he couldn't help but notice the Hyuuga's brow furrowed slightly in concentration as he gazed up to is hair, and Shikamaru's hands twitched at his side as though he wanted to reach up and grasp Neji's hands and still him.

Just then, Neji leaned up further, now standing on his tiptoes to concentrate on the job, and Shikamaru's eyes travelled further down, noticing how the shirt the Hyuuga boy wore clung to his sides, ridding up to show a small amount of skin, before -

"Hey!" Shikamaru jerked back a bit as Neji pulled on a particularly tender spot, and the Hyuuga was sent off balance - landing into Shikamaru as the taller boy's hand rose to stead him.

His hands now on the Hyuuga's hips as Neji looked up to him, Shikamaru tried desperately not to blush. After a moment of this, Neji frowned and reached up to the Nara's hair again.

"Damnit, Nara," Neji grumbled, a slight redness entering his cheeks that Shikamaru had never seen before, "This hair-band will never come out at this rate."

Shikamaru sighed, more for show, as his hands left the shorter boy's hips and rose to his own hair to assist the thin hands that tugged there. "Well, if you just pull over here-"

"I have long hair, Nara, I know how to-"

"Well, your not doing it right. You should-"

"How else is this going to work? If you'll just let me-"

"No, you're going to-"

"Will you stop-"


And just like that, before either of them had time to stop, with both of their finger's batting each other's hands away and tugging fiercely at the Nara boy's hair-band - it finally released, and went flying out of Shikamaru's hair, snapping and flinging out in the air;

Straight into Neji's eye.

"OW!" The boy hollered, accompanied by a loud band as he fell to the floor in surprise and sudden pain.

Shikamaru's eyes were wide as he quickly kneeled down next to the Hyuuga. "What happened?" He asked, sounding more worried than he would have liked, "Are you hurt?"

"You flung your stupid hair-band into my eye!" Neji replied with disbelief, getting up from the bathroom floor and making his way hurriedly over to sit on the bed, one hand over his now injured eye.

Shikamaru coloured at this accusation. "Not on purpose!"

"Humph." Neji huffed, unable to stop his eyes now watering from the pain, "Still hurt." He muttered under his breath.

The Nara boy sighed then, thinking how troublesome the Hyuuga could be, as he made his way over to the bed to sit next to the other boy, and gently grasped the hand that was placed over Neji's eye.

"Let me see." Shikamaru stated quietly.

Neji hesitated for a moment, before he dropped his hand and mumbled to the other; "Don't say anything." As he revealed his now-watering eyes, making him look at though he were crying.

Shikamaru was silent as he leaned forward, letting his fingertips rest beside the Hyuuga's eye comfortingly as he looked at it. He was relieved to see there was no real damage, it was just slightly red, and he could see a red line beside the eye where the hair-tie had hit him.

"It's not so bad." Shikamaru reassured the other, though he didn't retract his hand or stop gazing into the boy's large, pale eyes.

"Oh, good." Neji replied vaguely, as though distracted by Shikamaru as the taller boy sat next to him, their legs lightly touching.

There was a silence then, which stretched for a few moments, as the two boys sat and simply looked at each other. Without realising it, Shikamaru found that his heart was beating faster, and the Hyuuga was inching closer to him - gazing up at him with wonder in his eyes, and the Nara boy found that he couldn't help the slight colour that stained his cheeks as he was scrutinised by the long-haired boy, and thoughts of just how adorable the Hyuuga could look when he was concentrating wouldn't leave his mind.

Perhaps it wasn't so bad sharing a room, after all.

"Hey..." Neji murmured then, "You do look like a girl with your hair down."

Shikamaru scowled in reply.

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