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This first chapter starts about where the end of Tamers left off. Oh, by the way, if you dislike Rukato, I don't think you'll enjoy this series of stories. But, for the Rukato fans…enjoy.




By Blazing Chaos


Hazard Virus


Unknown Time

The digital plane. A place between reality and digi-reality. A place where up is down, down is up and right is wrong. Mostly empty and white, it has crisscrossed grids and lines of data. And, on this occasion, a huge blob-like object, known as the D-Reaper. The D-Reaper, a short while before in the human world, had been a threat to life itself. Overwhelming Tokyo, it threatened to destroy all life globally, along with the city itself. However, the brave efforts of the Digimon Tamers, humans who had become partnered with creatures called Digimon, had managed to stop it.

However, this story was not about the D-Reaper. It is, instead, about the Tamers, and in particular for this section, their Digimon, which happened to be right behind the D-Reaper.

"Wow, watch that huge blobby thing vanish," said a small greenish blob called Gummimon. Despite being Terriermon's in-training form, he lacked none of the wit.

"It appears that it is being deleted. As, it appears, shall we," dejectedly said another blob, this one yellow with small fox ears.

The group of blobs sighed. The largest, MarineAngemon, a mega Digimon, simply said a sad "Pi Pi".

"Way to ruin the mood Viximon" said Gummimon to the yellow one.

However, one of the blobs had not adopted a defeatist attitude.

"No, I can't be deleted. Takato promised me that he'd see me again, and HE WILL!!" screamed a red blob with bat ears. Suddenly, it was bathed in red light, and it began to morph.

"What's up with Pineapple Head?" said a small blob that looked like an Impish face.

"It looks like Gigimon is digivolving", said the yellow blob in amazement. "But how?"

Gigimon Digivolve to…


"I'm out of here" said Guilmon angrily. Suddenly, Guilmon cut a sear in the plane, and through it could be seen another world. Guilmon dived through.

"Well, that seems like a better idea than getting destroyed like the D-Reaper. Last one through is data!" exclaimed Gummimon, jumping after him. The rest followed, except one.

Viximon stared at the wave of deletion approaching her like a cat caught in headlights. The D-Reaper had now been eliminated and all that remained was her. She noticed red streaks of an odd light flying everywhere. She jumped through the portal.


Lowest Level

Unknown Time

The Digimon landed in a pile outside the portal as the portal evaporated. They were in a desert, expanding as far as the eye could see, with no life in sight.

"Hmm, from one plane to another plain." Gummimon joked.

"Not the time Gummimon" replied Kokomon.

The group sighed (or said "pi pi").

"Well, looks like we're walking," said Kapurimon.

"Unless…" questioned Gummimon, before jumping on Guilmon's back. "Let's go Guilmon!" The rest of the group soon followed.

Guilmon moaned "Oh, but that isn't fair on me, I don't get to ride anyone."

Gummimon jokingly replied "Well you shouldn't have digivolved then. Now go!"


Near Matsuki Bakery, West Shinjuku

18:30 JST (Japan Standard Time)

18th October 2007

A boy rushed past a group of people. He ran towards a bakery, in through the door, past several bemused customers, and into the lounge at the back.

"Hi Mum …" he quickly said whilst taking his shoes off.

"How was school dear?" Mie Matsuki asked.

"Oh…it was great…yeah, great. The temporary buildings are okay, but we joke that Guilmon could easily knock them down when he is planning to raid the cafeteria" Takato Matsuki replied, sighing when mentioning the name of his recently lost Digimon Partner. He stared at the wall for a short while thinking, before hearing a television nearby.

"So what's the situation Diana?"

"Well, it's looking pretty grim. This new virus seems to infect computers and switch data across the network, corrupt files, and various other things, almost completely randomly. It's chaotic."

"Have any security programs managed to find a way to neutralise it?"

"No, I'm being told that they've tried but have failed so far since the virus seems to destroy anything that attempts to neutralise it, hence it has been nicknamed the 'Hazard Virus'"

Takato winced at the word Hazard, which brought back memories of when he made a big mistake and let his anger control him, creating Megidramon.

"…however, the attacks have decreased in number in the last few hours, and the virus seems to be dying out on its own."

"Hey Son" said Takehiro Matsuki, working away on the computer in the corner.

"Hi Dad…um…you do know that you are meant to turn the computer on before you can use it…right?"

"Yeah, of course, but it doesn't seem to be working. It must be this hazard virus thing everyone is talking about. You're the expert at computers, you give it a shot."

"Well, I'm hardly an expert…but…I'll try it."

Takato bent down and pressed the button on the front. Unbeknownst to him, his finger glowed red for a second.

"Hey, it worked."

"Yeah…must just be one of those weird things with computers. Hey, can I get online, I want to check my emails, Mrs Asagi said that to save on paper they're sending all our work by email. The way she gives out homework, I think it'll save a whole rainforest."

"Yeah, sure, doesn't look like I'll get our accounts done today anyway. When I was a kid, we just used pen and paper, now its all data this, email that…" Takehiro said, before retiring to work the till in the bakery.

"O…kay…" Takato said bemused. "Right, let's see…"




Takato checked that no-one was looking.

'Okay, G-u-i-l-m-o-n' he thought. "I'm surprised my parents haven't guessed it yet. Okay, here we go, Windows Live Mail. Ugh, that much homework. Hold on, email 1 of 9…awww" Takato groaned.

Takato saved the attachments to the desktop. However, something caught his eye.


"Eh? Where did that come from?"

Takato double clicked the file.


"Dear Diary,

Well, looks like life is back to normal after that thing. And by back to normal I mean back to horrible. And yet…I think something has changed. You see, I seem to suddenly have feelings for…him. He may be a total doofus and a walking disaster but…I like him…a lot. But…he likes her. Of course he does, everyone knows that, oddly except those two themselves. Hey, I wouldn't be surprised if the two morons hadn't figured it out yet. Meh, regardless, makes no difference to me.


Hold on, did I just type Sigh? I must be going insane. I wish she were here, life is so boring without anything happening.


Takato blinked several times. And then several times more. He reread the email.

"…feelings for…him…"

"…walking disaster…"

"…I like him a lot…"

"…but he likes her…"

"…makes no difference to me…"

"…I wish she were here…"

And then he read the name again.


Takato leaned back in his chair. He stared at the screen and stared off into space.

"What's up son?" asked his father.

"Erm…nothing…nothing at all" Takato said, quickly minimising the diary entry.

"Okay…sure, I believe you" his father replied sarcastically, returning to the bakery.

Takato sat and thought for a short while.

'Well…if it is her, I suppose I should give the entry back to her. Hmm, what's her email? Damn, I don't know it. I know what I'll do; I'll stick it on my memory stick and give it to her personally. I haven't spoken to her for a while, I'd like a chat. Whether she'd want one after me giving her the diary entry back is another question…she doesn't really strike me as the kind of person who'd write a diary, it's a surprise really…' Takato thought.

Takato plugged in his memory stick and dropped the file onto it, making sure to cut and paste it. He unplugged the stick and put it in his coat. He put his coat on and walked towards the door.

"Hey Mum, I'll be back soon, I promise"

"You'd better be. You know that dinner is at 7." replied his mother.

"Yeah, I do…"

"Where are you go…" she stopped as she heard the door slam. She sighed.

"What's wrong dear?" asked her husband from round the back of the bakery.

"Ah nothing, some kids actually tell their mothers where they are going when they go out"


Shinjuku Park, near Utility Storage Cupboard 14, AKA Guilmon's Hideout

19:00 JST

Takato walked through the park, and passed the hideout where Guilmon had lived for months earlier that year. He sighed at the happy memories which they had had.

"Now, I think this is the quickest way to her hou…huh, what's that noise?"

Takato paused as he listened for the noise. He heard a faint static noise coming from the hideout. He walked up the steps and looked into the hideout.

"Nope, nothing here. Hold on, maybe…nah, can't be…I may as well look…."

Takato crawled into the hole in the hideout that had been dug by his former partner over the course of at least a month. What he saw next made him gasp. Ahead of him was a glowing ball of data. The portal. The one to the digital world. A way back…to Guilmon. He climbed out of the hole and sat down, taking in this surprise. He then decided to call the others.

Nonaka Household

19:10 JST

"Where is it? No, anyone could have it if it's that virus…stupid virus. Damn…" Rika groaned, whacking the monitor with her hand. "This thing's a piece of junk" she muttered. She walked over and fell down on her futon. She knew that making that diary was a mistake, what was she thinking?

"Rika dear, you have a call…"


Payphone 4946, Shinjuku Park

19:11 JST

"Hey Rika, it's me Takato"

"Oh, hey Gogglehead."

"Long time no talk eh?"

"Um…yeah…so why are you calling?"





"Sorry, had to put more money in. Anyway, I've made an interesting discovery."

"That no-one has ever worn Goggles who isn't an idiot or a swimmer?"

"Oh ha ha. Anyway, I think you'll like this news. It's back."

"What is?"

"The portal to the Digital World."


"TO CONTINUE, INSERT 50 YEN. Darn, I'm out of money, call Henry and then both of you can meet me here."


Shinjuku Park, Guilmon's Hideout

19:35 JST

Takato sat on the floor of the hideout. Looking around, he remembered the happy days he shared with Guilmon and the other Tamers here. Sure, they tended to degenerate into battles with each other (both with Digimon or cards), with wild Digimon or Devas. Since they had lost their Digimon, they had tended to hang out here less often. Takato thought to himself that he was looking forward to having days like that again if they managed to get their Digimon back.

But…would they…

Takato thought of the diary entry again. If he were to tell Rika about him having it…would she ever be able to face him again? Rika was hardly the most open of the group, and she preferred to avoid situations that prompted tense emotions like that. Takato would hate to see her turn away from friendship again.

But, even without it, could Takato see her same way again? He had now discovered that email, and he wouldn't forget it. He silently cursed to himself that he had read that email in the first place. But at the same time, he strangely thought that he was glad he had opened it.

Takato then had an even stranger thought. Did he feel…the same way?

Sure, he had a crush on Jeri but…was that all it was? He'd only ever said it once, when Jeri was under the control of the D-Reaper. But…the events after that had made him doubt it. The rejection, despite not being clear, had hit him hard. Of course, he'd saved her as a friend, but, as he thought more, he realised that…that may have been all it was. Takato groaned and leaned back on the wall.

Since the D-Reaper attack and the loss of the Digimon, they had all been split up mainly. Sure, he saw Henry and the others who went to his school regularly, but he saw Rika and Ryo less often. Jeri had gone into counselling to cope with the intense mental stress that the D-Reaper had put on her, after the obvious medical checks that were needed after such a major problem. Jeri seemed to be recovering, and accepting her step-mother more. She clearly still missed Leomon, since she lacked the chance to say goodbye like the rest of them, given the sudden nature of his death. Takato couldn't imagine losing Guilm…well…he didn't have to really, given the way events turned out.

Takato then remembered a line from the diary…

"…I wish she were here…"

'I guess that Rika misses Renamon too. Those too didn't look as close as the rest of us, but they seemed to have a really close unspoken bond.'

Takato put his hands behind his back and stared up at the gray ceiling of the hideout. Suddenly, he felt his Goggles ping back against his head.

"Ow, that hurt!" Takato exclaimed.

"Sorry, couldn't resist." a familiar voice replied. Takato sat up and looked at the familiar face of Rika Nonaka. She still wore the classic (well, not completely classic, it used to be broken) full heart T-shirt, blue jeans and brown belt. Her D-Arc was strapped to her waist. Even without their Digimon, they continued to carry their D-Arcs regularly. It was simply too much a part of their lives not to do so, and it was a kind of tribute to their former partners. Her card pocket was strapped to the other side of her waist. Takato swore that he saw a faint blush on her face.

"Oh thanks a lot."

"No problem. Now, I presume the portal is in the hole?"

"Yeah…shouldn't you wait for Henry?"

"Screw him, I want to see it."


A few seconds later, she returned.

"Was it always such a boring blob of data?"


"Meh, if it's a way to get back to Renamon, I couldn't care less."

"Hey Takato, Rika" yelled another familiar voice.

"Hey Henry" replied Takato, as he watched the boy wearing the orange jacket and blue undershirt with grey trousers arrive. Like both Takato and Rika, he had his D-Arc on him. Takato still felt that it was strange to see Henry lacking his comedian partner Terriermon, since they always made such a great team.

"Hey Brainiac" replied Henry to the same person.

"Still with the nicknames eh Rika" Henry replied dryly to Rika. "So, I presume the portal is in the hole?"

"Am I the only one who didn't guess that first time?"

"Yes, because you are a doofus" replied Rika.

Takato saw the words of the diary flash before his eyes.

"He may be a total doofus and a walking disaster but…I like him…a lot."

"So, what do we do now then?" asked Takato to take his mind off things.

"Well, isn't it obvious Gogglehead? We simply go in there, get our partners back, as well as the two Morons' Digimon, Henry's sister's Digimon, the annoying imp and, if we must, Mr Perfect's Digimon, so long as they pay us of course, and then we come back and continue to defend the world."

"Ah, so simple, yet that plan fails miserably for one reason. Well, actually, several sub-reasons too…"

"Just spill it Brainiac" interrupted Rika.

"Fine. We need a plan. And we also need supplies, a comms device and a way to get home."

"So, in simple terms, we just have to talk to your Dad and Hypnos, right?" asked Takato enthusiastically.

"Yeah, like that'll be easy" replied Rika. "If you haven't been keeping score, it was Janyuu's idea to let us lose the Digimon in the first place."

"It was a mistake" asserted Henry

"Yeah sure, and Gogglehead doesn't have a crush on Puppet Girl"

"Fantastic sarcasm Rika…"

'Oh great, they're arguing. Hold on, did Rika just wince when she said that about me and Jeri? Oh, this is going to go on forever unless I do something' thought Takato

"Stop fighting the pair of you," blurted Takato, interrupting their argument. "Look, it looks like we have no other way than to consult Hypnos, anything else is suicide. So, here's what we do. Henry talks to his Dad and gets him to talk to Hypnos. Meanwhile, I and Rika suck up to our parents so they let us go. Alright, now who's with me?"

"Okay, who are you and what did you do with Gogglehead?" Rika joked.

Takato simply groaned and lay back on the wall of the hideout.

"Fine, I'll do it"

"Sure, I'll try to get my Dad to agree, I can't promise anything though"



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Next time…

Can Henry convince his Dad to let him go to the Digital World? Will Takato remember to show Rika the diary? How many hours will Takato have to work the till to pay his debt to his parents if they let him go? And also, how are they going to survive in the Digital World with no Digimon for defence, and no plan whatsoever of how to find them.

Find out in 'You've Got Some Convincing To Do', Chapter 2 of Dimensions Book One: Links.