Greetings to the universe. Standard disclaimer chitchat, I don't own any of the characters, locations or vehicles, (actually, I own some, but it's good to preserve the image) and if Mr Lucas so desires, he can cut out my heart for my blatant plagiarism.

Assuming he can find it first. (the plaigarism or the heart? YOU DECIDE!)

One year after the battle of Endor:

It is a difficult time for the New Republic. The Emperor is dead and his fleets scattered, yet dozens of systems remain under Imperial remnant control.

During an attempt to liberate the citizens of the Drokos sector, the Republic gunboat REDMARQUE is ambushed and captured by a squadron of deadly starfighters, unlike any model of Tie Fighter seen before.

While Republic command reels in shock from the loss of the REDMARQUE, Mon Mothma is contacted by a local of the Drokos sector, who believes he can offer assistance against this new threat...