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Chapter 2


Naruto groaned as light shone into his face waking him up. He cracked his eyes open a bit and turned his head to the side to see what time his bedside clock had, only to blink in surprise when he saw a sleeping Orochimaru. 'That's right, snake face abducted me but why am I in a bed and not that holding cell?' Suddenly flashes of Orochimaru's revelation and being sick rushed through his mind and Naruto felt his ears flatten against his head. 'Wait a minute...' FELT his ears flatten?! Naruto raised a hand to his ear and instead of a thick fleshy lobe he felt a thin furry triangle, then Naruto became aware of something moving behind him and glanced down to see two golden tails sticking out from the bottom of his spine.


Orochimaru jerked up from his slumber to see a spastic Naruto having a cow, "Naruto-kun?"

Naruto grabbed the sannin's shirt and jerked him forward, "What the hell kind of experiment did you do on me?!"


"Don't give me that! I have tails! TAILS! And furry ears!"

Orochimaru took a good look at Naruto then and saw a pair of golden furred fox ears with red tips and two matching tails waving in agitation behind the boy. The snakey man blinked, "Hmm well that's an interesting side effect."

"Side effect of WHAT?! What the hell did you DO?!"

"Calm down Naruto-kun. I simply completed your seal."

"What do you mean completed?"

"You had but half of Kyuubi's chakra sealed within you; the Yin half to be precise. I merely sealed the other half, the Yang, into you."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched as he growled, "Then how did I get these," he gestured to his ears and tails.

"If I were to venture a guess I'd say they come from your body's natural adjustment to absorbing the large quantity of animalistic chakra."


The corner of Orochimaru's mouth twitched in amusement. The blond teen seemed not to notice that the only thing protecting his modesty was a pair of too big boxers that were slipping from his hips with each spastic movement.

"Yes Naruto-kun, natur-"


Both the blond and the sannin turned to face the door as a frantic Sasuke burst in, Sharingan spinning, followed by a very disheveled Kabuto, who's mouth was bleeding. Sasuke pulled up short as the sight of an obviously healthy, nearly naked Naruto with fox ears and tails sitting in a bed flushed from yelling at Orochimaru. He stared at the blond with only one thing going through his mind, one thing that almost gave him a nosebleed.
Naruto looked over at Sasuke and tilted his head in question, "Teme what's wrong?"

Sasuke restored his 'I'm an unfeeling bastard' facade, his eyes fading back to their usual onyx, and hned. Naruto rolled his eyes, "Oh that's right, the Great Uchiha has no emotions so nothing could be wrong."

"Hn, usuratonkachi are you aware that you're a few movements away from being naked?"

"Huh?" Naruto looked down at himself and made a small eep as he grabbed the boxers and pulled them back up, "What the hell were you looking for ketsunoana!"

"I see you've returned to you idiotic self. Trust an usuratonkachi like you to nearly die from a cold."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, "I thought the commonly held wisdom was that idiots can't catch colds."

"There's an exception to every rule."

Kabuto looked between the two and said in a confused tone, "One would think you'd never fought at the Valley of the End."

Sasuke stiffened and Naruto inhaled sharply then said, "Oh yeah, about that," he lunged at the raven and slugged him, "That's for being a bigger idiot than you say I am."

Sasuke wiped the trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, "Feel better dobe?"

"I'm not gonna feel better until I drag your ass back to Konoha teme."

Orochimaru chuckled, "It will be quite difficult for you to do so held here as you are Naruto-kun," Naruto turned a miffed glare on the snake sannin, who smirked, "Also I would like to see you survive the villagers when they see your new accessories."

Naruto's ears, previously upright and perky, drooped for a moment as did his tails but they perked back up again as he grinned with determination, "If I can make myself look like a girl then I can hide ears and tails with a henge."

He brought his hands up in the hitsuji sign and tried to perform a henge, only to fly back from the force of his own chakra. Orochimaru caught his wrist before he crashed into the wall. The blond's eyes were huge with surprise and Orochimaru chuckled, "It would appear as if your chakra is still settling into stable pathways. Until it does you will be unable to perform any jutsu. I believe that will afford me enough time to contain you again."

Naruto's ears and tails drooped again but the determined look remained, "I'll find a way free no matter how long it takes!"

Orochimaru raised an eyebrow and smirked, "Perhaps, perhaps not Naruto-kun," the sannin stood and motioned Sasuke and Kabuto out of the room. The avenger gave Naruto one more glance before leaving and Orochimaru paused at the door, "Suppose you do escape Naruto-kun, you would be forfeiting the best chance you have to convince Sasuke-kun to return to Konoha. As a side incentive, I could teach you how to make your ears shift back to human appearance and how to make your tails disappear," with those parting words Orochimaru left the room, the lock on the door snicking closed.

Naruto slumped down onto the bed as his current predicament slapped him upside the head. He had no use of his chakra, was being held captive by Orochimaru, Sasuke still had no intention of returning to Konoha, and even if he did escape with Sasuke in tow, his new features would be the equivalent of a death sentence in Konoha. The fox boy stared at the ceiling and mentally flipped through his options. Finally he arrived at a decision, he would train alongside Sasuke and take advantage of Orochimaru's knowledge until they were both strong enough to slip out of the snake sannin's grasp. 'And maybe I can figure out how to get snakeface to leave Konoha alone.' Decision made, Naruto laid down to take a nap.


Orochimaru went to his chambers to relax after attempting to further Sasuke's training. He'd hoped that just having Naruto's presence here would motivate the Uchiha, and it had to some extent, but he knew that to get the full potential out of the avenger the blond jinchuurikii would have to be trained alongside Sasuke. The sannin lounged in his favorite chair and considered what to do with Naruto when the blond finally accepted his offer. He was not going to train Naruto in the exact same way or in the exact same arts as Sasuke, that would be more detrimental than beneficial to the Uchiha's training for a very simple reason. Naruto truly was a practical genius.

The sannin had seen it when the blond had fought against Kabuto. Mastering the final step to the Rasengan in the midst of battle was nothing to sneeze at and the fact that the blond had learned the technique over the course of a month was nothing short of incredible. Add in the fact that Jiraiya wasn't the most diligent of teachers and Orochimaru knew that given a proper teacher Naruto would blow Sasuke out of the water powerwise.

The pale man lifted a glass of wine to his lips. Naruto's taijutsu was rather pathetic, which was only to be expected considering that Jiraiya had only been focusing on ninjutsu and how to dispel genjutsu. In addition the blond's chakra control was a disaster and his ability to split his focus was non-existent. The first thing that Orochimaru would work on with Naruto was the more mundane fundamentals of shinobi skills. He smirked as he thought of how Naruto would complain and scream at him when he began training. 'This is going to be fun.


Sasuke stepped out of the bathroom, fresh and dripping from the shower, and contemplated the good fortune of Naruto being in Orochimaru's grasp. 'If the usuratonkachi ever grows a brain and decides to play along with Orochimaru then it will be that much easier to put an end to that snake before he tries to take my body over.' The ravenette chuckled as he thought of how irritated Naruto would be when he finally accepted that he had no way out of the snake sannin's clutches as of yet.


Naruto looked over at Kabuto when the medic came in to leave some food and water, "Oi Kabuto-roba, where's the hebi?"

Kabuto raised an eyebrow in question and Naruto rolled his eyes, "I want to talk to him duh."

"Hmm. I will inform Lord Orochimaru."

The blond snorted as the medic left the room, then got up and set about knotting a sheet around himself so he'd be at least slightly decently covered when Orochimaru came in. It wasn't long before the door opened and the sannin walked in raising an eyebrow at the toga the blond wore, "You wanted to see me Naruto-kun?"

Naruto folded his arms over his chest, "I'll train under you but I'm never going to stop trying to convince Sasuke to give your pasty ass the heave-ho and I will not, under any circumstances, be directly involved with anything you do to harm Konoha, matter of fact if I catch a whiff of you planning any kind of attack on the Leaf I'll do everything I possibly can to stop you."

The sannin smiled, "I wasn't expecting anything otherwise but I do have a question for you Naruto-kun."


"Will you give me your word that you will not send any information about my various lairs or my troops as long as I train you?"

Naruto frowned, thought it over, then nodded, "Alright, I promise that until I get home to Konoha I won't send any intel regarding you to them."

"Excellent. Now I believe you could use some clothing yes?"

Naruto glared lightly at the inky haired man, "Gee ya think. What did you do with my clothes?"

Orochimaru chuckled, "Well I disposed of your jumpsuit, it was far too bright, so you will have to settle for a new outfit."

"Damn. I want a little orange on it."

"Why are you so fond of that color?"

Naruto looked away, "I have my reasons. So do I get a little orange or not?"

The sannin frowned in curiosity at Naruto's avoidance of answering but let it go for now, "Very well. Follow me."

Naruto trailed after the sannin through a maze of hallways until they arrived at an open doorway. Orochimaru waved Naruto into the room and smirked as the blond gawked at the number of weaponry and clothing in the room, the majority of which was black, "When I appropriated Rice country the main military village had quite a number of shops with shinobi appropriate apparel. It seemed a waste to leave it in a burning city."

Naruto frowned and looked over his shoulder at the sannin, "What about the people?"

Orochimaru blinked and felt a small shudder run through him. In that one moment the boy before him looked and sounded so much like Minato that the sannin felt a small phantom pain in his heart. He cleared his throat, "Those who I felt would be useful, the craftsmen and builders, were spared as were the children. The soldiers and the ones who opposed me were killed and their bodies left to burn with the city," Orochimaru's lips lifted in mild amusement at the disapproval in Naruto's expression, "Oh come now Naruto-kun such tactics have long been staples in any leader's arsenal, including Sarutobi-sensei's. If you truly wish to be Hokage you need to accept that you must commit and condone cold-blooded killing."

Naruto bit his lip and focused his gaze on a pair of black and gray camo pants with multiple pockets. He knew that being a shinobi was often a dirty job and killing was necessary but the scale that Orochimaru spoke of bothered him. Yet he also knew that Konoha had condoned similar actions, and that the Sandaime had ordered such acts. Naruto closed his eyes and asked himself if he would be able to do something like that. 'If I knew that letting them live could endanger my important people could I kill a helpless person or even an entire family? Could I kill in cold-blood if it would protect what I hold precious?' Naruto remembered his fight with Gaara and the answer came clearly. Back then, if Sasuke hadn't come and told him that Sakura was safe he would have killed the redhead. He would have suffered for it but he'd have done it and eventually come to terms with it. He opened his eyes and looked back at Orochimaru, "I don't like it. No matter how necessary it may be, I just don't like the thought of killing like that. But-"


"If I had to, if it was all that stood between what I love and destruction, then I could do it."

The sannin looked into the crystalline blue of Naruto's eyes and saw realization and acceptance of the fact that a ninja had to kill in cold blood occasionally. 'He's just taken a large step forward.' The blond turned back to the pants and eyed them again before rummaging for some in his size, "So what around here has any orange?"

Orochimaru raised a brow at the way Naruto changed the subject and went over to where the arm guards and gloves were kept. He fished out a pair of long fingerless gloves in a dark orange and turned back to watch the Uzumaki rummage through the shirts.

"Man didn't they make any shirts that weren't tight and sleeveless?"

"Rice country gets quite hot and humid. The material is very light and specially woven to breathe and stretches quite a bit."

"So that's a no?"

A chuckle was Naruto's only answer and the blond grumbled as he pulled out a black shirt in his size. Then he looked around to see if he could find a jacket. After a few minutes of frustrated searching he managed to uncover a jacket similar to his old one except instead of orange and black it was black and gray, matching the pants. He also unearthed a pair of black ninja sandals. He turned to Orochimaru, who handed him the gloves. Naruto frowned for a moment then shrugged and slipped the gloves on, blinking in surprise at how comfortable they were. Then he headed behind a screen to change into the clothes. He muttered about the shirt as he wriggled into it then he slid the pants and jacket on.

When he walked out from behind the screen, Orochimaru stood there and held out a sound hitai-ate, "You'll need this for a while. Everyone knows of Sasuke-kun but you are an unfamiliar face. Until they grow accustomed to seeing you if you are not wearing a sound headband you'll be attacked."

Naruto took the hitai-ate, looked it over, and tied it around his thigh instead of his forehead, much to Orochimaru's amusement. He folded his arms across his chest again and looked up at the sannin, "Where's the stuff I had when you snatched me?"

"I felt that it would be best to leave your belongings in the clearing to foster the impression of capture."

"Impression my ass."

The sannin chuckled and led the jinchuurikii out of the equipment room and to a small parlor. He waited for Naruto to sit down in a wingback chair before sitting opposite the blond, "I will be blunt Naruto-kun, until your chakra stabilizes there is no point in attempting to teach you any ninjutsu, genjutsu, or chakra exercises. Beginning tomorrow our main focus will be building up your physical strength. You'll use gravity seals instead of traditional weights and I expect to see improvement in your speed, strength, and agility everyday.

Once I feel your speed and agility are sufficient then I will begin teaching you a taijutsu style. You will also practice weapon basics, both accuracy when thrown and efficiency of use when held. When your chakra settles then I'll add chakra control into the mix. You'll work on your body from dawn to dusk then work on your mind from dusk until you go to sleep. You won't be learning anything but the basics until I feel you've mastered them. Your early education was sadly lacking and all the pathetic idiots you had for sensei did you no good at all."

"Hey! Take that back. Not all of my teachers have been lousy."

Orochimaru raised an eyebrow, "Oh?"

Naruto looked down at his hands, "Iruka-sensei was always trying to help me even though Kyuubi killed his parents. When he found out that I couldn't read because my early sensei would kick me out of class as soon as roll was taken, he took time out to teach me. He spent his own free time teaching me how to throw weapons, do the academy basic jutsu, and the academy style of taijutsu. He'd take me out for ramen when I needed encouragement and nag me about doing homework and stuff," Naruto smiled fondly, "He's the closest thing to family I've got."

The sannin compressed his lips in surprise, it amazed him that Konoha had produced a person such as Naruto described. But then again, Konoha had also produced Minato. Orochimaru remembered the very first time he'd encountered the future Yondaime...

Orochimaru stood on top of the Sandaime's head and gazed out at the village as the people settled in for the night. The wind kicked up sending the strands of his long hair whipping around him. The wind had a slight bite to it and the pale man closed his eyes to savor it. Somehow he felt more alive when the wind caressed his skin. He heard a soft noise from behind him. His eyes snapped open and he whirled around, kunai held before him as he took a defensive stance.

The intruder paused and studied him with light eyes, "I'm sorry; I didn't mean to disturb you."

Orochimaru saw the moonlight glint off the intruder's headband and relaxed minusculely as he noted the leaf symbol. The voice was also that of a young man, most likely a genin if the boy's height was any indication. The boy stepped further into the moonlight granting the older shinobi a clearer look at the intruding genin. His hair was pale, most likely blond or a silvery gray and his skin was slightly darker than most in Konoha. He kept approaching until he stood directly beside Orochimaru. He stood quietly for a moment allowing Orochimaru's curiosity to surface. Didn't this child know who he was? Didn't he know to avoid him as the rest of the village did?

The boy spoke softly, "It's beautiful isn't it?"


The boy turned to look up at the pale man, "Why does it make you sad?"

Orochimaru blinked in surprise, how had this boy seen his mood so easily?

"You don't have to answer if you don't want to. I just wondered."

"Boy do you have any idea who I am?"

The genin smiled gently, "Of course Orochimaru-dono."

"Then why are you here? If you wish me to teach you anything I won't."

The boy blinked and the smile faded, "You don't think I might just like to get to know you?"

The older shinobi sneered, "There isn't a person in this village that wishes to know me, I sincerely doubt you are any different boy."

A small spark lit in the light eyes and the boy turned to fully face him, "Well I am. This village is a family and no one in a family should be made to feel as if no one wants them around. I'll show you that not everyone has a selfish agenda Orochimaru-dono. I'll become your friend, even if you'd rather I just leave you to wallow in your gloom."

Orochimaru blinked in surprise then snorted, "I will believe that when I see proof boy."

"My name is Namikaze Minato and I'll give you your proof."

Orochimaru's lips tilted in amusement, "If nothing else Namikaze your efforts will be...entertaining but futile."

The boy s huffed and began walking away, "I'll see you tomorrow Orochimaru-dono and every day after that I don't have a mission outside the village."

The pale man watched as the boy disappeared into the night and chuckled. It was quite surprising to find someone who didn't seem to be intimidated by his appearance or reputation. It was also a rare occurrence for anyone to challenge him in anything. 'What and odd boy.'

A pair of fingers snapping in his face drew the sannin out of his memory and he looked into eyes that looked so much like Minato's it stung some long dead part of the pale man. Naruto was frowning in consternation, "You looked as if you ate something funny and I even used your name to get your attention. What were you thinking about?"

Orochimaru raised an eyebrow, "Now why would you wish to know?"

The blond shrugged, "You looked more like someone with a soul than an evil heartless bastard. I'm kinda curious about what could actually do that."

"You're very blunt Naruto-kun."

"You said it yourself, I've had enough lies fed to me to last a lifetime. I don't need to add my own bullshit into the mix."

"Very true. As to what I was thinking about, I was remembering an old...friend."

Naruto tilted his head, "You mean lover don't you?"

The sannin blinked at the insight, "Blunt and perceptive, you certainly are your parents' son."

Naruto eyed him warily, "Is that a compliment or an insult?"

"Just an observation Naruto-kun. Now back to our previous discussion, you'll begin you training tomorrow and while training you will address me as sensei. You can call me anything you like in complaints but when you speak to me I expect to be given the proper respect."

Naruto met the steely golden eyes and nodded, "You have my word."

"Good. I'll show you to your room and I suggest you get a good night's rest. Beginning tomorrow rest will be just a fond memory for you."

Naruto felt a chill wash over him at the mildly sadistic expression on the sannin's face. 'What have I gotten myself into now?'


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Now just a small guide to a couple of words Naruto used. I found them on an insult web site and they had a small section on swearing in Japanese so that's my source for these words.
1)ketsunoana Asshole
2)roba donkey or as we lovingly call them in the US of A, jackass

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