A/N: Okay, this is my first little oneshot. I love EH's books. I needed to get some of this off my chest. This might be a collection of little Achmed oneshots...no idea...:D

Right after our special moment in Destiny… It STILL gives me warm fuzzies.


Achmed watched the horse trot off, bearing the small blonde woman on its back. He followed her with his mismatched eyes until she was out of sight, and released the breath he had been holding. He felt something tug at his chest as she went further and further away, something equivalent to loss. He slowly raised his hand and gently tore off the glove that encased it.

When his hand was exposed, he touched a finger lightly to his lips, feeling the sweet wetness. He gazed thoughtfully at his fingertips when he took his hand away. He felt something stir within him that he was still unsure of. She had kissed him. She willingly kissed him. The elation he had felt when their lips met softly was slowly diminishing.

The moment they had shared before the battle wasn't as it was now. Before, it was a kiss of reassurance, one of love, and one that they both needed to continue on to fac the horrors required in the immediate future. Her initiation of his deepest desires just now consumed him. He closed his eyes and loosed his blood lore. He found her heartbeat and concentrated on it. It was flitting around, darting. He felt peace descend over him as he listened to her heart. Something warm was expanding inside his chest, giving him a sense of brainless giddiness. He followed it until it had become a light, steady cadence, and released her.

His skin web contracted with uneasy pain at her absence. Her musical aura kept the annoying vibrations of the world away.

All was not lost, he thought, recalling her lips on his. Involuntarily he raised his ungloved hand to his mouth again. Realizing what he had done, he smiled and took his hand away. You're becoming one of those brainless idiots who fawns over her, he chuckled to himself. Oh well...

All was progressing as he wished it to. When she returned to Ylorc, all would be well.