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" Shut Up" a mysterious boy said , he had dark blue hair, black eyes, he had a seriouse face and it seemed so pale and empty.He had no specific face expression only that seriouse face, that seriouse face belonged to Uchiha Sasuke.Sasuke spoke comly to a boy with a blonde spiky hair, blue eyes and a silly face that boy name was Uzumaki Naruto." Make me shut up! " Naruto yelled as he jumped on the Sasuke's desk , " get off my table , these books are new and you just stepped on him " Sasuke said , Naruto did not get off , that pissed Sasuke off , " fine you asked for it you idiot " Sasuke furiously said as he shoved Naruto off the table , packed his books and left class.

Mean While..

" im sorry " a girl said in a very quiet voice , she was bawing constantly to her cousin , " i did not mean t-to i i did not see you" she said , this girl had empty white eyes, pink lips , and navy blue hair, her name was Hyuuga Hinata , " aww never mind " her cousin neji said as he walked pass her , he has white eyes and well he looked like Hinata.

" Really i ha-had no idea " Hinata said to her closest friend Tenten , " me neither " tenten said as she laughed , " oh i got to go see ya " Hinata said then as she turned her face and walked then bam , she bumped into a guy , " omg its Sasuke aaah " fan girls yelled , " Sasuke ? isnt he Naruto-kuns rival? " Hinata thought then heard everybody laughing she wondered why , then she realized she was on the floor , infront of the dark blue hair boy , and her hello kitty panties was showing , she stood up immedietly , blushed herself to ashes then said " im sorry i did not mean to bump into you " , " whatever miss hello kitty panties " he said hoping nobody realized the smirk on his face , Hinata brushed the dirts of her mini skirt then wished she could call him a jerk but she couldnt she just covered her face and walked pass him.


" hate me detest me " a dark figure said to a young boy , then suddenly a clock ran off , Sasuke woke up " a dream eh" he said then threw the clock at the wall and continued sleeping then he remembered that idiot Naruto " he probably would think i chickened out " Sasuke said then dragged hiself out of the bed and headed to the bathroom , he washed his face then stared at the mirror , his face was so pale and he was sweating , Sasuke shook his head then brushed his teeth, then he took his cloths off and headed for the showers, " ayah the water is cold " he said then he sighed and said " that damn itachi , eish why cant he leave me alone! I'm 18 years old now! Its my last year in the high academy! He could not leave me alone, that! ", then he realized he had to leave now or he was going to be late , not like he care but he did not want to lose to that damn Uzumaki so he wore a towel and left the bathroom , he wore his school uniform and left his empty house.

" Hinata you bring shame to this family " her father said , Hinata just looked down , she has such a hurt face , she wish she could make her father proud , she wished she could be more than a weak ninja in konoha's high academy for ninja's but she knew she was just a weakling in her fathers eye, so she did nothing but apologize and leave the house , after all he did scold her for being late.

" Hinata your late! " Kakashi-sensei said at the shy girl standing infront of him , " I'm so sorry " Hinata said as she bowed respectfully " well hmm you just missed the shirukens practice so I'm afraid you must come to my office at noon so I can show you what you missed dear " Kakashi said , Hinata thanked him a lot then sat in her usual seat.

Hinata walked in the high corridors looking for Kakashi-sensei's office then she suddenly saw Uzumaki Naruto! Her crush , he was standing in front of her , his hands in his pocket and some kind of stick in his mouth and his usual silly face , then he noticed Hinata " oh Konichiwa Hinata " he said , " ko-konichiwa na Naruto-kun " Hinata said all blushing , " how are ya " he asked , " fi-fine tha-thank you " she said , " your so weird " he said then he said " Oh my god I'm late perverted hermit is going to be mad! " , " ne?" she said , "see ya" he left without waiting for her goodbye , " bye Naruto-kun ".

" Welcome Hinata " Kakashi-sensei said as he helped Hinata in , " thank you " she said , then he asked her to sit on the couch and wait for the other person who missed practice , " I wonder who that person is" Hinata thought then suddenly the door opened , a boy with dark blue hair appeared , " your late Sasuke " Kakashi-sensei said , " Whatever " Sasuke said, then his eyes moved to meet Hinata's, she blushed and looked away , he smiled and said " well hello miss Hello kitty panties " , " hi and erm will you please stop calling me that " she said , " Make me " he teased , " stop you two and follow me " Kakashi-sensei said , the two ninja's followed Kakashi into the field, as these two walked Hinata asked him why did he have to come to practice , he said he had to hide from his mad fan girls and that most of them were in the shuriken practice so he couldn't go.

" good job Hinata dear " Kakashi-sensei said , " thank you " she said , "unlike you MISTER uchiha! You need more practice " Kakashi said to a growling Sasuke, " well! I don't need any OKAY! " Sasuke said , " oh yes you do " Kakashi said , " ano Kakashi-sensei can I go home now erm father is going to get angry if im late and later I need to practice with my team ! so i-if you do-don't mind can I go " Hinata said as she wiped her neck with a napkin, " sure dear " Kakashi said , " yes let the hello kitty panties go and I get to stay " Sasuke yelled , " im so-sorry I wo-wont leave if yo-you want me to stay " Hinata said as she placed her finger on her button lip , " WHAT who said anything about wanting you to stay " Sasuke said as he looked away , he looked at anything but her, " erm okay " she said , then she took her backpack and tied her long hair and left.


" Sasuke-Kuuun " girls yelled as Sasuke entered the academy , they were annoying, all of them , he noticed Hinata , " I wonder if she Is in my fanclub " he thought then he entered his class and for the first time he realized she was in his class " oh my god I never knew " he thought , maybe cause she is too small? Or too quiet, not like he cared about her, he was just curious.

After class ended Hinata left and then saw Sasuke standing in front of her " we need to talk " he said , " erm okay " she said , he held her hands and dragged her all the way to the field , " I want you to train me with my shurikens I mean you're the best one whom I seen used them after .. " he wanted to tell her after itachi but he couldn't! he just could not get himself to say it , " erm but I don't have time " she said , " Make some get it now bye! Il see you here tomorrow at 5 you better not be late " he said then walked away. " what wrong with him " she thought then she chased after him and said " im sorry but I wont I ca-cant " she said , Sasuke's brows twitched in amusement, she was the only girl who ever said no to him, she was actually the only person who said no to him after Naruto, he was amused but dared not to do anything, she rejected his request and now she must live with the consequences.

" its her isn't it " people said as they stared at Hinata , " what going on " she thought , she did nothing wrong , she just did what she usually does, why is everyone staring at her and giving her dirty looks, then suddenly some guy pulled Hinata into a corner and said " Hinata you went against Sasuke now everyone is going against you, just like me " the guy said, Hinata looked close, she was shocked it was Naruto, he was close to her, she felt his breathing, she heard her heart go Bump Bump, then he just told her " good luck " and left, " what was that about " she thought.

" great " Hinata yelled as she was chased by shadow replications of Ino, Sakura and other girls " you dare and upset Sasuke-kun " they yelled as they chased Hinata, " what are they talking about I did nothing " she thought then the corridor was divided into three ways, one that went left, the other which went right , and the one the continued going straight " kage no binshu "Hinata said , then puff three Hinata's appeared , each went in a different direction, the real Hinata which went left was being chased by a mad girl with pink hair, then bam!, the bumped into Sasuke again, " watch were your going hello kitty panties " he said, " Sasuke-Kuuun" Sakura said then hugged Sasuke's arm, " is this the girl that upset you " she asked, " be gone! Your annoying " he told Sakura, Sakura was hurt badly, she did not know what to do but cry, so she covered her face and ran, then Hinata stood up and said " Sasuke-kun that was me-mean " , " oh yeah " he said then shoved her causing her to fall on her back, but she stood up again and said " why are you so mean ", then he shoved her again and yelled " cause nobody gets it ! nobody understands ", then he was shocked to see Hinata stand up and smile, that annoyed him, why didn't she give up , he pushed her so hard that she hit the wall and fell on the ground , she then suddenly coughed blood, but she still stood up " Give up already ! " he yelled , " I am not good at giving up " she said quietly, then Sasuke went blank, he was speechless, all he could say was " why ? " , then she smiled and softly said " because I always have that little hope to hang into " , he was shocked , this girl , standing in front of him, just told him this, all he could do was walk pass her and say " whatever " .


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