" itaai " Hinata said painfully , her head was spinning , she has such a horrible headache, Hinata dragged herself out of the bed and into the bathroom , she was in no mood to shower so she just brushed her teeth and left her house , she forgot to change her cloths.

" aww " Hinata said as she walked in konoha's road , then she noticed that Uchiha's resident was near by so she decided to take a peek , she slowly turned right and headed for the resident then she was amazed " so big " she said , then she heard someone coming so she hid behind a tree that was close , she saw a guy with dark blue hair appear , he was tall and handsome she thought , but when she looked closer , it was Sasuke , then she remembered that his family was wiped out by some kind of virus and he was the only survivor must be painful , she gets a lot of goodbye's before she leaves her house and a lot of hellos when she returns but what does he get , then she shook her head and remembered him saying " whatever" , " what a jerk " she thought , " come out I know you're here " he said heads down , " does he mean me " she thought , then he moved his head towards Hinata's direction " yup its me " she thought , " hello kitty panties " he said , " he knows its me " she thought , but then he disappeared and the next thing she knows he is standing behind her , his lips so close to her ears, his nose touched her hair, then he softly said " what are you doing here " , she jumped away from him just to notice he was holding her from wrist , she couldn't escape , he pulled her close to his chest " I said what are you doing here " he said softly again, " an-ano erm I ju-just th-thought or checking th-the uchi-chiha resi-sident " she said , she was blushing so hard , she noticed a smirk on his face " pervert " she thought then he released her from his grip.

"Hey I love your PJ'S " Sasuke yelled to the Hinata which was walking 50 feet's away from him or so it seemed so, " pj's ? What is he talking about " she thought, then she looked down and noticed she was still in her PJ's , " eto ? " she couldn't believe it " you should return home and change unless you wanna get teased and a detention " he said , " no erm I don't want to go home " she said , " why " he asked , " because my father he will erm " she said , " he will what ! " Sasuke said , " he will compare me to my perfect sister hanabi " she said , Sasuke could not believe this , Hinata being compared to her sister by her father , it really reminded him of his father comparing him to itachi , he knew how she felt not like he cared but he wanted to help.

" I'm not sure about this " Hinata said , " just shut up I'm buying " Sasuke said , it has been 10 minutes already since Sasuke and Hinata started shopping to get her cloths , Sasuke insisted on buying her a black shirt that was tight and a skirt that was a little bit above her knees , Hinata was forced to wear them by Sasuke since he bought her the cloths , okay we are late for school so lets run , he said , Hinata nodded , Sasuke and Hinata were running then suddenly Sasuke said " erm thanks Hinata " , she was shocked , not only he called her by her name but he actually thanked her , " what for ? " she said , " I haven't walked with anybody to school for erm about 9 years so I'm really thankful to you " he said then bam! He disappeared, " eto ? " Hinata still could not believe it.

" a trip! " everybody in class yelled , " yes a trip " a teacher said , class 12-1 and 12-2 and 12-3 will go on a trip together to the village of mist ! Its for your own training, "YUSHI!! This is my time to shine in front of Sasuke-kun " Sakura yelled , " shut up its MY time , he was in your team for 3 years!! " ino yelled , then suddenly all the girls started arguing , " Naruto-kun.. " Hinata thought then blushed.

" REALLY " Naruto yelled at the teacher who was standing in front of him , " yeah " the teacher said as he itched his head , " 12-1 , 12-2 , 12-3 will all go to a trip to the village of mist " the teacher said , " that means Sakura-Chan will be there too " Naruto said as his eyes glittered , " don't get too exited you idiot its not like she is ever going to fall for you " Sasuke said , " shut up I don't remember asking your opinion " Naruto yelled , Sasuke yelled something back and Naruto yelled another , " ano " the teacher said as he rubbed his forehead with his finger.

" this is my chance " Hinata thought , she slid open her fathers room door and bowed then sat on the floor and handed him the paper , " hmm interesting " her father said as he signed the paper , " hai it is " Hinata said then bowed for her father to show respect " Hinata just don't get in everyone's way " hiashi said , Hinata was shocked , is that what her father thinks ? is that all ? But she could not do anything, so she nodded and ran.


" okay before we start the trip we are going to divide you guys in 4's " yelled the teacher , people were whispering then tfuu a whistle , so they all stopped talking and paid attention " team 1. Kiba, TenTen , Rock Lee , Chouji " the 4 ninjas stepped forward each seemed disappointed , " team 2. Neji , Ino , shino , shikamaru " the 4 ninja's stepped forward then he said " team 3 . Hinata , Sasuke , Naruto , Sakura " , 4 of them stepped forward , Sakura was happy she was with Sasuke , Naruto was happy he was with Sakura , Hinata was happy she was with Naruto and Sasuke well he did not care as long as his team was strong.

" are we there yet " Naruto said , " no " Kakashi said , " but we've been jumping on damn tree's for hours now " he whined , " shut up Naruto " Sasuke said , " Sasuke-kun is right Naruto! You talk to much " Sakura said , " HELL YEAH " inner Sakura said , " ano can we take a lu-lunch break now " Hinata asked , it seemed like she was doing a puppy face , " I don't know " said Kakashi , " NOO! If we stop then we wont make it in time " Naruto said , " I think we should stop, I am getting hungry after all " Sasuke said , Sakura agreed , " 3 on 2 I guess we are stopping " Kakashi said , Hinata wanted to thank Sasuke but she felt that her lips were chained.

"Awesome dattebayo " Naruto said as Hinata prepared the food , she made onigiri's rise ball sushi , she got tea and instant noodles , and hot water. Sasuke ate everything she made unless the instant noodles, Sakura ate only sushi and Naruto well , he ate instant noodles , " that was tasty " Sasuke told Hinata , " tha-thanks " Hinata said , both Naruto and Sakura had this look on their faces.

Finally mist appeared, it was a sign that they were close to the village of mist, "ne kakash-sensei will we meet the others there ? " Naruto asked , " yeah but you wont be with them " Kakashi said , " ne ano why did yo-you separate us fr-from our teams " Hinata asked all blushing , from some reason she could not help herself , she was still too shy to be close to Naruto , and right now she is on a mission with him!, " well you see , you must get involved with other teams so that you can get used to work with everyone " Kakashi said , Hinata nodded and blushed when she realized Naruto was looking at her , Sasuke could not help but look at Hinata and the way she blushed every time Naruto's eyes met hers , he felt something wrong , he felt that Hinata liked Naruto , and for some reason ! He did not like it.

" okay I think we are going to camp her tonight , since its already late " Kakashi said , everybody agreed , " I'm going to go check the area " Kakashi said , " Sasuke , Naruto , take care of the girls " Kakashi said , both girls blushed " being take cared of by Naruto " Hinata thought , " being take cared of by Sasuke " Sakura thought , then they both blushed , Naruto noticed how Sasuke stared at Hinata , and that he sat beside her though he don't usually sit beside girls.

Naruto poked Sasuke and said " ne is Hinata your girlfriend " , " no " Hinata said , " yes " Sasuke said , Hinata was shocked , she was everything but his girlfriend " No!! " , she said , " yes " he said , then she held Sasuke's hand and dragged him to a place they both could be alone , " Why did you say I'm your gi-gi-gi.. " she stumbled , " girl friend " he said , " yeah! Why did you "she demanded, "for fun ! I mean god , did you see the look on both Naruto and Sakura's face " he laughed , she wanted to cry , Naruto will think she's a bad girl now , then suddenly his hand reached her chin , he lifted her chin up and got close to her , he kissed her ! On the mouth, she pushed him away and covered her mouth , " why do you hate me ! " he asked , " because you erm tend to make other people's life miserable " she said still covering her mouth , " BECAUSE ITS NOT FAIR THAT I ONLY LIVE SUCH A HORID LIFE " Sasuke yelled , Hinata was shocked , she saw so much pain in his eyes , " Sasuke-kun " she said , she could not help herself from crying , she felt like she knew how much pain he went threw , she cried for him , not because she loved him , not because she pitied him , but because she knew how he felt , she understood , and he knew that , " huh what would a girl like you know " he said , then suddenly Hinata clunked to his shirt and said " don't keep your pain for yourself , it will only hurt more , nobody should suffer the way you do " she said as she cried pure tears , " you know you are the first girl to cry for me not because of me " he said , its true Sakura cried a lot because of Sasuke but she did it cause she was suffering , cause she missed him and loved him , but Hinata , it was different , she cried because she understoond. " once upon a time , their was a happy boy , he was surrounded by people who loved him , but he was jelouse of his older brother because he was skilled , his father always compared him to his brother , then one day he returns home late and he finds that his whole clan was whipped out by his OWN BROTHER just to test his container , detest me .. Hate me.. Avenge your family.. that's what he told this boy , so the boy said no matter how many darkness lies ahead I'm just going to push myself to go forward " he said , he looked so hurt , so pale , he sat down , he was exhausted , Hinata then placed her arms on his shoulders and said " their can still be a happy ending " , she was right he thought he could be normal he thought but it was just that everything reminded him to that damn itachi , he just cant go on living in shame.


Hinata woke up and blushed; she covered her mouth "my first kiss? It does not count right? Because I did not want it right? "She ended convincing herself that, Sasuke woke up and gave Hinata a big smile, "this girl ... Why is she so different "he thought.


You guys like it?? I hope I'm not going to fast am I o.O